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Inflation is killing your finances!

A lot of our clients are working class people and nobody can have missed that the gas and energy  prices not to mention food prices are sky rocketing as we speak!.

And the average household is paying 20% more for pretty much everything across the board.

And there is no relief it sight at least not in the upcoming 12-18 months.

There is just too many issues going on at once and for that reason no short term fix can help the American families.

The only way to fix this whole energy problem is to start drilling again for oil and gas inside the US.

And that does not seem very likely at all.

So what is the answer when you can not afford to drive so much.

It is actually pretty simple you need to walk and bike more.


Even if you have a 1h bike ride to work it is well worth in financially!.

You can get a good used high quality bike for 300$ and that is money well spent.

You save this on gas pretty quickly these days.

Even in winter time you can bike if you get proper winter wheels for your bike.

The health benefit is amazing when we look at our clients who have started just 2 months ago to ride their bikes to work.

Weight-loss and fresh air in combination with leg muscles are fantastic to see.


So you can replace your exercise bike at the gym or at home with the real bike ride.

Today also there are so many opportunities’ for backpacks that you can have your laptop in and other work related items, you might have to bring back and forth to work daily.

One very important thing is that you learn how your bike works and how to fix a flat while being on your way to or from work.

Just the short-term solution for the tire.

And get familiar also with the chain, someone you live close to can show you.

Often just ask people who seems to be real bikers that loves to ride their bike to give you good tips and tricks.

Most people love to tell you about their passion if you ask them kindly.

A normal 30-60 min to work ride is no issue for most people and you will get the hang of it pretty quickly.

So we strongly recommend that you and your family starts to take the riding a bike very seriously because it is one of those things that can save your family a lot of money every month!.

There are hybrids that you can use electric and normal paddling, but if you are trying to lose-weight go for a normal used bike in semi good condition.

Because inflation is killing your finances.

If you need one on one coaching you find our subscription plan here in our shop.

Then if you can not afford that we suggest that you pick up our blueprint book at Amazon.

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Take care guys.

The LWC team.