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Kickboxing is king!.

Kickboxing is king when you are trying to lose-weight.

So when you are trying to lose-weight always make sure that you also choose one martial arts form that will give you that great cardio and coordination training.

All of our personal training clients are always choosing between Kick-boxing or Thai-boxing when they train with us at LWC.

We have seen the benefits first hand when our clients that has a low self-esteem to begin with starts to train martial arts and they get that extra pep in their step so to speak.

The main reason why we always recommend to start with kickboxing or Thai boxing is because these two art forms gives the first timers the best chance to really feel that they get from point A- to point B as fast as possible.

Many other martial arts forms require good stamina and good hand eye coordination from the start.

While Kickboxing and Thai boxing allows the newcomer to quickly start hitting mites and bags and it proves to the client that progress is happening every time they show up for training.

Also when we talk MMA that is a martial arts form that requires you to be fit from the start to avoid injuries that easily happen in the octagon or on the math’s even when there is no intention to hurt each other.

So for that reason we like to say that,

Kickboxing is king

But we respect all martial arts forms, we have just found that in our line of business Kickboxing is king.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.


If you need online coaching you find our offer in our shop see the link below.

And if you can not afford that you will find our eBook at amazon that will get you started and it will change your life.

Take care guys.

Rick and the LWC team.

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Summer bodies.

We have had this conversation with all of our private personal training clients starting already in March of 2023 that if you want the summer body of your dreams you can have it!.

But that would require a lot of work from your end!.

The summer body is different for a lot of our clients, some have been afraid to use a T-shirt in the past and now they can go around with a T-shirt in the summer of 2023.

Some want to go around in a bikini for the first time in many year in the summer of 2023.


In the summer we have always advised our clients to go and swim every day for at least 1hour.

It cools your body off and it gives you a great all around body workout.

If you have been following us for a few years time you know that we have talked about swimming in the past that it does not burn the same amount of calories as biking does for instance.

But it is not a bad training method in any shape way or form!.

We want you to feel good about your progress so far even in the summertime, but we also want you to continue with your work progress towards losing that weight and focusing on your own body, and not look so much around you on how other people look like.

You do you!.

Everybody starts off in different places and for that reason it is very difficult to say what summer workouts suits your own schedule.

For our most motivated clients we have put them on a 3 session a day workout schedule for the summer.

We start off in the moring when they wake up they go to the gym, they take a BCAA drink and a cup of black coffee and they are off to a 60-75 min gym session.

Personal trainer.

Then in the afternoon they hit the beach or the swimming pool for an 1 hour of swimming.




Then in the evening they go out for a 1 hour walk with their dog or neighbours dog.

Animal support


This amount of training is good for you if you keep feeding your body enough fluids and nutrients.

We always say the same thing year after year to our clients, remember to drink enough water always, but in the summertime make sure you double the intake.

A glass of water


Then of course make sure your vitamin intake is at the right level, usually our clients use double of what the can says to use.

Because you need a higher vitamin intake than most people actually believe that you do.

This is one of those things that all really good personal trainers know about, and help their clients out with!.

If you train 3 times a day every day in the summer you can also afford to have those cheat meals every now and then.


We still advice you from not drinking alcohol because it dries your body out and it hampers your protein intake.

So if you can avoid alcohol even in the summertime it would be strongly advised from our end.

drinks with friends

If you go out with friends opt for the alcohol free cider or beer, usually most places have that these days.

So you can still hang out with your friends in bars and beach clubs but you dont have to drink alcohol.

The fall will be with us soon , at least for us who live in a 4 season state or country so enjoy the summer as long as we have it!.

Do not overthink your weight-loss in the summer, you stay the course your on.

Reduce your calorie intake by at least -500 calories less than your burn rate is.

And eat healthy and drink lots of water, this should give you a great nutrient level during the summertime.

As always we are here for you if you need our help.

Stacy and Courtney is working with you US based clients and Rick is working with you guys that are located in Scandinavia and Europe.

You can sign up true our store in the link here below.

If you can not afford our personal training, you can always pick up our blueprint book from Amazon in the link here below it gives you the information you need to start your own weight-loss journey.

Take care guys.

The LWC team.


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Childhood overweight & obesity.

