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21 days in to your new years resolution!, now the slip start for many trying to lose-weight!.

So for many people that made a new years resolution into  losing-weight during this year 2020, now the slip usually start to happen.

What we know from lose-weightcheap over the years is that many people who had a new years resolution to cut weight/ lose-weight now in the third week is where the slips usually start to happen!.

Very often the first 20+ days you go to the gym and you try and eat healthy and now you are on your way.

But after 20+ days usually you start to backtrack into your old habits the 3 times a week in the gym becomes one day a week, and now the fast food starts to call out your name!, come and eat , come and eat!.

So if you have started to backslide then sit down and go over why you have started to backslide again.

There is a reason a lot of people renew there gym-membership in early January and they feel that now, this year is it!.

And then they dont go that often from the end of January.

So okay you slipped up for a few days, the most important thing is that you get yourself back on track again.

These slipps usually happens 3-4 weeks into a new years resolution.

We know this so well from our clients over the past 20 years time.

So what you do is that instead continuing your old bad habits you say to yourself today, i will get myself back on track again.

It is when you have slipped up, that you understand that these things will happen, and you dust yourself up again and move forward.

So dont be to hard on yourself for this slipp up, if you have slipped up already!.

Just go back to the mindset you had the first and second week of January!.

And everything will work itself out for you.

Check out our book on lose-weightcheap , there you will get a lot of really good pointers on how to keep yourself on the right track for the rest of  this year 2020.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.


Thank you for reading.

Rick and the lose-weightcheap team.



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Fasting for 48h?/Good or bad!.

So we have had some clients that have asked us about a longer fasting period like 48 hours and if that is good or bad.

Now let us start by discussing if you already are on the intermittent fasting program of 14-18 hours already and should you then do 48 h once a week or not?.

Now let us begin with saying that if you already use the intermittent fasting program we do not recommend you to fast for 48 hours once a week.

This is Paula from Ohio who is asking that she has listen to Jocko Willink podcast, and Jocko is sometimes fasting up to 72h.

And he still trains and lives normally.

Let us start by saying that a normal person will be able to do 24 hours without a any problems, and maybe 36 hours.

But 48 hours is a long time with only water,coffee and tea.

There is some researchers out there that says that coffee with its enzyms are breaking the fast, but we are not gonna listen to that here.

It is such a small % that a normal person is allowed to drink besides water also coffee and tea while on the fast.

I will say like this, if you want to get the benefit of fasting for 24-48h by all means do so.

But 48 is a stretch and you have to feel how your body reacts to the longer fast.

The best idea is to start with 24h and then move the next month up to 36h and then if that goes well you can move up to 48 hours after 2 months time.

But we dont recommend that you start with 48 hours of fasting, without experience.

Your body can fast for longer than 48 hours this is not a problem if you have the fluid intake of water.

You will most likely get a headache the first few times until your body adapts to the fasting.

But there are many health benefits with fasting.

If we look at our clients that wants to lose weight, you can use a 24h fast as a calorie restricted time for your week.

So if you are normally on the cut/weight loss program at 1500 calories a day, by fasting one day a week like Sunday for instance, you can save those 1500 calories for your weekly -3500 calories that is the goal on the loseweightcheap program.

So for Paula and you others out there that are thinking of doing a longer fast.

Then start with 24 then 36 and then 48 hours and do 24 once a week for 4 weeks and then 36 once a week for 4 weeks and then 48 h once a week after that.

This way your body will adapt better to a long fast that 48 hours actually is.

There is a huge difference between 24 and 48 hours and you will feel it for sure.

But you will have to get to know your own body to be able to move forward.

The only thing you need to think about is if you have any kind of medicin that requires you to take it with food.

Then that can be an issue if you go over 18 hours on the fast.

But this is the best answer we can give you based on our experience from fasting and having clients fasting for more than 15 years time!.

Thank you for reading.

Lose-weightcheap team.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.




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Hi, Guys, here comes a testimonial from a couple in San Francisco that have been clients for over 9 months time.

Hi am a Jeff and my wife is Sue, and we have been living in San Francisco for a good 10 years now.

I work as a software engineer and my wife works as an office assistant.

We all originally from St.Paul Minnesota and we are in our late 30s .

We have long working days and in the past we have basically gone from work to eat a heavy meal of salt,sugar and carbs and then we just crashed at home, during the evening and then the week days has been on repet from there.

Neither me or Sue have ever really liked going to the gym and that has been a life long problem for us that we have both been on the heavier side, not obese but absolutely overweight.

We have tried different personal trainers in the San Fran area, and even if they have been good, we just lacked the emotional ability to commit to 3-4 gym sessions each week.

