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You are in shock!, you have just realized that you have gone up in weight more than 10 lbs in 3 months time!, what happen?.

So this one of those things that usually happens to us all one time or another during our life time, if we are not one of those who are training 7 days a week and measuring our food on a food scale and maybe we dont even weigh ourselves in a few months time.

Then comes the shock what really has happened?.

There can be many,many reasons for this added weight gain, and usually if it is almost 10 lbs i  a few months time there is an underlying problem somewhere that requires solving from our end.

And this is then a problem that we need to look closer at and solve the best way we can.

What we mainly want to do is to make sure that we do not have additional weight gains coming in the next few months time, and after we have figured out this then we can tackle the weight loss of this extra 10 lbs or whatever the weight gain is.

What the issue could be?.

Nr1: You have simply put in more calories/energy into your body and you have not been able to burn it off, meaning you have consumed more than your body has been able to burn off, hence the weight gain.

Usually you need to break down the las few months of your food and fluid intake, and then analyze what is going on.

Have you consumed more alcohol

drinks with friends

or sodas than you normally do?, this is a common one that you drink the calories and you do not think about that a drink can contain 300 calories and a soda can be 200 calories and it all adds up pretty quickly.

So you need to go over your fluid intake and has it contained a lot of sugar and calories.

And if that is the case then go over to only water and protein shakes for a 3-4 months period of time fluid wise.

Nr2: So you have not increased the fluid intake calorie wise, then what about food?.

Have you switched out some home cooked meals to fast food meals or have you started to eat more red meat and less white meat?.

 Burger meal

So go over the last few months food intake and make the necessary changes if this is the reason for your weight gain.

Nr3: If you can not find your weight gains in the food or fluid intake over the past few months, then there is a few more things you can look at.

The one big bandit when it comes to weight gains can be STRESS!, so usually when your cortisol levels goes up(your stress hormone levels) then the fat burning process slows down quite a bit actually.


So check if you sleep 7-8 hours per night ,and can you do some relaxation movements during the day and in the evening to try and de-stress your body a bit.

Going out for that one hour walk with a dog in the evening your own or your neighbours can make all the difference for your body.

Nr4: Your metabolism has simply put slowed down so much that even if you consume the same amount of calories as before you do not burn as much as you did in the past.

So we know that from age 30 and upwards the metabolism slows down for every years that comes after that.

Some people when they turn 40 they start to see these issues much more clearer than they did a few years back.

Final words to find out what is really going on with you body.

So the easiest solution is that if you have consumed 2500 calories normally in the past, go down to 2000 calories for 3-4 months time, if this does not help lower it to 1500 calories for 2 months time.

Normally this should do the trick, and after that you need to make sure that you now where your sweat spot is when it comes to maintaining your weight calorie wise.

So take care and never give up on your weight-loss journey.


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