In 2023 you would hope that we would have started to solve this issue that i see as a personal trainer and nutrient specialist every year, since i started in 1997.

kids playing computer games

Now when i started out in the late 90s the video games and computers started to come around much more and the games got much more developed during that time period from the late 90s to 2010.

And it became much more difficult for parent when the internet came to get the kids out from their rooms to go play sports in the backyard but also in the most organized forms.

There are a few factors in why the childhoods obesity and overweight have 20X itself since the late 70s.

burger MEAL

The fast-food joints where around back then also, but fast-food was a pure luxury only eaten 1-2 a month at the most.

And it was not normal that the parents did not cook normal high quality food at home in the evening.

So we did not have the fast-food frenzy that we have in todays world and that really took of in the 90s.

The second big issue is all the soda that kids drink these days, if you have ever watched a 10-15 year old kid play call of duty for 6-10h straight and the amount of carbs, sugar and fat they are consuming during that time frame sitting on a chair playing the game.

It is scary to see, but many parents have given up over the years and they let the kids run their own lives.

We can see early on already at 4-5 years of age with kids who do not get the proper nutrition at home and not enough exercise either.

Then when they start school they get picked on for being fat!, and then they eat even more because they get depressed in the process!.

We usually at the LWC get contacted by a friend of the family or a relative of the family who are worried for the kid/kids well being.

And then the first few conversations with the parent/parents are a bit difficult when we are talking about a fat child!.

We usually show them this picture here below to the parents.


This is what their kid have to look forward too if they stay the course.

The first things we do is to bring the parents to the store and we show them what foods to buy and what food types not to buy.

Then we make an exercise plan for the whole family but we make sure that the child gets enrolled in to at least two organized sports.

The first is kickboxing and that gives the child an opportunity to learn how to defend themselves and it builds confidence in the child going forward.

The second sport is either soccer or Ice-hockey, depending on the parents bankroll.

So the child gets to feel as part of a team.

At home there will only be high quality foods and no candy ,soda or chips any-longer.

Cheap perfect meal.

The meals will be high in fat and protein and a bit lower in carbs.

Prices of these meals are usually cheaper than eating out like with fast-food or buying pizzas.


Pizza and burgers are now a pure luxury that the child/youth needs to work for.

Screen time is another thing that the child need to earn, every day.

Usually there is a brutal period of a 6-8 weeks when the child is acting out and the parents are really having to stand firm, for the best result going forward.

Once we pass the 8 week mark, usually the family has gotten used to the new routines.

Homework is done when the child gets home from school, and then the organized sport comes after that.

Monday to Friday is a good schedule, 3 times a week kickboxing and soccer or ice-hockey 2-3 times a week.



If the family has a dog, the child should walk it 3 times a day at least 30 minutes each time.

If the child follows these rules they will be allowed 2 h of screen time in the evening at that is it!.

On the weekends there can be games in the organized sport or not?, then screen time can be as much as 4 h divided up to two 2 h sessions.

But the child needs to be active also on the weekends.

The first thing you do as a parent is that you go over the amount of calories the child consumes and then you count what they need on a daily basis.

Then we do a reduction of -500 calories per day for as long as the child/youth is over-weight.

Could in some cases be as much as 1-2 years time.

Usually we can fix kids weight in around 8-10 months time.

These few things are so important to remember, and that is that screen time is bad for children when it is more than 4h a day and we would strongly suggest that you cap it at 2h a day.

Exercise is a must and preferably one martial arts and one group sport.

And you are the parent in the household and they are the children/youth.

So what you say goes”, as simple as that!.

If you want to allow some more screen time, you could agree that the child needs to read 50 pages a day of a physical book to get another 30-45 min.

So use the screen time as your leverage with your child/youth.

Then make sure you have a password on the computer that you lock up for the child or a timer when the computer is open.

Because otherwise there is a risk that the child will play in their room during night time.

So if you have the possibility, put the computer into the living room so you have some oversight into what your kid is doing and how much.

Most of the things in our program you can find in our blueprint book at Amazon, see the link here below.

And we also have in our shop a consulting service for you if you need more hands on support.

You find it in the link here below.

Take care guys,

Rick and the LWC family.

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year!.


Another years has come to an end.


It is sad to see the damage that the Russian WARCRIMINALS lead by Putin is inflicting on Ukraine and its people and pets.

