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Why people do not lose enough weight?.

So a lot of client has over the past 20 years time learned the hard way that when you are trying to lose-weight, everything you consume in a day will count.

Very often the big bad Wolf that causes distress is the fluid intake with clients trying to lose-weight.


Soda is the bad one that we all know of, but there are so many other bad fluid intakes for people trying to lose-weight.

For instance OJ (Orange Juice) is a big issue for a lot of people, and they say hey this is very healthy for me.

Shot of Fresh Orange Juice in a Glass.


TWO glasses of OJ a day can be 300 calories and a whopping 30 grams of sugar.

OKAY if you use freshly squeezed OJ it is a different thing, but most people do not use that.

Drinks with friends.


Alcohol is a big no no, when trying to lose-weight and ONE drink can easily contain 200+calories.

Then it gets trickier when in comes to Milk and Sour milk for instance.


Milk is not usually a problem if you have 1 glass a day.

So what should you then drink to avoid unnecessary calories while being on a diet trying to lose-weight?.

Water is the obvious one that you should consume every day at least 4 glasses.

A glass of water.


Then the really good one is black coffee, black coffee has so many positive affects on to your health.

With so many HEALTH benefits in high quality black coffee we always recommend that our clients have at least two large cups a day.

We also have one runner up to Coffee that we also heavily recommend our clients to consume on a daily basis and that is Green Tea, green tea is like coffee it has so many great health benefits for your body, so just go ahead and have at least one cup a day.

Green tea.


So we like to say that very often the person trying to lose weight is sharp on their food intake, they do not overeat they stick to the calories we have agreed on.

But then there is the big bad wolf which is the fluid intake and we can not emphases enough on how important your fluid intake is.

And also how important the right type of fluid is to lose-weight which is the whole goal with the weight loss regime you are undertaking at the moment.

If we count that you have one drink a day and that is 200 calories.

Then you have one large normal soda which is another 300 calories.

On top of this you have one glass of OJ store bought filled with sugar, so now we have another 200 calories.

So this combines an added 700 calories that you do not need.

And when our goal from LWC is to have a -500 calories deficit each day so we can lose on an average 4-5 LBS a month, you see how these calories add up from your fluid intake.

The big problem with high calorie fluid intake is that it tends to make you also crave food, so usually you eat more when you drink fluid with sugar in it.

While if you are drinking water, coffee, green tea and maybe a glass of milk you have very little next to non in you calorie intake.

So here is what we recommend in detail for our weight-loss clients when it comes to their daily fluid intake.

No1: Two cups of coffee each day, preferably black but if you want to splash some milk in it, that is totally fine.

No2: One large glass of green tea.

No3: 4 large glasses of clean water, you can have some lemon or Ice cubs in it but water is an absolute must, for your well being.

No4: If you want ONE glass of diet Soda with your main meal sugar free like Pepsi max or Coca-cola zero for instance, we are okay with that.

No5: A glass of milk as a standalone if you do not use milk with your coffee.

So just be smart with your fluid intake, then you will be fine.

But we can say why people do not lose enough weight while dieting is that their fluid intake is all wrong.

As always if you want to read our full blueprint on weight-loss that over 1000+ people have used to reach their own weight goals then see the link here below.

Or if you are in need of online coaching you will find that in the link here below.

As always take care out there.

The LWC team family.