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We are rolling down the hill as we speak!.

So a lot of you have been waiting for this site to take off from September 2018 when we launched our personal training and dietitian program.

We where just taken by surprise on how many of you wanted your own online trainer, dietitian coach and accountability coach all built in to one very affordable plan.

So we started at 89 USD a months if you signed up for a full year, and 129 USD on a month to month plan.

And we are hoping to continue at this price point for at least one year down the line!

So what we agreed on with our early clients was that you send us if you want, one email a week and it is allowed to be a A4 page in size on what is on your mind and we look at it down to the core.

And we respond with a custom answer for you, so no robot answers here.

We look at it from a diet,training and mental perspective for your needs.

Since we all at lose-weightcheap are Scandinavian and from the Nordic countries we put a big emphasis on also keeping you mentally in balance during your weight loss/fat loss period, this is very important to all of us.

This is your time!

So since our book from JRN/Rick our head of lose-weightcheap has not been released yet on Amazon and other platforms, our first clients has gotten more personal assistance from us than normal, which has been fine.

When the book is released you can use that as a manual, and from there you can put down your questions to us on your specific needs.

For legal reasons Rich has written the book on his own and for that reason it has taken some additional time to get it released on to the market.

So in THE END OF MAY it will be out for sure.

The concept that we are pushing for is for you who are living on a fixed income and who can not afford a personal trainer or a dietitian in real-life to get one ONLINE that will help you at a fraction of the real life cost.

As many of you who know us, we speak highly of the option of a real life personal trainer, but we also need to be honest and say that not all people can afford 400-2000 Dollars each month which is average the cost for these services .

And this is then a very strong option to get proper training and dieting advise and also get aces to it for a fraction of the real life price.

The whole idea here for lose-weightcheap was to create an global outreach

program, where people can change their minds that you have to consume bad nutrients/food/beverages if you are cash strapped or living on a fixed income.

This is not true in any shape or form.

It is just something we have been thought true television for years that you need to eat high fat,high sugar,high in quick carbs if you have a smaller food budget for yourselves or your family.

As many of you know you can buy Potatoes and oat for a very low price and add some cheap but still good protein powder to it and there you have a good daily routine to keep your body working.

Well meet!.

The lose-weightcheap team.