We have supported Lovefurryfriend all year long in Ukraine.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.


Next year we will be a bit more active with posting.

Most of our clients are in contact with us weekly and if you are looking to lose-weight by yourself we suggest as always that you pick up our blueprint book on Amazon.

Our book will give you all the information you need to succeed on your own.

See the link here below.

If you are a small business owner we would strongly recommend our business advisers at

So let us continue with the weight-loss progress during 2023.

The most important for you as a weight-loss member is that even if you have cheated a bit in December 2022 when you have been celebrating the holidays that you pick it up now again in early January 2023.

Some advise for you would be to focus more on cardio in January by walking the extra 5.000 steps we recommend to all of our clients since December is almost always a month where you consume more calories that normal.

And it is okay to consume more calories in December when we celebrate Christmas and you have the possibility to taste more of your families and friend’s baking and cooking.

And maybe you went out to a few parties also, totally fine, but now in January it is crunch time!.

Once again a merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of our clients and readers.

Rick and the LWC team.




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How to live healthy in this recession.

So nobody can have missed that we are living true inflation hell at the moment and everything is more expensive.

This also means supplements like protein powder, vitamins and food of all sorts are costing us a lot more, compared to what we are used to.


Chicken is up 30% and eggs and other foods around 25%.

Protein powder is up as much 40% from a lot of suppliers.

What we recommend our clients is of course to cut back on the empty calories.

And you all know by now what that is.

Fast food for instance gives you no benefits what so ever.


Pizza is very tasty and having a slice now and then is not really a problem.

But choosing between buying  500 grams of Casein protein powder for 20$ or a medium pizza for the same price, is a no brainer.

Choose the powder every day of the week.

You get 7 days of high quality energy and calories from the supplement, rather than a few hours of having to burn of the pizza calories.

The second if you can choose to buy 1kg of chicken breasts at Walmart for 17$ or have 2 drinks of alcohol at a bar, choose the chicken and you have 4 days of high quality food that you can cook at home!.

drinks with friends.

So it all comes down to life choices.

You can all afford that 15$ a month gym membership and you can all afford to eat healthy and use the right types of supplements.

But you have to choose right!.

perfect meal
Chicken breast, walnuts,broccoli

The perfect meal here is still less than 3$ and that is what you opt for all day every day.

If you are in a really bad position financially and you need to feed your family on a shoe string budget then opt for the following nutrient intake.

Oatmeal with butter, great in keeping the hunger away and high in the right carbs and the right types of fiber.

Then if you can not afford any meat products choose the Casein  slow release protein powder and buy the cheap kind.

Potato’s is another very cheap and good food source to buy when you are short on cash.

Use real butter on top of the potato’s to get some fat in with the carbs.

green tea

Green tea coffee and water are great fluid intakes and will keep your hunger at bay.

So stick with those fluids.

When it comes to vitamins you buy the cheapest multivitamins tab you can find at Walmart and if you can afford add some Omega to it also.

Personal trainer 

We are quite busy at the time with our personal training online and offline, and we have for that reason less time posting on the site.

A lot of online clients enjoy having a personal trainer online that can advise them in their very special situation with their weight-loss struggles.

As always if you wish to become a client of ours, you can do so by signing up in our shop.

See the link here below.

And if you can not afford that option we highly advise you to pick up our e-book at amazon less than 10$, the best money you ever spent on your weight-loss journey.

It contains the whole blueprint program that you will need to be able to lose-weight and if you are in a situation that you can not afford private personal training or nutrient coaching, our program will answer all of your questions.

So you are able to succeed on your own, by following our advise.

You find our e-book at amazon in the link here below.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.


As always guys keep you chin up!, and fight true your urges to eat fast food and crappy foods!.

Take care.

The LWC team.

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Inflation is killing your finances!

A lot of our clients are working class people and nobody can have missed that the gas and energy  prices not to mention food prices are sky rocketing as we speak!.

And the average household is paying 20% more for pretty much everything across the board.

And there is no relief it sight at least not in the upcoming 12-18 months.

There is just too many issues going on at once and for that reason no short term fix can help the American families.

The only way to fix this whole energy problem is to start drilling again for oil and gas inside the US.

And that does not seem very likely at all.

So what is the answer when you can not afford to drive so much.

