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Fasting for 48h?/Good or bad!.

So we have had some clients that have asked us about a longer fasting period like 48 hours and if that is good or bad.

Now let us start by discussing if you already are on the intermittent fasting program of 14-18 hours already and should you then do 48 h once a week or not?.

Now let us begin with saying that if you already use the intermittent fasting program we do not recommend you to fast for 48 hours once a week.

This is Paula from Ohio who is asking that she has listen to Jocko Willink podcast, and Jocko is sometimes fasting up to 72h.

And he still trains and lives normally.

Let us start by saying that a normal person will be able to do 24 hours without a any problems, and maybe 36 hours.

But 48 hours is a long time with only water,coffee and tea.

There is some researchers out there that says that coffee with its enzyms are breaking the fast, but we are not gonna listen to that here.

It is such a small % that a normal person is allowed to drink besides water also coffee and tea while on the fast.

I will say like this, if you want to get the benefit of fasting for 24-48h by all means do so.

But 48 is a stretch and you have to feel how your body reacts to the longer fast.

The best idea is to start with 24h and then move the next month up to 36h and then if that goes well you can move up to 48 hours after 2 months time.

But we dont recommend that you start with 48 hours of fasting, without experience.

Your body can fast for longer than 48 hours this is not a problem if you have the fluid intake of water.

You will most likely get a headache the first few times until your body adapts to the fasting.

But there are many health benefits with fasting.

If we look at our clients that wants to lose weight, you can use a 24h fast as a calorie restricted time for your week.

So if you are normally on the cut/weight loss program at 1500 calories a day, by fasting one day a week like Sunday for instance, you can save those 1500 calories for your weekly -3500 calories that is the goal on the loseweightcheap program.

So for Paula and you others out there that are thinking of doing a longer fast.

Then start with 24 then 36 and then 48 hours and do 24 once a week for 4 weeks and then 36 once a week for 4 weeks and then 48 h once a week after that.

This way your body will adapt better to a long fast that 48 hours actually is.

There is a huge difference between 24 and 48 hours and you will feel it for sure.

But you will have to get to know your own body to be able to move forward.

The only thing you need to think about is if you have any kind of medicin that requires you to take it with food.

Then that can be an issue if you go over 18 hours on the fast.

But this is the best answer we can give you based on our experience from fasting and having clients fasting for more than 15 years time!.

Thank you for reading.

Lose-weightcheap team.

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