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Losing weight during the summer!

A lot of new clients reach out to us in the spring time and during the summer wanting to lose-weight.

We have always said that losing weight is not a quick fix , it is rather a mental game that you need support and guidance with, to be able reach your own personal goals.

So thinking that you can lose 20LBS in 30 days is just ridiculous,it then just fluid.


But the summer is a great time to start losing-weight.

And one of the things we usually tell our new clients is that make sure that you understand that you can still eat and lose-weight at the same time.

But you have to burn more calories that you consume.

So let us give you and example of a summertime happening.

You go to the park or someone’s back yard for a barbeque, what should you eat and drink to still be able to lose-weight?.

If you are a meat eater you can just eat the steak, or chicken breasts and some nice gravy on top of that.

Then you either have a diet soda or a big glass of ice water with a lemon on top.

Stay away from the alcohol it is filled with sugar and calories.

drinks with friends

And if you have started with intermittent fasting so you consume all your calories between a period of 6-10 hours, then put your eating pattern into this barbeque.

So you dont have to stay away from the fun stuff like gatherings, and you can still eat, but eat and drink right also in the summertime.

There is absolutely no excuse to gain weight in the summertime.

The one thing we like to tell our new clients is use the weather to your advantage, if you go to the beach for the day.

Make sure you go out and swim for a 3-5 times 10-15min in the water.


On top of you swimming a few times during the day get up from your chair or towel and walk around for a 20min 3 times or so, in a moderate pace.

These small things allows you to even have an ice-cream in the kiosk at the beach if you walk for the 1h and swim for 30-60min.

So spending the day at the beach can still be very enjoyable and you can lose-weight in the process.

Going out walking your own dog or a neighbors dog and taking them on a short hike when the weather is really good, is also a strong suggestion from us.


And you can go out as a group and bring your pets and go hike for the day, bring some food and a lot of water and make day out if it.


Many clients ask us how do we activate our kids when they are not in school or in home learning during the summertime?.

The main thing is put a clock on your child’s computer of IPAD where it will only open between 19.00-21.00 a clock so 2h a day screen time during the summer time, this is a parental lock that you can put in.

And take no BS from your kids and youth, you are the parent and you pay the bills, what you say goes.

If you want to make it interesting the child can earn another extra 1h screen time by exercising 1h on a bike or swimming, walking or what ever.

The most important thing to remember is your food and drink intake in combination with you moving your body daily.

Move your body right, back streets back for life!.

We strongly recommend that you walk and move your body at least 20.000 steps a day.

And it might sound a lot in your mind, but you can move it 5.000 step at a time!.

What about gym training in the summer time?.

If you feel that you have nothing against going to the gym when it is hot outside by all means feel free to do so, it will help you in your quest for weight-loss.

We usually train our clients either in an outside gym or inside in the evenings during the summer time when the weather is a bit cooler!.

Many ask what shall we eat during the summer to lose-weight, we recommend our meny the year around which is a very balanced plate of high quality nutrients for your body.

See the plate in the picture here below.

It contains a high quality protein, carbs and fat source’s that your body needs.

And it is less than 500 calories per meal.

Chicken breast, cocked potatoes, with cashew nuts and prepared in real butter.

On top we have broccoli and carrots.

With a great diet soda like a Pepsi-Max or a Coca-Cola zero it will taste fantastic.

Cheap meal

So the summer time is full of opportunities to lose-weight and why should you wait until the fall to start dieting?.

Every day is a great time to start if you are either over-weight or obese.

Which unfortunately 62% of all Americans are today.

In Europe that number is 37%.

SO start your summer day with a walk , on an empty stomach, and if you have trouble walking long distances then take 10 short walks a day until your body starts reacting positively to this exercise.

We are always here for you IF you need us!.

If you can afford online coaching you find our option here in our shop see the link below.

And if you can not afford our online coaching, then we suggest that you pick up our blueprint weight-loss formula eBook from Amazon, it will cost you less than a supersized meal at McDonald’s.

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Take care everybody.

Rick and the LWC TEAM.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.