It is actually pretty simple you need to walk and bike more.


Even if you have a 1h bike ride to work it is well worth in financially!.

You can get a good used high quality bike for 300$ and that is money well spent.

You save this on gas pretty quickly these days.

Even in winter time you can bike if you get proper winter wheels for your bike.

The health benefit is amazing when we look at our clients who have started just 2 months ago to ride their bikes to work.

Weight-loss and fresh air in combination with leg muscles are fantastic to see.


So you can replace your exercise bike at the gym or at home with the real bike ride.

Today also there are so many opportunities’ for backpacks that you can have your laptop in and other work related items, you might have to bring back and forth to work daily.

One very important thing is that you learn how your bike works and how to fix a flat while being on your way to or from work.

Just the short-term solution for the tire.

And get familiar also with the chain, someone you live close to can show you.

Often just ask people who seems to be real bikers that loves to ride their bike to give you good tips and tricks.

Most people love to tell you about their passion if you ask them kindly.

A normal 30-60 min to work ride is no issue for most people and you will get the hang of it pretty quickly.

So we strongly recommend that you and your family starts to take the riding a bike very seriously because it is one of those things that can save your family a lot of money every month!.

There are hybrids that you can use electric and normal paddling, but if you are trying to lose-weight go for a normal used bike in semi good condition.

Because inflation is killing your finances.

If you need one on one coaching you find our subscription plan here in our shop.

Then if you can not afford that we suggest that you pick up our blueprint book at Amazon.

See the link here below.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.


Take care guys.

The LWC team.


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Losing weight during the summer!

A lot of new clients reach out to us in the spring time and during the summer wanting to lose-weight.

We have always said that losing weight is not a quick fix , it is rather a mental game that you need support and guidance with, to be able reach your own personal goals.

So thinking that you can lose 20LBS in 30 days is just ridiculous,it then just fluid.


But the summer is a great time to start losing-weight.

And one of the things we usually tell our new clients is that make sure that you understand that you can still eat and lose-weight at the same time.

But you have to burn more calories that you consume.

So let us give you and example of a summertime happening.

You go to the park or someone’s back yard for a barbeque, what should you eat and drink to still be able to lose-weight?.

If you are a meat eater you can just eat the steak, or chicken breasts and some nice gravy on top of that.

Then you either have a diet soda or a big glass of ice water with a lemon on top.

Stay away from the alcohol it is filled with sugar and calories.

drinks with friends

And if you have started with intermittent fasting so you consume all your calories between a period of 6-10 hours, then put your eating pattern into this barbeque.

So you dont have to stay away from the fun stuff like gatherings, and you can still eat, but eat and drink right also in the summertime.

There is absolutely no excuse to gain weight in the summertime.

The one thing we like to tell our new clients is use the weather to your advantage, if you go to the beach for the day.

Make sure you go out and swim for a 3-5 times 10-15min in the water.


On top of you swimming a few times during the day get up from your chair or towel and walk around for a 20min 3 times or so, in a moderate pace.

These small things allows you to even have an ice-cream in the kiosk at the beach if you walk for the 1h and swim for 30-60min.

So spending the day at the beach can still be very enjoyable and you can lose-weight in the process.

Going out walking your own dog or a neighbors dog and taking them on a short hike when the weather is really good, is also a strong suggestion from us.


And you can go out as a group and bring your pets and go hike for the day, bring some food and a lot of water and make day out if it.


Many clients ask us how do we activate our kids when they are not in school or in home learning during the summertime?.

The main thing is put a clock on your child’s computer of IPAD where it will only open between 19.00-21.00 a clock so 2h a day screen time during the summer time, this is a parental lock that you can put in.

And take no BS from your kids and youth, you are the parent and you pay the bills, what you say goes.

If you want to make it interesting the child can earn another extra 1h screen time by exercising 1h on a bike or swimming, walking or what ever.

The most important thing to remember is your food and drink intake in combination with you moving your body daily.

Move your body right, back streets back for life!.

We strongly recommend that you walk and move your body at least 20.000 steps a day.

And it might sound a lot in your mind, but you can move it 5.000 step at a time!.

What about gym training in the summer time?.

If you feel that you have nothing against going to the gym when it is hot outside by all means feel free to do so, it will help you in your quest for weight-loss.

