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Working from home makes you fat!

So a good 22months into this global pandemic the one thing we as personal trainers can see is that working from home will make people fat!.


Having access to food and drinks almost 24/7 is not a good situation for many people as a whole.

So this is not an understatement when we say that

Working from home makes you fat!

People who struggle with overweight will eat and drink much more when they are working alone from the comforts of their own home, compared to when they had to work form their office.

But we have also seen that people who do did not have problems with overweight in the past have joined this group during the pandemic.

A lot of this can be comfort eating, that when the outside world looks grim, sitting at home eating and drinking provided a lot of people comfort.

And we have seen that also our clients alcohol intake have exploded during the pandemic.

Drinks with friends

Many have happy hour more than once a week online with their co-workers.

And this one is tricky, because you want to feel like part of the team, but if you are over-weight or trying to lose-weight the alcohol is a big no no!.

In general we have seen clients put on 20lbs in 2 years time on an average from the clients that are working from home.

And many do not want to address this issue, that being at home all day, means that you need to be a bit smarter than if you are leaving for work.

Easy access is always a problem for people, regardless of what it is that they have easy access to.

We can see that people have a big breakfast at 7.00 a clock then they have a snack at 10.00 am.

Then comes the lunch at 13.00 pm followed by a snack at 16.00 pm.

Then comes the dinner at 19.00 pm followed by a snack at 22 pm.


Also home delivery of fast food and pizzas have exploded during the pandemic.

So even home cooked meals have been put on the back burner for many who struggle with over-weight.

Now when we have listed the issues with working from home what is then the solution to this problem?.

It is quite simple actually.

You need to really dig deep and not buy home a lot of stuff that is not good for you.

And stop ordering food online.

When you get up in the morning skip the breakfast have a large cup of coffee or a large glass or cup of green tea.

Green tea.

Then go about your day.

Then at lunch prepare a proper meal like chicken breast and potatoes with veggies or a vegetarian option.

The plate here below is what we urge our clients to eat on a regular basis.

So we have chicken filled with protein, then we have proper potatoes with the peal still on for maximum nutrient intake.

Some broccoli and carrots with some walnuts to top it all off!.

This is a solid 500 calorie meal that will keep you full for a longer period of time.

Have a large glass of water and if you want you can have a smaller diet soda with this meal.


Then you dont have to snack on anything during the day.

Have a another cup of coffee and some lemon water or green tea for the rest of the work day.

If you feel the need to snack during the day, then carrots are a good option to snack on.

Then a trick that if you want to enjoy happy hour with your co-workers is that you buy home an non alcoholic beverage and you pour it into a glass.

You can say it is a gin and tonic, and it could be just a tonic!.

Nobody will know true a teams link if you are drinking alcohol or not.


Solid meal.

If you are a person who want your first meal to feel more like breakfast at lunch time then this type of meal would then be a good choice.

Oatmeal with sugar free blueberry soap, a freshly squeezed glass of OJ and a high quality bread slice.

Incredible breakfast.
Best breakfast.


So if you focus on eating in the right way even when working from home then you will be available to lose-weight if you control your calorie intake along the way.

 A few pointers is that you could start your morning by going out walking for a solid 1h prior to you starting your work day from home.

The second pointer is that invest in a good exercise bike for home use.

This way you can take 20min breaks here and there and bike while still being on the phone or listening into a meeting online.

Try and forget the easy access your have to food and drinks when working from home!.

It will benefit you in the long-run.

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Take care out there.

The LWC team.