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Home training still in May?.

So guys it looks like there will be a need for home training still in May.

We will get the video up on Youtube for home training with lumber and rocks in May.

But what movements can you do at home.

So go for the basics, they are still the best ones to do with your own body-weight.

So push ups is king, do 200 push-ups twice a week, that will be enough for push ups.

Do 300 sit ups twice a week , fully controlled movement, do not put your hands behind you neck, place them at your chest instead.

Do 100 chins and 100 dips a week.

And then do back training with lifting something heavy with 30 reps twice a week.

For the legs do lunges 100 reps once a week.

If you want you can add 100 reps of bur-pees once a week.

Then get some fresh air and if possible walk one hour each day.

If you stick to this training regime you will be very well off, until our training centers will all open again in June?, hopefully.

Stay safe and take care.

The lose-weightcheap team.


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So if you are looking to eat healthy and also lose-weight in the process, here you see a picture of a perfect meal for lunch or dinner.

So you have 150 grams of chicken breast friend in a pan with real butter.

Then you have 300 grams of cooked potatoes with the skin still intact(most of the vitamins are in the skin(peals).

Then you have also cooked carrots and some cocked broccoli. 

To top it all of we have some walnuts added to the meal.

Then have a diet soda or a glass of water and you are good to go.

This is a 500 calories meal and it will keep you full for a good 6-8 hours.

perfect meal
Chicken breast, walnuts,broccoli
The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.

So here you go when you are looking for a great meal for lunch or dinner, nutrient wise.

Take care.

lose-weightcheap team.



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So if the COVID-19 can bring anything good with it, then it has to be a wakening of people around the world to lose-weight and get in shape.

For instance over 40% of Americans are overweight , and that is almost 150 million people.

What we can clearly see is that people who are in better shape and not overweight are handling the COVID-19 infections much better compered to people who are overweight.

Forget the BMI since body mass index does not say a lot for people who are bigger (strong,well trained), but in general you should be able to go out and walk for 1-2 hours anytime you chose to without having to think, and without getting flustered while doing it.

So for you looking to lose weight and also maybe doing in in a cheap way then check out our book

(see the link below) and blueprint for how you can do it, without starving yourself in the process.

This is a lifestyle change that anybody can do, regardless of their age,race or gender.

So take care and be safe out there.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.

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Let us give you one pro tip on how to burn fat from home, when you can not get to the gym.

Do 30 burpees every day.

If you dont know what a burpee is, then google it and watch a you tube video.

It is such a good movement that we strongly suggest that you do this daily or at least every other day.

Use a good form when you do burpees, and make sure that you have good shoes when jumping up in the air and landing on them, so you dont sprained your ankle

This is a pro tip from Rick.

Take care and stay safe.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.



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A good breakfast!.

So a lot of people have asked us in the past week, what a good breakfast would look like.

So we are gonna make this really simple for you to follow.

Option number one is for you on a diet, and option number two will be for you on a diet.

So there are only one item that will be taken away for you on a diet compared to you not being on a diet!.

So the best breakfast for a normal person who wants to eat healthy and get energy for the whole day.

No1: OATMEAL!, it is simple the best thing you can have as breakfast, it give you the fibers and good carbs and vitamins.

For your oatmeal if you can afford fresh fruits like blueberries and strawberries, then go ahead and mix them into your oatmeal.

Also sugar free blueberry soap is the best fluid to use as intake with your bowl of oatmeal with or without the fresh fruits.

No2: Protein powder Casein 40-60 grams in a shake.

No3: Freshly squeezed orange juice from real oranges, today there are machines in many stores so you can buy a bottle with you for 5 dollars and you get orange juice for 4 days from one liter of juice.

No4: One pill of multivitamin and two pills of OMEGA 3 fish oil, and also you could have a D3 pill.

No5: So here comes the one item you can not have if you are on a diet, but otherwise you can have this.

Two toasts, of fullfiber bread with a little bit of butter on them.

No6: A big cup of black coffee, of a big cup of green tea.

So here you go, this is a good breakfast for you.

You can not really do better from a normal persons standpoint!.

Incredible breakfast.
Best breakfast available to all people poor or rich.