We usually train our clients either in an outside gym or inside in the evenings during the summer time when the weather is a bit cooler!.

Many ask what shall we eat during the summer to lose-weight, we recommend our meny the year around which is a very balanced plate of high quality nutrients for your body.

See the plate in the picture here below.

It contains a high quality protein, carbs and fat source’s that your body needs.

And it is less than 500 calories per meal.

Chicken breast, cocked potatoes, with cashew nuts and prepared in real butter.

On top we have broccoli and carrots.

With a great diet soda like a Pepsi-Max or a Coca-Cola zero it will taste fantastic.

Cheap meal

So the summer time is full of opportunities to lose-weight and why should you wait until the fall to start dieting?.

Every day is a great time to start if you are either over-weight or obese.

Which unfortunately 62% of all Americans are today.

In Europe that number is 37%.

SO start your summer day with a walk , on an empty stomach, and if you have trouble walking long distances then take 10 short walks a day until your body starts reacting positively to this exercise.

We are always here for you IF you need us!.

If you can afford online coaching you find our option here in our shop see the link below.

And if you can not afford our online coaching, then we suggest that you pick up our blueprint weight-loss formula eBook from Amazon, it will cost you less than a supersized meal at McDonald’s.

See the link below.

Take care everybody.

Rick and the LWC TEAM.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.


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Summer bodies!.

So for you guys that live in states or countries that have four seasons the same as we do in Scandinavia.

Now the summer is here!, and it will be here for a few months and then the fall will show up again!.

A lot of you guys who are trying to lose-weight do not like the term summer bodies, because you will have to show off more of your body in the summer than you have to in the winter season.


Dont feel bad if you are over-weight and the summer is here, put on your shorts and your t-shirt or top and go our and enjoy the summer to the fullest extent you can!.

If somebody comments your body ,just smile and walk away, there will always be assholes around!.

The most important thing is that you use the summer to your advantage , when it comes to losing-weight.

The big benefit with the summer season is the light!, you can go out 06.00 am in the morning and power-walk or walk your dog for an hour and enjoy the sun on your face.

You can go to the beach or to your local swimming pool and swim for an hour.

Most people will like that you as obese or over-weight will give your all in the summer season at the local pool, and if you feel embarrassed of your body, you can avoid the rush hour, go there 1h before they close or go there just when they open!.


We tell all of our clients to enjoy their summer by being outside as much as possible, you will have to spend more time indoors in the winter anyway.

So what are the ways you can lose-weight in the summer but still enjoy Ice-cream at the beach or at the pool.

No1: Walk around even more than you do in the winter, fall, spring in the summer.

No2: Go to the beach or the local community pool and swim and move around in the water as often as you can, maybe even every before or after work.

We like water sports and water training for our clients that have bad knees and a bad back!.

No3: Bike rides, do longer bike rides in your own time, so lets say you have a place in mind, that will take you 2h to bike to, make a day of it.

Bring your own food and ride and enjoy the day!.

No4: Is there an outside gym or a park that has equipment that you can go to and exercise at?.

Find out!.


Normally try and build your day around being outside in the summer as much as possible, and with the new allergy medications you should all be able to enjoy the summer outside as much as possible!.

I am a firm believer as a personal trainer and coach with 25 years of experience that the summer is very important for all of our clients to lose-weight and recharge your batteries.

And specially for our clients who does not have summer all year around like in Florida, California or Texas for instance.

Do not let anybody bring your spirit down during the summer times, and do not hide your bodies you are beautiful on the inside and the outside!.

Summer bodies is your summer body!.

Even if you are trying to lose-weight and you have a lot of work ahead of you, enjoy the summer, it is so short for many of us!.

If you need help we are always here for you.

You find our online trainers in our shop , see the link here below.

And as always if you can not afford our online coaches you can buy are blueprint weight-loss formula at Amazon that carries our eBook!.


Take care guys!.

Rick and the LWC team.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.
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War in Ukraine!.

So as you all see on the tv everyday there is a raging war going on in Ukraine these days!.

We here at lose-weightcheap are big animal advocates for animals everywhere in the world.



Now more than ever the Ukrainian animals like cats and dogs will need our help.

Thankfully many neighboring countries have lifted import restrictions for fleeing Ukrainian from the Russian war criminals and Putin the new Putler bombing the country day and night.