Also we both have some back and knee issues that are absolutely work related (sitting to much during the day) and not exercising enough related.

By chance in March 2019 i saw an add on a forum, saying why dont you try this Scandinavian weight loss formula, and it peeked my interest.

Since the subscription pay was a very low introduction offer for the first year, i said to myself why not give it a go!.

Both me and Sue can honestly say that our lives have been completely transformed by Rick and the lose-weightcheap team.

We started the first month on the intermittent fasting program that is recommended in the book lose-weightcheap at sale at Amazon today.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.

So you dont have to use the intermittent fasting program, but we chose to start on that and we eat all of our meals under an 8 h window and then we fast for 16h.

Also since we changed out store bought fancy coffee into our own high quality home brewed Swedish coffee(very high quality) less than 8 dollars a pound, we have lowered our sugar intake by a lot.

In the past we had 2-3 store bought fancy coffees filled with cream and sugar on a daily basis.

The second thing is that we now cook at home instead of eating out on week days.

So we cook chicken breast and potatoes and we season them with some good herbs and we make green salads and also eat the recommended fruits and veggies from the program.

Another big thing is that we have started on is that we drink Casein protein shakes twice a day with meals so we make sure that we keep our protein levels very high during our feeding window.

We have also taken up walking, the 1 hour a day which is the core training in this program , we have opted to do so, and also add a bit by 45 min in the morning and then 45 min in the evening.

We also got a dog from the pound here a smaller type of terrier but who loves to go on the walks.

And then we have no excuses when we need to take Brian out for the walks in the morning and in the evening, regardless of the weather.

Also we only have to visit the gym once a week and we have opted as in the program to go on Saturday mornings when we are off from work.

We do the 75 min full-body program and we have started to accept it, as a Saturday routine.

We still dont enjoy the gym training and we never will, but we can accept it for one session a week.

We are also now in January 2020 thinking of starting taking some Kick-boxing classes for one or two sessions a week.

Both me and Sue has lost around 20 lbs and we still have more to go, but it is great to see the progress that we have made in our 9 months time as clients to lose-weightcheap.

The main thing  that we feel has been a great reward for us has been that we can lose this weight on our own terms, we know that it can take up to 24 months time, and it is not a quick fix.

But it actually is a turnaround from a bad life style into a healthier lifestyle.

We have really been enjoying more energy every day and we just dont crash on the couch when we return home from work.

Getting a dog was also a dream come true for us, and in the past due to our long working hours, we have not been able to adopt one, but actually Rick found us a dog sitter/walker that comes by once a day for 1.5 h and takes Brian out and also plays with him for awhile.

And then we feel safe that we dont leave him home alone more than the recommended 6 hours.

Both me and Sue have around 10-12 h work days from when we leave home and come back.

So it varies from day to day, that is why the dog walker/sitter is a really good idea.

We have been able to use the tools from the book, but we also get weekly support online from the lose-weightcheap team, and it is so important for us that have always had some issues with sticking to a weight loss program, that somebody checks in with us weekly.

But for the first time me and Sue really feel that we can stick to a program on our own terms, and we dont foresee as giving up on this lifestyle change ever period!.

Because we feel so much stronger and so much healthier even if we have only done this for 9 months time.

We really wonder how we will feel after another 9 months, on this program.

So we can both say that this program has been a life changer for us, since we started on it.

And most of this program is just plain and simple common sense, but they are intertwined together in a way that makes it easy to commit to them and also follow the instruction over a longer periods of time.

There are some really smart solutions in this weight loss program that once you get that AHA feeling, this is how i should do this, why did i not think about this sooner.

So our recommendation is that if you can not afford the online training program, at least you should pick up the book at Amzon, and start with that.

We can guarantee you that this program will change your life.


Jeff and Sue from Nob hill.

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Why we dont show six packs and big biceps on our site!.

So let us just run true this one more time, about who we are and what we actually do at

So we are a company that has worked for almost 20 years time with private clients wanting to lose-weight and that how we have developed this Scandinavian weight loss method.

And we have also developed it for all ages and all tax brackets.

So even if you work for minimum wage you can follow this diet/program.

We understand that the 6 pack and big biceps sells online.

But we also know that 99.99% of our clients are not gonna build big biceps or a six pack.

They want to lose-weight and become healthier so they can enjoy a better quality of life.

We are not gonna talk smack about others, but when we see ads from companies where people are flexing big muscles and a sizzled six pack, we know that there are in 99.99% of the cases steroid use involved.

We would like to say that we can see when somebody is juicing , the muscles looks different, more toned for most people.

And here you can see how much the winstrol does on the cut to get that ripped body.

We are not gonna judge anybody.

But this is not what we do and this is not our business model.

