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How to get underprivileged children in shape by using dogs?.

So as personal trainers we often see kids having weight issues, because of sodas and fast food.

We can basically say that it is a general issue that children these days eat to much sugar,salt and fat in combination with fast carbs, and not enough protein and slow carbs and good fat sources.

A lot of parents tells us that they can not afford healthy food, which is not true!.

But you need to know what healthy food is and what to buy.

So we will list a few items here, the rest you will find in our general program(our book Loseweightcheap at Amazon, see link in the bottom of this article.

The healthy foods for your children and grandchildren are as follows, OATMEAL,COCKED POTATOES,PROTEIN SHAKES,CARROTS AND NUTS!.

Often if your children are vegetarians or they do not like meat, protein shakes and mainly casein protein is a really good source of protein and there are a lot of really nice flavors out these days on the market, like for instance cookie dough and chocolate chip and many other fantastic flavors.


So oatmeal and cocked potatoes are super cheap items to buy, protein shakes and carrots are medium priced items, and nuts of higher quality like cashew and other items are a higher ticket item, but the kids do not need a lot of nuts for good fats each day, so with these few items even on a budget you can cover your children’s nutrition needs.

So how do we then get them in shape if they are already overweight? or we want them to generally work out more and take away some of their screen time.

So it is very important to get kids to walk so they get into shape, but getting them to go out and walk in the fresh air, and leaving all those video/computer games is very difficult, but the solution to this is to get your kids activated by bringing them to the animal shelter and let them spend 2-3 h there 3 times a week at the shelter.

They can take shelter dogs out on a walk and they can do simple grooming and also spend time with the dog.

We would say from our experience that if the kid is not messed up in the head in some way all kids love dogs.

A lot of shelters should do a simple outreach program into their local area, and talk to business that could sponsor these meets.

Because a lot of kids might not have the possibility to get themselves to and from the shelter, so here there needs to be a logistic solution where maybe and older volunteers sponsored by local businesses could drive the kids to and from the shelter for these weekly meets.

There is only good things that can come out of getting kids involved at an early age with shelter animals.

We see many successful prison programs allover the US, where inmates train shelter dogs for adoption.

And it also keeps those cell blocks very calm when inmates have something meaningful to do.

The problem is that we incarcerate more people in the US each year than any other country does, and what we could hope for is that the people that want to change and who understand that a life on the straight and narrow is much better than a life in the fast-lane, gets that chance.

So we can clearly see that dogs are a huge part of the prisoners rehabilitation (the inmates who want to change).

But for a lot of parents and grandparents it is really a difficult task to get your kids to leave that screen and go do something healthy and fun in the same time.

So from our dog shelter we do outreach programs like these every week, we have a few different models.

But basically we get overweight kids and also underprivileged kids to our dog-shelter 2-3 times each week for a 3 hour visit.

So each kid gets a dog they need to take care of, like walks for an hour then grooming the fur and also feeding the dog playing time, then when the dog gets adopted out we teach the kids that this is a good thing and  that this is our goal all along.

And then we move on to the next dog.

Many shelter dogs might not have had the best experience with people and letting them have access to kids who only wants to love them and spend time with them is a good things before they get adopted out.

We need to start changing the world to a better version that the one we are currently leaving in at the moment.

And we believe from LWC that pets and animals can play a big part in this change going forward.

Please share this text by linking to this page to all animal lovers out there in the world.

Let us try and help people and kids get in shape and also support our shelter animals.

Thank you.

Rick and the LWC team.


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