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Kickboxing is king!.

Kickboxing is king when you are trying to lose-weight.

So when you are trying to lose-weight always make sure that you also choose one martial arts form that will give you that great cardio and coordination training.

All of our personal training clients are always choosing between Kick-boxing or Thai-boxing when they train with us at LWC.

We have seen the benefits first hand when our clients that has a low self-esteem to begin with starts to train martial arts and they get that extra pep in their step so to speak.

The main reason why we always recommend to start with kickboxing or Thai boxing is because these two art forms gives the first timers the best chance to really feel that they get from point A- to point B as fast as possible.

Many other martial arts forms require good stamina and good hand eye coordination from the start.

While Kickboxing and Thai boxing allows the newcomer to quickly start hitting mites and bags and it proves to the client that progress is happening every time they show up for training.

Also when we talk MMA that is a martial arts form that requires you to be fit from the start to avoid injuries that easily happen in the octagon or on the math’s even when there is no intention to hurt each other.

So for that reason we like to say that,

Kickboxing is king

But we respect all martial arts forms, we have just found that in our line of business Kickboxing is king.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.


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Take care guys.

Rick and the LWC team.

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