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Finding the right personal trainer for you!.

Finding the right personal trainer for you, is always a big challenge when you are looking for a personal trainer to help you reach your health goals.

Because personal training is an investment into your future, and is not free, you really need to make some time to test different trainers out.

Personal trainer.


The way i recommend you to move forward with finding the right fit for you is to sit down for a few hours and go over your own personality and put it down on a piece of paper.

Are you a client who demands a lot of pushing on the borderline of almost screaming at you to get things done, or are you a person who responds better to a calm down to earth type of personal trainer?.

Having had over 70 trainers under my belt as a (coach master trainer) i am fully aware of the different trainer types out there.

So for a younger male client who is looking to lose-weight and build muscle i will put a male trainer with the male client and vice versa when it comes to a female client.

This way they the client will feed of that young and hungry energy from the trainer.


I will not put a young trainer in with a client who has severe overweight issues or are borderline obese.

And has more likely than not also type 2 diabetes and other health issues to deal with.

In these cases i want a personal trainer over 35 years of age at least.

And in most cases i want the trainer to be specialized in high risk clients.

The older you are the wiser you are when it comes to fighting obesity and overweight as a trainer.

So as a personal training brand/company we have always been a boutique firm with an average of 7-9 personal trainers at one time.

So for this reason i have been able to work PRO-BONO myself with the most difficult cases and then i have handed off the more normal clients to our younger trainers.

One of the ways you find the right trainer for you will often be to test out a few different ones, and then do not settle for one unless you look forward to seeing that trainer once or twice a week!.

I offer almost all of our clients to train the first few sessions with different trainers to see if they like one better over the other.



Then you also have to be very honest with your personal trainer regarding your old injuries so they can make a proper plan for your training sessions going forward.

If i know that i have a client with a bad shoulder i am not goanna do a program that contains chins or shoulder presses with free weights for instance.

I will make a plan to train the shoulder if that is possible to make the shoulder improve, but injuring your client because you do not know their previous medical history is a bad idea to start with.

Then we all have bad days and everybody in the service industry knows that dealing with difficult clients is part of the job descriptions and you just have to deal with it.

When i train new recruits that comes in to work for the LWC with real life or online clients, i have a role play day where i will insult them both verbally online and in real life.

This way i teach them coping skills for difficult clients, so they are not caught off-guard when a clients goes off on them in a training  environment.

You have to remember that helping people lose-weight is not that easy, and many clients are frustrated having to work so hard to reach their end goals.

On the other hand if you feel as a personal trainer that your client does not respect you, then you should pull the plug on that relationship.

As a platinum trainer i have had a lot of high profiled customers and many of them have been some what demanding to say the least.



I had once a CEO of a 2500+ person company who had very bad mood swings, and when i was training him he could get these horrible outburst and just shout profanities at me as his trainer.

After a few sessions of this abuse i sat him down and i told him that this is not working out, you do not respect the work i am putting into you as a client.

And i advised him to find a new trainer, he was shocked he was not used to be told off in way like this!.

The funny thing was that 48 hours later i received the biggest and most expensive gift basket that i have ever received in my life.

The value was over 4000 dollars, and an apology note saying sorry for losing my temper are we okay?.

And we had a good relationship after this incident for another 3 years until he was re-located to Singapore from Europe.

So this goes to show that putting your foot down, even with high profile clients can be a good idea.

The outcome is not always this good, but as a personal trainer you have to learn on how to communicate well with your clients.

The most important thing to reach the your personal health goals is to find the right type of personal trainer for you!.

So make sure to shop around until you are fully satiesfied, it will serve you well in the long-run.

And as always if you can not afford personal training in person you are welcome to join as an online client true this link here below and we will take good care of you.

And if you can not afford personal training, you can always opt for our blueprint book from Amazon and this will help you a lot along your way towards a healthier lifestyle.

Take care out there.

Rick and the LWC team.