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How to live healthy in this recession.

So nobody can have missed that we are living true inflation hell at the moment and everything is more expensive.

This also means supplements like protein powder, vitamins and food of all sorts are costing us a lot more, compared to what we are used to.


Chicken is up 30% and eggs and other foods around 25%.

Protein powder is up as much 40% from a lot of suppliers.

What we recommend our clients is of course to cut back on the empty calories.

And you all know by now what that is.

Fast food for instance gives you no benefits what so ever.


Pizza is very tasty and having a slice now and then is not really a problem.

But choosing between buying  500 grams of Casein protein powder for 20$ or a medium pizza for the same price, is a no brainer.

Choose the powder every day of the week.

You get 7 days of high quality energy and calories from the supplement, rather than a few hours of having to burn of the pizza calories.

The second if you can choose to buy 1kg of chicken breasts at Walmart for 17$ or have 2 drinks of alcohol at a bar, choose the chicken and you have 4 days of high quality food that you can cook at home!.

drinks with friends.

So it all comes down to life choices.

You can all afford that 15$ a month gym membership and you can all afford to eat healthy and use the right types of supplements.

But you have to choose right!.

perfect meal
Chicken breast, walnuts,broccoli

The perfect meal here is still less than 3$ and that is what you opt for all day every day.

If you are in a really bad position financially and you need to feed your family on a shoe string budget then opt for the following nutrient intake.

Oatmeal with butter, great in keeping the hunger away and high in the right carbs and the right types of fiber.

Then if you can not afford any meat products choose the Casein  slow release protein powder and buy the cheap kind.

Potato’s is another very cheap and good food source to buy when you are short on cash.

Use real butter on top of the potato’s to get some fat in with the carbs.

green tea

Green tea coffee and water are great fluid intakes and will keep your hunger at bay.

So stick with those fluids.

When it comes to vitamins you buy the cheapest multivitamins tab you can find at Walmart and if you can afford add some Omega to it also.

Personal trainer 

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As always guys keep you chin up!, and fight true your urges to eat fast food and crappy foods!.

Take care.

The LWC team.