Our business model is for people who only wants to go to the gym once a week and maybe take a martial arts class on top of that each week.

But who are willing to do the work by sticking to our food and beverage program and also make the mandatory 1 hour daily walk!.

So this is why we dont make the lose-weightcheap program out to be a picture competition, we want every client to feel safe with us and our coaching, and that we work around your needs.

And we are not trying to give you an illusion that you can not live up to or maintain over a longer period of time!.

So when people ask us , why we dont use the normal big muscles and ripped six packs in our advertising material, is just for this reason, it is not what we do.

We want you healthy and we want you in good shape and also we want you to be able to maintain that for the rest of your life.

So we are not a quick fix, we like to say that at least 2 years of commitment is needed for this program.

Thank you for reading.

Rick and the lose-weightcheap team!.

The Scandinavain weight loss formula that actually works.



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Hi guys!, here comes a  testimonial from a client that have been with us from when the online coaching started around 14 months ago.

She was one of our 5 first walk ins so to speak online.

There are a few different testimonials here but the one from Jill we really appropriate(when you take into consideration here living situation)

We will add more testimonials over the next few days.

And we gave here a Christmas gift of 12 months free of charge, as a loyalty for being with us for over 9 months time even when she is in the living situation she is in Los Angeles today 2020.

From: Jill: 

Hi everybody my name is Jill and i am 47 years old and i am a born Angelino(Born and raised in the Los Angles county).

My story is a bit different than other peoples maybe at least i believe so.

I was born and raised in Venice beach by two odd parents.

They where hippies so to speak, but both of my parents died from drug overdoses , my father when i was 14 years old and my mother when i was 21 years of age.

I meet my husband in high-school and we got married at the age or 22 and we had a beautiful baby girl called Jen.

We had for many years a really good life, and my husband was a contractor and we lived in the Hollywood hills in a 1950s house than we fully renovated, bit by bit!.

I was the bookkeeper for my husbands contracting business and he was a repair/builder of houses that where in need of renovation.

Non of us had any formal education after high-school but my husband opened up his first business when we where both 23 years of age, after he had worked construction for 4 years for another company.

Then disaster hit when the housing market came crashing down in 2008-2009 and he where leverage true the roof because we had a bigger rental property in West Hollywood and we got behind on payments.

Then our family business lost a few half done projects and we where owed 800.000 dollars from clients.

So a very long story short, my husband started drinking and he had an accident and passed away in 2012.

This was the senior year for Jen in high school and she was gonna go off to college on the East coast and , fortunately enough we had put a side a non touch college fund that we could not access, so she had a full 5-6 year ride paid for.

And this is still today one of the most important decisions that i made when we opened me and my late husband the college fund that we could not access it for anything-else, no matter what.

We lost our house that same year, and i lived in some rental studios for 1200 dollars a month.

All of our savings where gone and i was 42 year old single parent and had no formal education to fall back on.

And clearly when i went out looking for jobs, everything offered was minimum wage.

And i dont have to tell anybody who lives in LA county how difficult it is to live on minimum wage and also rent even a studio apartment .

So since my daughter was off to college in the East coast, i made a decision to switch in my car for a bigger Van with side doors.

And i was able to fit my daughter old bed into the van and also some other personal belonging.

The rest of the furniture i sold off and donated to relief organisations.

I have been working for a smaller construction company as a book keeper and they are paying me decent and i have health insurance and life insurance true my employer.

But i still can not afford my own studio apartment in a good neighborhood so i rather live in my car.

Could i afford an apartment, the answer is yes, if i dont do anything-else in my life, like support my daughter by flying here home to LA 3 times a year, she then stays with friends while being here.

But what i have seen over the past 5 years time is that i have gained 50 lbs during that period , because of eating fast food and not really exercising enough.

I found lose-weightcheap by  chance online and i have always been interested in everything that has to do with Scandinavia, since my grandfather was an immigrant from Sweden.

So i said to Rick and the team do you magic on me i need to lose-weight 50 lbs and i dont have a lot of money for personal training or supplements.

I can say today that i have lost 37 lbs in 14 months time and i expect to lose the reaming 13 lbs in 4 months time.

But it needs to also be said that i have probably gained also almost 10 pounds of muscle mass during this time frame also.

So now you of course want to hear how i have done this.

First of all my whole diet was re-done to shakes of the casein protein powder type since i have no access to a stove or a kitchen.

Then i was put on a diet with powder,vitamin supplements and different types of nuts and fruits.

And when it came to exercise i had not really been in a gym for over 12 years time, but Rick said to me(find the cheapest 24/7 gym to where you work and live and use the shower there every morning after your workout.

