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The three main reasons why people dont lose the desired weight they are after!.

So what are they?.

Let me start by saying that the main reasons are that people live a very (normal) life, i dont like the word normal, but it fits here when we talk about weight loss.

So the first reason why people fails is this!, you have a 9-5 or similar job and then you need to spend time with your family and eat with your family.

Or you have other obligations to take care off after work.

So most weight loss programs are way to advanced to follow for Joe the plumber and Mary the school teacher.

What i mean by to advanced is that there are to many special food requirements or supplement requirements, and not to talk about the very often crazy training routines that are a must for more advanced weight loss programs.

People with a 9-5 job or similar just give up the programs, because of their complexity.

Often these weight loss programs are made by personal trainers who train 7 days a week and eat super healthy every day and gets all the nutrition’s in that a well oil body needs.

This is all well and good, but for a (normal person) it will get overwhelming after the first 3-4 weeks time and the client gives up on the program for that reason.

Not being able to eat the same food as the rest of the family taker a toll on you mentally and it breaks the camels back after a while.

This is where lose weight cheap comes in, you will always be able to eat the same foods as your kids or other family members are eating for dinner.

So no need for special foods here.

This weight loss program will be much simpler and cheaper than any other weight loss program on the market.

Because we will use normal well proven methods and we will lose weight as a marathon rather than lose weight as a sprint.

Because the sprint option almost always consist of losing fluids and killing yourself mentally.

We are after a more healthier long term lifestyle with our weight loss program.

The second most common reason for weight loss failure is this!.


This is a very common aspect for normal hard working people or people living on a fixed income.

You just can not afford a personal trainer or an accountability coach or a dietist to help you out with the weight loss that you desire.

Most people simply dont earn enough money to spend 300 dollars a week on personal training and food and sometimes ON borderline ridiculous supplements.

Statistics shows that 47% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck and try and come up with 300 dollars a week for your weight loss is just gonna put you into more debt that you are most likely already in.

So this is also one of those aspects that you will find out with lose weight cheap that we got you covered financially.

This is a well proven and highly advanced, but yet so simple weight loss method, that works on all ages and body types.

Dont get me wrong, if you can like the stars OR high earners afford a personal trainer and a meal program and that kind of stuff, i am not against that in any way shape or form.

It is the same i am not against driving a BMW car, but the frank reality is that most people can not afford a BMW.

Does it mean that a Toyota can not get you as well to and back from your workplace as a beautiful BMW can get you there and back.

No! it does not, like Gary Vee, says drive a Toyota and not a BMW.

If you do not know who Gary Vee is?, find out, he makes some really good points in how to use your money wisely.

Wisely means , stop buying all the crap to keep up with the Joneses, when you dont even like the Joneses.

This is what i mean by keeping up with the Joneses dont buy the miracle pill for weight loss there are no legal pills that helps you with your weight loss and absolutely no miracle pills what so ever.

What you need to do is to buy the right legal supplements that actually works and helps you burn fat in a safe way,if you also eat right and exercise with in reason.

But the financial burden is the second reason people do not lose the desired weight they simply can not afford it!.

Reason number three for weight loss failure is this!, wait for it!.


Yes this is the third reason and a really big stumbling block for many trying to lose weight.

People just dont deal well with hunger, they are not used to it and the feeling is awful when you are not used to it!.

Usually you might be able to endure it while you work daytime, but come night time , or in the evening the hunger and the cravings starts to set in.

And the diet goes out the window, just like that.

This is why lose weight cheap has developed a program where there are no feelings of hunger that comes into play when dieting with us.

And that will help you stay on the straight and narrow road to a healthier lifestyle.

And you are also allowed to eat 2 h before bedtime!.

Did he just say 2h before bedtime?.

Is it not bad to eat in the evenings?, is it not bad to consume carbs in the evenings?.


We are just after a healthy weight loss to get in better shape get our insulin into a better place and try and avoid cardiac related diseases.

So we use a long term plan ,as mention before not a sprint but a marathon and in this program you dont need to feel hunger.

We are gonna use great and simple food sources and great well priced supplements to keep you from feeling hunger even when staying at the recommended weight loss calorie deficit of -500 calories a day.

Which with a normal burning pattern will shed around 4-5 lbs 1.8-2.2 kg per month.

So there you go folks , here are the three main reasons why weight loss programs usually dont work over time!.

Stay tuned in for more on the lose weigh loss method.