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Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2020!.

So first of all from me the founder (Rick) i want to personally thank all of our clients both online and offline for a very productive year 2019.

And a big thanks to our great staff, (people who come and goes).

Let me just clarify this to all online clients and also all new upcoming clients that our online profile is still under development.

So my idea was to bring the know how and support/help to people online for a fraction of the cost that our offline clients are paying for our services.

And the idea behind this is that i have been doing PRO BONO training for over 20 years time.

And the idea was to reach out to people globally who wants to lose-weight and to get in shape, but do require a one on one relationship.

But that who can not normally afford the offline training type of services that we provide and others provide.

And i wanted to set the price to a level where everybody who is working in the Western world can afford our service, and that is why the price has been set at under 100 dollars a month.

For weekly emails and nutrition and training support.

Since i am also a mechanical engineer by trade, besides being a personal trainer i have a lot of clients globally that i need to attend to in large scale projects.

So that is why i am the founder of the lose-weightcheap method but i let other people handle the day to day so to speak!.

Clearly 2019 has showed me that i need to be also more hands on with the lose-weightcheap project.

And i have made some changes to my work-schedule on the engineering side for 2020.

So we will be much more aggressive online during next year 2020. 

So for you clients that are wondering about Christmas cards and gifts.

We believe very much in giving back to the community.

So instead of spending 10.000-12.0000 dollars on 30-35 dollar gifts per person on stuff you really dont need.

We have opted as usual to donate these funds to 4 different animal shelters for dogs and cats in Serbia,Los Angeles and in Finland and Sweden.

So by being a client to us, you also help us , help homeless animals and mainly cats and dogs.

The same goes for buying our book on amazon lose-weightcheap the Scandinavian formula that actually works, we donate half of the proceeds to homeless animals.

So during the next year you will see a much higher profile from me (Rick) and also from us as a company globally.

So enjoy your Christmas and please remember to drink water and coffee with your alcohol intake, and keep the conversations light with your family and relatives.

Nothing deep will be solved during the holidays with your family and relatives so just relax.

Thank you for reading.

Best holiday wishes.

Rick and the whole team from lose-weightcheap.

The Scandinavain weight loss formula that actually works.
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Christmas weight gains!.

So now when we are in the month of December and we all know that there are a lot of meals that are being consumed during this month, and there is a lot of people that gain 4-6 lbs during the month of December.

We where invited from lWC to speak at a seminar in Helsinki last week on the 3th of December to HR personal from several large companies like TNT ,DHL and SCHENKER.

And our responsibility was to develop a nutrition program to keep the workers from adding on these 4-6 lbs during the month of December/Christmas.

So to begin with we offered our book on lose-weightcheap to all the HR personal and also some general advise on how to eat during the month of December to maintain your current weight over the holidays.

In this day and age vegan and vegetarian food has become very hot!, and also there is much more variety available than we had 5 years ago.

Also the food taste much better than it did in the past and the chefs have really learned how to use all the spices right these days.

So if you have never tried vegan or vegetarian foods, now would be a great time during the holidays to try different foods out.

As a trainer myself i have always tried to eat lean meat and also to make sure that our/my clients always ate chicken,turkey,eggs and meat(that was not read meat).

But two years ago i started to dabble a bit into vegan and vegetarian cuisine, and i was happily surprised by the level of energy i got from switching our some meat meals to vegan meals.

And now with the documentary GAME CHANGER ON NETFLIX a lot of people are getting more and more interested in vegan and vegetarian cuisine.

I dont believe that you have to give up meat completely but there is nothing wrong with eating every other meal vegan or vegetarian  cuisine.

So one thing you can do is to switch out one meat meal a day to a vegan or a vegetarian meal.

And specially during the holidays when you consume more food than you normally do.

Also one thing that i have always pressed on towards our/my clients during the holidays is that make sure that you make it a routine to walk 1 h after dinner in the fresh air.

Or go out and walk 1 h prior to dinner.

You will get your daily dose of oxygen in, and you also burn fat at the same time.

It is also easy to get your relatives out regardless of their age for the one hour walk.

It can be in very moderate pace, you still burn fat and increase your cardio in the process.

Then if you also indulge in alcohol during the holidays make sure that for every drink you have, make sure that you consume a cup of coffee or a glass of water also.

(Yes i know that coffee and alcohol makes you drop fluid and dries you out, but coffee has water in it also).

So for every drink you have, one glass of water, and for every 3 drinks you have, drinking one cup of coffee is a good way of pacing yourself.

Also make sure you dont get drunk in front of your children during the holidays, they deserve to enjoy a drama free holiday.

And also remember to keep the conversation light with your relatives.

Avoid also conversations regarding politics and other sensitive matters.

Holiday conversations should be kept light and you should just enjoy the best sides of your relative during the few days you will be together.

So this is a small tip on how you can keep your current weight over the holidays.

Thank you for reading.



The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.


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Good News!.

Dear,Online client to lose-weightcheap, we have some good news today and that is that we have been able to secure two new online trainers and dietitians to work with us full-time.

We welcome Minna and Jari who both have 5+ years of experience in the field of nutrition and training.

This means that we have now 4 full-time online advisers available for you the client.

And now we can start to take on more clients which have been an issue for us during the past 6 months time!.

So this is very good news for everybody.

Thank you for reading.