So i bought a month to month membership at 24/7 gym and i know that the lose-weightcheap method only requires you to train 1-2 times a week at the gym, but Rick and his team made a body part program for me so i divided different body parts from Monday-Friday with the weekend off.

The second thing Rick told me was to completely stop drinking alcohol since it is only empty calories.

So then the third thing Rick asked me was that if like dogs?, and i said yes i do, and then he told me to go down to the dog shelter to look for a adult pit bull or a similar sized dog.

And i said i live in a van , can i have a dog in a van, and Rick told me of course you can, and pit bulls are very resilient and people loving dogs.

So i can happily say that have had for just about one year a beautiful gentlemen by my side called Jack who is a 4 year old pitbull.

And it was love at first sight when i went to adopt, he came up to me and looked me straight in to my eyes and basically asked me to adopt him.

This is great for me, because i have my Van in an area that is not the safest and a single women living alone even with my Glock 15 it can sometimes feel scary.

Now with Jack by my side i feel totally safe.

We will react to noise outside my van , and i will be on guard when he does that!.

So the reason for the dog is also that i get to walk 45 min each morning and then i head to the gym for another 30 min and then i shower and get myself ready for the workday.

Then in the evening i walk Jack for another 45 min.

Now i know that i am training a little bit more than the lose-weightcheap program requires, but that has also to do with me not having an apartment and being forced to shower at the gym, so while i am there, Rick told me you can do a 30 min workout anyway, prior to showering.

So i want to thank Rick and the whole lose-weightcheap team for helping me getting into the best shape of my life and also for giving me the tools to use to get me there.

I can honestly say that i would not have been able to come up with any of these on my own , besides maybe going to the gym, but i had been using a co-workers shower for several years twice a week, and it was a drive also to get there.

So i am really happy that i only have to walk 5 min to the gym and then i can shower and clean myself properly everyday.

Also adopting Jack is a great thing i did, i saved his life and he brings me joy,comfort,security and gives me an additional purpose in life.

So i have gotten the tools that i needed from this program and still every month Rick and the lose-weightcheap team gives me pointers on what more i can do to get even healthier and into even better shape.

So i can from the bottom of my hearth say that it you ever wanted to find an online coaching company who works around you and your life, regardless of the situation you are currently in today!.

And i can also say that if you can not afford the online coaching, then buy the book on Amazon for under 9 dollars it will be the best book you ever buy on how to lose-weight and also improve your heath at the same time!.

Hugs and kisses from Jill.

Los Angeles,California,USA.

The Scandinavain weight loss formula that actually works.


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Changes in our online profile!.

Dear,Customer, we have made some changes for 2020 in our online profile and we are going to move more towards fewer customers and more long-term agreements.

Based on customers who really wants to stay the course and lose-weight and put in some time and effort in to doing so.

And this means giving up Alcohol,Tobacco and fast-food every month and not just every other month.

There is no reason for us to lie , we can honestly say that we where in the red this year 2019 and that was due to our very low introduction price for online coaching, but the main reason we where in the red during 2019 was that we had online coaches ready and customers committed one month and the next month they did not commit and rather spent the money on the old bad habits like Alcohol, tobacco and fast-food.

Customers/clients came out and said that we rather spent the money that month on bad stuff than sticking to the program.

And that meant for us that the overhead on personal became higher than the revenue in from clients.

Also because many of our clients asked to get even more online coaching one on one, and even that we could to make the food lists based on their local stores from our end.

It was clear to us that the really committed customers wanted more, and not less coaching.

And the customers/clients who did not want to commit fully, but because of the extremely low price was willing to take a month here and there.

So we have raised the price , and added more one on one coaching so we really get fully committed clients.

We need to do that to make our ends meet.


So according to our records you are 29 clients who will for the next 12 months be on the same subscription plan that you where on for last year 2019.

And then we will try and make some discounted deals for you for 2021.

This is because we do not want to punish you for other clients not wanting to fully commit to the program.

So we want to thank you for your loyalty and not punish you for other clients misbehavior.

We will also add a testimonial soon on to the sight, so you can see what other people are saying about our program and why it actually works better than many other programs.

And you know why it work, and that is because you dont have to feel hunger.

So the idea was good from our end and 29 clients , so called low income earners where smart enough to take this offer from us seriously and you are all very much appreciated.

And that is why you will get the same amount of coaching as all of our other clients but for the same discounted price.

In the end we can only give you the tools and keep pushing you on, but in the end you will have to do the work on your own also.

And you have to commit to the program every single week, otherwise you are not gonna reach your goals, which is a healthier lifestyle, losing weight and living longer.

Thank you.

Best regards.

Rick and the lose-weightcheap team!.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.