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When you hit a brick wall in your weight loss progress during the second year?.

So very often we meet clients who are not really exercising much at all, or eating right then the first year is a great ride for the client.

They lose a lot of weight and they feel upbeat and they are flying high.


Many of our clients starts out like this picture here above, they consume alcohol and sugary drinks in combination with the food pictured here below.

Burger MEAL


Then the clients switch over to protein shakes and they start eating healthy and exercising properly with our help of course.

perfect meal
Chicken breast, walnuts,broccoli
Personal trainer

Protein powder

So the first year is crazy good for most clients, and then the second year is where things starts to get ruff again.

Not for all clients many keep going forward without looking back.

But for some they become complacent and they start to skip personal training sessions and group training sessions.

Not to mention that clients starts to cheat on their nutrient intake and alcohol starts to show up in the picture again.

We usually warn our clients that they will hit that wall many of them in that second year.

The weight loss will not be as big as in the first year, and things starts to become boring again.

And all these old nasty habits starts to take over more and more.

The most important thing to do when you hit the so called brick wall in your weight loss progress is not to give in to the old habits but actually push true even harder.

So lets say that you have lost 80lbs , 36kg in the first year and then the second year goes slow.

Instead of gaining back 20lbs, 8 kgs rather try and lose another 20lbs, 8kgs that year.

The way you do that is to increase the amount of cardio by 45min a day.

So if you normally go out walk in the evening, then add 45min in the morning, this will make all the difference.

And if you feel that you want to let the alcohol back into your life again after the first year, then stick to ONE day a week not 2-3 days a week.

Hitting the brick wall is very common for people trying to lose-weight, when you have given it your all the first year and seen some amazing results and then the second year is much tougher both physically and also mentally on you.

But mustering true is the key, and it wont be that fun to get up 45min earlier to add that extra cardio walk each day, but keep the end result in mind.

As always if you want online coaching you can find that in the link here below.

And if you can not afford this, then you can always pick up our eBook on Amazon see the link here below.

If you ever have any questions on our blueprint program in the book please feel free to contact us and we will talk you true it all and also back it up with our long time experience.

As always stay safe and take care.

The LWC team.