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Liquid diet to lose weight?.

So we have gotten some request in from readers in that past months time on what our opinion is when it comes to being on a liquid diet!.

As many of you readers know we are not big fans of putting our clients on liquid diets in general.

Liquid diets have there own issues and one of them is that clients have a tendency to have more hunger feelings popping up on a regular basis.

Compared to if we lose-weight by eating the right type of foods that are low in calories but high in nutrient density.

We are talking about Chicken breasts, Oat meal and cocked potatoes for instance.

Let say you are drinking a meal replacement powder that is 200 calories 4 times a day.

Then we could cook you two meal containing 400 calories per meal instead.

Low calorie high nutrient meal.

So the meal in the above picture is around 400 calories, if you would eat this twice a day instead of drinking 4 meal replacement drinks that are 200 calories each, which do you think will keep your hunger feelings best at bay?.

There is no doubt that it is the full meals that will keep you from feeling hungry!.

So this is the main issue with being on a liquid diet that the hunger feelings makes people stray from the diet their on.

There are a few exceptions to this and that is for clients who do not have a lot of appetite and maybe do not like to eat healthy foods.

They can benefit from not having to eat for the day, only using meal replacement and protein powder.


If you are on a liquid diet, taking as much vitamins as possible is then even more important because you wont be getting it from the food that we normally consume.

We have some clients who are doing 2 days on liquid and then 1 day they eat a few meals and then they cycle it that way.

This way we feel is the best way if you want to be on a liquid diet that you cycle 2 days on , 1 day off!.

Green tea.

If you are on liquid diets, still stick to also consuming Green tea and/or Coffee as normal.

It will help you with burning fat and keeping some of those hunger feelings at bay.

We have one other client type that we can put on a liquid diet and that is the type of client who only has 10-25 lbs, left to lose, and they just can not get the last of it off.

Then we often place them on a liquid diet every other day for 90 days.

And the way it plays out diet wise is that they consume only 800 calories the day they are on the liquid diet even if they train that they also.


What happens to your body when you are every other day on a low calorie diet/liquid diet is that you burn a lot of stored fat, that is hard to get rid of otherwise.

Then on the normal day it is still -500 calories deficit.

But the every other day low calorie liquid diet helps you lose even the most stubborn fat over time.

This is why we do the 90 days minimum so at least you get 45 days in on the liquid diet.

So in general we are not for liquid diets, but they can play a positive role in some clients lives, now and then.

As always we are here for you if you need online coaching and training advice.

And we do programs only for you, based on your own needs.

You should be careful online if somebody is offering you personalized training and dieting tips, if the service cost is to low.

A few instagram  models have been caught selling standard diet tips as personalized for like 70-100 dollars a month.

And we can tell you that our cost that is little under 250 dollars a month is the lowest any serious company can offer their clients.

Anything cheaper than that, they are then selling you bulk advice.

We have the bulk advice in our blueprint program in our book at Amazon see the link here below.

But the cost is then less that 10 dollar ONCE!, not monthly, and in this book you will get enough information to get yourself in shape and lose-weight!.

Take care out there.

The LWC team.

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