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Regarding the facts in our book at Amazon kindle.

So there has been some feedback from our readers from Amazon Kindle regarding our book from LWC.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.


This book contains the full weight-loss program that we use for most of our clients.

Of course when you are either a physical or online client and we spend some time with you, we can make changes also to fit your every need!.

But for people that can not afford personal training or coaching this book will cover what they need to know, both when it comes to losing weight but also to make sure they do not put the weight it on again.

We have no problem with people having an opinion on the book, or the way it has been written.

BUT all the facts in the book have all been fact checked by medical researchers from two different top Swedish universities.

We have had a cooperation with them for over 16 years time, because we have had several thousand clients that have been actively involved in clinical studies.

The reason universities wanted to work with LWC is that we have access to clients who have issues and weight issues in a larger scale than the average population.

We also have had two dietitians with 47 years of combined experience going over our book content, and they have both approved of all the methods that we are using.

Including one from Cedars-sinai medical center in LA.



So if you have bought our book from Amazon kindle and you feel that you do not agree with something in the book, send us an email and we will send you the clinical studies on that topic to prove to you as a reader that we have done our homework.

The link to the book is here below.

Then some people might feel that some of our methods are controversial.

This might be the case, but it has worked for our clients 5000+ over the past 20 years time, so we have to stick to what we know works well on our clients.

Cheap meal.


Our program is developed for people that does not have access to a lot of money.

We can understand that if you are an experienced person in the training industry this is nothing new to you, maybe you will take away a few pointers from the book.

But think about the single mother of 3 making 15 dollars an hour, who will help here out with her and her kids weight problems.

So this is the whole reason why we launched the book in the first place to help these people in need!.

So we are kindly asking everybody who wants to leave a review on our book at Amazon, please do not say that the facts are not accurate, because they truly are and we can back this up with clinical studies among other.

We would never risk our reputation dating back 20+ years to put something into a book that we can not back up with real evidence.

You can always reach out to us true one of our contact forms and we will provide you with the information you are wondering about when you have read our book.

Thank you in advance.

Rick and the LWC team.


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How to cure a fall depression?.

So many people suffer from what is called a fall depression that starts to set in in the end of September.

Falling leaves.


There is a few factors behind this depression type, but mainly it is that the days are getting shorter and people that usually get depressed in the fall, continues to get depressed every year.

So the answer is that the decreased amount of sunlight can cause a drop in serotonin levels.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter a so called brain chemical.

1/4 of our clients gets this fall and winter depression each year.

We have tackled this in many different ways, but one way that we use is that we try and get our clients outside during the days, and we recommend them all to go outside and take a walk 45-1h on their lunch break.

The second thing we recommend is to try and use the weekends as a charging time by also spending us much time as possible outside to get that daylight in.

Animal support.


The third thing that we recommend is to spend extra time with your pets to lower your cortisol levels by hugging and cuddling with them as much as possible.

Another thing that can work is to try and increase your D-vitamin levels by adding some extra Vitamin-D to your daily supplement intake.

Some people suffer a lot from fall depression and in these cases another thing that can work is to try and get some light therapy from a facility that offers that.

Fall depression.


So the most important thing is to move your body as much as possible outside, so walking, running or taking a bike ride are all great things to spend time on in the fall.

Sometimes you can just take a good book with you and go to the park and spend a few hours on a bench reading for instance.

If you or a loved one is suffering from fall depression then try these things out, for our clients they have worked well.

Over time as personal trainers you know which clients enjoy the fall and the changing of seasons, and which client hate the same.

So the few keys to fighting off the fall depression are to spend time outside in the day, spend additional time with your pets and increase your vitamin-D intake.

Hopefully you learned something today from this article on how to cure a fall depression.

If you want to learn more we highly recommend that you pick up this book at Amazon, see the link here below.

And if you need personal online training take the time to check out our shop in the link below.

Take care out there.

The LWC team.