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A good breakfast!.

So a lot of people have asked us in the past week, what a good breakfast would look like.

So we are gonna make this really simple for you to follow.

Option number one is for you on a diet, and option number two will be for you on a diet.

So there are only one item that will be taken away for you on a diet compared to you not being on a diet!.

So the best breakfast for a normal person who wants to eat healthy and get energy for the whole day.

No1: OATMEAL!, it is simple the best thing you can have as breakfast, it give you the fibers and good carbs and vitamins.

For your oatmeal if you can afford fresh fruits like blueberries and strawberries, then go ahead and mix them into your oatmeal.

Also sugar free blueberry soap is the best fluid to use as intake with your bowl of oatmeal with or without the fresh fruits.

No2: Protein powder Casein 40-60 grams in a shake.

No3: Freshly squeezed orange juice from real oranges, today there are machines in many stores so you can buy a bottle with you for 5 dollars and you get orange juice for 4 days from one liter of juice.

No4: One pill of multivitamin and two pills of OMEGA 3 fish oil, and also you could have a D3 pill.

No5: So here comes the one item you can not have if you are on a diet, but otherwise you can have this.

Two toasts, of fullfiber bread with a little bit of butter on them.

No6: A big cup of black coffee, of a big cup of green tea.

So here you go, this is a good breakfast for you.

You can not really do better from a normal persons standpoint!.

Incredible breakfast.
Best breakfast available to all people poor or rich.
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