Who am I/who are we?

Hi, Guys my name is RICK and i am a 40 +years old personal trainer, dietitian and also well known Mechanical engineer in my field, and i have worked on global engineering projects for many years.

But my big passion is to help people get fit and get them into a healthier way of living.

We are a company who focuses on getting people healthy by losing excess weight and also lowering blood sugar levels in the process.

So we a company focusing on healthy living and not goanna throw six pack pictures in your face since most people will not ever reach the low amount percentage wise to get that six pack.

And we are not a program/company for huge muscle growth either, we do things very differently and this is why we are very successful in our field.

And of course losing weight is the way to go, it is actually fat loss that we are after, but calling it weight loss makes it easier to follow, for people starting out with this today.

I live in the Nordic countries with my 3 cats and 2 dogs which of 4 are rescue animals.

And lose-weight works with psychical clients in Sweden and Finland, and then we have online clients from all over the world.

I have been involved in the sports nutrition game and in the training business for over 20 years time, and i have seen it all, really i have seen it all!.

I have been involved in the sports nutrition business in Europe and America for a long time.

And i know which supplements really works and which are just eye candy in a nice box, but does not really do much for you at all!.

And more often than not the advice given to people are complete bull or way over the limit on what a normal person that wants to lose weight and get in shape can actually follow on a regular basis.

They are usually way too advanced, in the sense that you have to starve yourself and eat a certain foods or a drink a certain drink, and it gets both expensive and messy psychologically to follow, and after 30 days usually people throw in the towel on these programs.

I have over the past 20 years time developed a very safe and well functioning weight losing program that works on everybody, and we call it lose-weightcheap!.

You can buy our book online that gives you the whole blueprinted program on how to lose-weight and how to lose it in a cheap way, without breaking your bank account in the process.

And we, will never lie to you, and you will have to do the work yourself, like with everything-else in life to get ahead.

But WE will give you all the tools you can ever need to be successful on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

And this program is also very cheap and simple to follow.

This is why every client so far has been able to lose weight on this program and also to maintain the weight-loss over the years.

We want everybody to be able to financially buy the foods and drinks that we recommend to our clients, while being on this weight loss program.

We have helped hundreds of clients over the years to achieve their weight-loss goals for a very low cost compered to many other crazy diets and similar stuff that will not only break your bank but also break your spirit.

For some it will take more time than for others, but everybody will get there in the end!.

WE are also very much involved in helping homeless animals to get a new chance in life and we belong to a volunteer organisation who mainly works with cats since we dont have many homeless dogs in our city.

But we have also supported several global animal welfare groups for over the past 10 years time that does work around the globe in helping Dogs ,Cats, Bears and other animals.

We have an old run down house where we have around 200+ cats and around 150+ are allowed free access to roam around the house and outside where we have a nice fencing system.

I have worked as a mechanical engineer with many large cooperation’s on consulting basis over the past 18 years time.

So i have been able to work also as a personal trainer in places like LA, Dubai, Moscow and London.

And the mechanical engineering has been my main gig over the years, and then i have helped people suffering from overweight and other weight related problems mainly as a pro Bono trainer and a dietitian.

This site will have affiliate marketed products and what you should know is that every time you buy products true these links that we have placed or will place on this site, you will also be helping a homeless animal to survive and possibly find a new home along the way.

But we stand by every product we market on this site, and i have used every product myself over the years, and know what it does and does not do for you!.

So for you animal lovers out there this is a win-win-win situation.

We will offer a lot of really good insight and good tips for you on in our blog and on how to lose weight/fat, along the way.

And also our program does not require starvation or odd methods, like so many other programs do require.

And you can show your appreciation towards us, by buying your supplements and literature true our affiliate links and our web-shop.

In the process you will support homeless and mistreated animals.

So let us help you start on your journey to a healthier lifestyle and a weight-loss process that hopefully will be a permanent solution for your health.

And let us also help the homeless animals in the process.

I strongly always recommend that all people who ever starts on a weight loss journey, that you do a normal health check up, even if this diet is as kind to you as any weight loss diet can be!.

So that was all for now.

Thank you very much in advance!.

Best regards.

RICK and the lose-weightcheap team.