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The research is in on the risks of being overweight and the Covid-19.

So the research is in on the risks of being overweight and obese when in comes to falling seriously ill with the Covid-19 virus.

First of all we are not fat shaming anybody, our job is to save lives as personal trainers and make sure that our clients cardiovascular system and lungs are in the best possible shape they can be in.

And also we want to make sure that our clients does not get the very common in 2021 type 2 diabetes.


When you look at this picture here you see to ladies enjoying some pool time with a drink in their hand.

And later on they will be eating drinking this for dinner.

Burger MEAL.

So we have  huge problem today in the Western world that we consume way to much sugar and fast carbs in our normal day to day life.

And these ladies should be swimming for 1h instead of spending time on a water toy drinking sugary drinks containing alcohol.

And their dinner should look like this instead.

perfect meal
Chicken breast, walnuts, broccoli.

So you guys see the problem here with getting seriously ill with the Covid-19 virus and being obese and overweight.

Very early on we could see pictures from Covid-19 wards in the hospitals and the people in the filmed material seems to almost all be at least 50lbs(22kgs) or 100lbs(44kgs) overweight or even heavier.

So it a given that if you are heavily overweight and you consume a lot of sugar and fast carbs not to mention if you also smoke and drink, that your bodies immune system is completely overloaded, and is not in a good shape to handle a virus like the Covid-19 virus.

And even the normal flu can kill you.

We know that trouble breathing is something that patients with the Covid-19 virus has issues with.

And we also know that overweight and obese people have trouble breading and get winded pretty quickly.

And if you also have underlying illnesses like type two diabetes or cardiovascular issues,this is then the perfect storm for you body.

So now is a great time to start changing your and your families life by eating healthier and losing-weight.

If you want you can join us as a client online true our online shop see the link below.

And if you can not afford that, then you can buy our weight-loss blueprint book online true Amazon Kindle see the link for that here below, for less than a big supersize fast food meal would cost you, so less than 10 dollars.

So take care out there and try and take the first step to a healthier lifestyle, we want you around for a long time.

The LWC team.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.
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So we want to just take a moment to express our deep condolences to the family of DMX.



Rick the founder of LWC, spent a lot of time in LA between 1999-2005 and he had the honor to meet Earl(DMX) on several occasions due to mutual associates over a stretch of several years.

The story that Rick tells us the team at LWC is that DMX was a big dog lover and the bounded over that fact.

And that even if DMX was one of the biggest rap start in the early 2000s he was very down to earth one on one according to Rick.

This is something we have a lot of experience from when we have trained more high profiled clients that either they are very cold or very warm towards other people, very seldom are they in the middle.

So we want to thank DMX for great training music like Lord give me a sign and many other harder rap songs that our clients have enjoyed over the years.

If you want to join as a client check out our shop in the link here below.

And if you can not afford personal training you can find our blueprint program on Amazon kindle on the link here below.

Take care out there.

Your LWC team.

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Training outside in the spring time with pollen allergies?.

In the early spring we get this question a lot from our clients that are suffering from pollen allergies, and they keep asking for our advice on it at

So here it comes for all of you that are suffering from Pollen allergies in the spring and in the summer time.

Spring time.

Very often the first signs starts to show up in the end of March and early in April, and you know the signs they are as follows, nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy watery eyes and scratchy throat.

For some clients we see that April and May are the worst months and for some it is the June-August that are the worst if they are allergic to grass pollen.

Today there is something-else to also consider and that is the Covid-19 Virus and this should be taken very seriously by everybody who has mid to severe pollen allergies.

The issue from a health standpoint is that when you have a serious allergic reaction like with pollen, your immune system gets overloaded, and this is very bad right now.

Serious allergic reactions with the Covid-19 virus can be fatal and should not be overlooked.

Very often in a normal world it is not that serious if you catch a cold, because you are training with your immune system overloaded due to your allergies, but right now is not a normal world, so you need to be much more careful when you suffer from allergies so you do not contract the Covid-19 due to an overloaded immune system or if you contract it and your immune system is overloaded, it is much tougher to fight off the virus!.

So here are a few things that we implemented last year 2020 during spring and summer time for our clients who suffer from mid to severe levels of allergies.

One of them was that we only train inside when the allergies are at their worst.

So training outside in the spring time with pollen allergies?.

Even if training outside really is appealing when the sun shines, and the weather starts to get warmer, it is not recomended.

So the biking or walking outside is moved to an exercise bike inside.

Outdoor training is moved to the gym inside instead.


We also do recommend that you take your antihistamine medication during this time when your allergies flare up!.

We also recommend that you double the dose of your multivitamin tab each day and add C and D-vitamin also during this time.

When it comes to training we usually train our clients at 75% of the level they normally train at, just to avoid breaking down the immune system further with hardcore training sessions.

So it like a double whammy at the moment when we have allergies and Covid-19 to take into consideration.

 Some clients they have issues from March to September and that is a tough pill to swallow, but you need to take care of your body and being smart, and being proactive is the way to go here.

And of course absolutely no alcohol intake during this time period, when your immune system is down for the count.

So take care out there and keep boosting your immune system with vitamins, fluid(water, protein powder) and good nutrient intake when you are suffering from allergies.

The LWC team.

And as always do not forget to check out or book on Amazon that contain the blueprint to our weight-loss program and to a healthier lifestyle, see the link here below. below.