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Welcome to loseweightcheap, this is gonna be a blog and a website about losing weight and losing it cheap!.

This is a well proven Swedish diet program that has been developed by me Rick, a mechanical engineer and personal trainer over the past 17 years time!.

After working on hundreds of clients with pretty much the same results for almost all of them, and them pushing me to share this with you.

I decided why the heck not, so here we are!.

It is important to understand that many personal trainers in Europe are not able to work full time with their profession, because the market is very different than what it is in the US.

That is why there are many personal trainers who art also mechanical engineers, nurses, gym owners and you name it.

So i have mainly worked with pro-Bono clients who many of them have suffered from depression, mental illness and weight problems all of their lives.

Many of them have been refereed to me from the county where i have been volunteering for years with animal shelters and people needing assistance with different matters Pro-Bono.

The one thing almost all of them had in common  was that they where on a smaller fixed income, which made it very difficult to buy high quality foods from type of whole foods shops.

So this program is heavily based on supplements like protein powder of high quality that will keep your costs down, in combination with the cheaper high quality foods like cooked potatoes and oat meal, that cost almost nothing.

And this will mean that even if you are making minimum wage you can afford to follow this program and lose your desired weight.

Without there being any financial limitations, because of your tax bracket.

I believe we should all also give back, and everybody can do something for their own community!.

You will learn along the way, why this program heavily pushes you getting involved with animal shelters!.,to also lose weight in the process.

I usually recommend that even if it good to be part of making this world a better place, try and focus on your own community also.

Because in this way you can make good Friends along the way and also follow your own work progress in real time.

And we will come with a very good suggestion in our later posts on why we recommend volunteering at animal shelters for weight loss clients.

win-win-win situations will come out of this Helping animals and losing weight in the process!.

It is important to understand that this program is not a bodybuilding program or a weight loss program to get that six pack.

This is a program that is developed for people of all ages and all walks of life who wants a healthier lifestyle, but does not want to break the back or visit a gym more than once a week!.

This is then the weight loss program for you.

Today we are 2 personal trainers and one dietist, who are responsible for the content on this blog/site.

Our dietist is working in a hospital in LA , with patients who need nutrition to stay alive and to recover from surgeries and serious accidents.

So we blend well together with all aspects of training,dieting and losing that stubborn belly fat that you are after!.

Our second personal trainer works with many artists and others famous people in Europe.

We are gonna keep a low profile with our personal info on this site.

And this is because we want this to be about one of the absolute the hardest thing many people go true with life which is weight loss.

And we want to focus on helping people rather than making our self’s famous on the internet.

We all get by well in our normal business life anyway.

After working with clients for more than 17 years, i know what actually works and what does not when it comes to weight loss!.

We will eliminate hunger feelings in this program and we will use this program for months and years, not weeks.

This program does have one limitation and that is that you will be losing weight is a safe and healthy way, but this will limit the loss to between 4-6 LBS each month!.

Losing more than that is not recommended, even if clients will lose more if they have a lot of excess fat, this will then start to come out quicker in the beginning compered if you have only 10-40 lbs to lose to reach your well balanced weight.

All body types are different and for that reason some will lose more than others but we are aiming for 4-6 lbs per month.

I should say fat loss, but i use the word weight loss instead since it is more of a generic word, and for that reason it is easier to understand.

There will soon be an e-book that will lay this all out for you, but we will also put up a lot of content on this site/blog.

So this is our first post, and a bit about us and what we are trying to achieve for people world wide.

We will recommend to you different products on this site/blog and we stand by all of them, and we also use all of them ourselves, sometimes a different brand of product, but the compound itself is somethings we use on a daily basis ourselves in our nutrition plans.

If you buy your supplements and products that we recommend on this site you will also be supporting our local animal shelter that i Rick are involved in on a weekly basis.

So this is a win-win-win situation, you get a good product, and we get a chance to support homeless animals more than we already do and they get more help along the way!.

So please keep that in mind, when buying true our links or banners on this site/blog, that you can also help homeless animals buy just buying a supplement recommended by us.

So thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and we wish you a happy journey on your weight loss marathon/ yes it is a marathon not a sprint so dont take any notice to people and companies promising a miracle pill or a quick and safe way to lose body fat!.

There are no legal pills for quick weight loss, and there are no safe ways to lose a lot of weight quick.

We will be keeping our information to you in a easy to understand way.

We will not put up a lot research or links, because there is so much noise in your head already.

So we will be putting out or information in a crystal clear, clean cut way so you can read twice a week this blog and there will be something for you to take away from every post.

Thank you reading our blog from the bottom of our hearts.

Rick,Roxanne and Michael.