But some fleeing people can not take their pets with them, so local rescues have to go out to save these pets day and night, EVEN when the Russian war criminals are bombing the country.

Now they need your help with small monthly donation on Patreon or pay pal, see the links here below.

drinks with friends


It would be great if you could make a small sacrifice and become a monthly donator to Lovefurryfriends in Ukraine.

So even if you could only cut one or two things down in your daily life and become a Patreon member supporter for 5-50 dollars a month!, that would make all the difference for these helpless animals in Ukraine.

Please help anyway you can, the war in Ukraine is hard for the animals.

If you can not afford to donate, please subscribe to their YOUTUBE channel so they get some ad revenue that way!.

In these situations we all need to try and help the animals that are in dire need of our support!.

This rescue lady/group is the real deal and they do a great job saving animals in Ukraine anyway they can!.

If we can donate a small sum of money every month that will allow them to save even more pets in need, during this war time that the Ukrainian nation has to go true.

Because the dictator Putin has decided that he does not have land enough in Russia and he wants Ukraine also.

The brave people of Ukraine need our help and the animals too.

Thank you in advance.

LWC team and our founder Rick!.


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Liquid diet to lose weight?.

So we have gotten some request in from readers in that past months time on what our opinion is when it comes to being on a liquid diet!.

As many of you readers know we are not big fans of putting our clients on liquid diets in general.

Liquid diets have there own issues and one of them is that clients have a tendency to have more hunger feelings popping up on a regular basis.

Compared to if we lose-weight by eating the right type of foods that are low in calories but high in nutrient density.

We are talking about Chicken breasts, Oat meal and cocked potatoes for instance.

Let say you are drinking a meal replacement powder that is 200 calories 4 times a day.

Then we could cook you two meal containing 400 calories per meal instead.

Low calorie high nutrient meal.

So the meal in the above picture is around 400 calories, if you would eat this twice a day instead of drinking 4 meal replacement drinks that are 200 calories each, which do you think will keep your hunger feelings best at bay?.

There is no doubt that it is the full meals that will keep you from feeling hungry!.

So this is the main issue with being on a liquid diet that the hunger feelings makes people stray from the diet their on.

There are a few exceptions to this and that is for clients who do not have a lot of appetite and maybe do not like to eat healthy foods.

They can benefit from not having to eat for the day, only using meal replacement and protein powder.


If you are on a liquid diet, taking as much vitamins as possible is then even more important because you wont be getting it from the food that we normally consume.

We have some clients who are doing 2 days on liquid and then 1 day they eat a few meals and then they cycle it that way.

This way we feel is the best way if you want to be on a liquid diet that you cycle 2 days on , 1 day off!.

Green tea.

If you are on liquid diets, still stick to also consuming Green tea and/or Coffee as normal.

It will help you with burning fat and keeping some of those hunger feelings at bay.

We have one other client type that we can put on a liquid diet and that is the type of client who only has 10-25 lbs, left to lose, and they just can not get the last of it off.

Then we often place them on a liquid diet every other day for 90 days.

And the way it plays out diet wise is that they consume only 800 calories the day they are on the liquid diet even if they train that they also.


What happens to your body when you are every other day on a low calorie diet/liquid diet is that you burn a lot of stored fat, that is hard to get rid of otherwise.

Then on the normal day it is still -500 calories deficit.

But the every other day low calorie liquid diet helps you lose even the most stubborn fat over time.

This is why we do the 90 days minimum so at least you get 45 days in on the liquid diet.

So in general we are not for liquid diets, but they can play a positive role in some clients lives, now and then.

As always we are here for you if you need online coaching and training advice.

And we do programs only for you, based on your own needs.

You should be careful online if somebody is offering you personalized training and dieting tips, if the service cost is to low.

A few instagram  models have been caught selling standard diet tips as personalized for like 70-100 dollars a month.

And we can tell you that our cost that is little under 250 dollars a month is the lowest any serious company can offer their clients.

Anything cheaper than that, they are then selling you bulk advice.

We have the bulk advice in our blueprint program in our book at Amazon see the link here below.

But the cost is then less that 10 dollar ONCE!, not monthly, and in this book you will get enough information to get yourself in shape and lose-weight!.

Take care out there.

The LWC team.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.