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Machines or free weights?.

So we have has some questions from several clients this year on if machines are not as good as free weights,to train with!.

So quite simply you can put it like this!, if you can use free weights at least 50-60% of your training session that will be the optimal percentage for you.

There main reason why free weight are better to train with than the machines are is that you will use more muscles as a stabilizer when using and training with free weights, compared to machine training that is very static.

So basically you activate more muscles than just the main muscle you are training with free weights.

But you still get good results in machines if you work on starting with lower weights and working you way up with every set to empty out both the white and red muscle fibers.

So dont stress to much about free weights or machines, try and train with both, and if you are mainly trying to lose-weight then the training itself is the most important thing to remember when trying to lose-weight.

But the one exception here is that if you are looking to build a lot of muscle mass, then you should mainly focus in free weight like 75-85% of you movements and the rest on isolated machine sessions.

So for us at lose-weight we always recommend to use both free weights and machines to isolate certain muscle groups.

There is also one more reason to use machines if you are not that experienced and that is to avoid injuries when you get tired during your training session.

So maybe you train 50 min with free weights and then the last 25-40 minutes could be with machines to make sure that you empty out all muscle fibers in a safe way!.

Thank you for reading.

The lose-weightcheap team.


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