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Avoiding childhood obesity.

We have a major problem in the Western world today with childhood obesity.

And we are seeing it speeding also to the middle class of India and other parts of the developing countries around the world in 2021.

Childhood obesity is a problem that people usually have to live with for the rest of their lives.

Children playing with an Ipad.

We can see children as young as 18 months sitting with Ipads instead being out in the fresh air.

So even if technology is a great tool, it does not help with child and youth obesity in 2021.

So many parents ask us as personal trainers how they can get their kids to go out and play and exercise instead sitting home and playing LAN games with friends and people from around the world.

This is by no way easy to cut your children off from playing their computer and video games, since that is what most children and teenagers are doing these days.

We have made it very simple for our clients who are parents, and that is that we tell them to buy a used exercise bike from 50 bucks up to 200 bucks depending on quality, and they put that bike in the child’s room.

Exercise bike.

And for every 60 minutes that your child or youth plays video or computer games they need to give you 15min on the bike in-house period!.

So this means that if you child is playing 4h a day they have to bike for 1h.

This method is very effective, in the sense that you tell your child that these are the rules,if you want to play then you have to bike.

This way the conflict is avoided because you let the child play their video and computer games and in return they have no excuse to complain in this situation.

And always remember you are the parent and children need boundaries.

So do not be afraid to set boundaries in this so called quit pro quo.

When we talk about the kind of food sources you should have at  home when trying to avoid child obesity?.

Casein protein pudding.

Children like sweats and one easy way to let them eat something that is both healthy and taste good is to use protein powder with the slow release mechanism that Casein offers.

There is cookies and cream and double chocolate and many other great tastes out there, and the way you do this is by mixing the powder with less water compered to what you would use if you would drink it,make it thick and then put it into the refrigerator for 2-3h time and voila you can serve this instead of ice cream or candy.

Oatmeal with fruits.

Oatmeal is another great filler with some either frozen or fresh fruit, it keeps the child full for a long time and the fibers really help with digestions and keeping a healthy stomache going.

perfect meal
Chicken breast, walnuts, broccoli and carrots.


Potatoes, chicken breast, walnuts, broccoli and carrots is the way to go when it comes to dinner time.

If you let your child drink soda make sure it is the sugar free option, like Pepsi Max or Coca-cola light or similar.

And keep the soda consumption down to one mid size glas each day.

For snacks we go with protein shakes with low sugar content and maybe sour dough bread or fresh fuits as fillers for the fiber intake.

The one thing you can do is that if you see that your children keep going up in weight, start cutting the quick carbs and only keep the slow ones like oatmeal and potatoes.

Then once a week your children can have a fast food meal or a pizza that is totally fine, and why not on Fridays.

This way by keeping the fast food meals down to once a week, there is no debate about it.

All this food that have been listed in this article you can find at any Walmart and it is not expensive food.

If you take one 4lb protein powder purchase it is similar to buying 4 steaks, but you can eat and drink this powder for 2 weeks time, while the steaks will last you 4 days.

And avoiding childhood obesity is your job as a parent.

So for a parent it is easier to avoid making your child obese by not having bad stuff in the kitchen and in the refrigerator.

What is really important to remember is that you as the parent have to set boundaries for what you let your children eat and drink while they are living under your roof.

And also making sure that they exercise and the biking for playing time is one of those things that really seems to work well.

You can find out more about this in our children’s chapter in our Amazon kindle book


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So take care and stay strong in these challenging times.




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When should you not train?.

Often our clients asks us when do we know when we need additional rest?.

Often people train on a regular basis and they do no often listen enough to the bodies.


Listen to you body during training.

We know from experience because we have been doing this for so long with so many different types of clients, how you should listen to your body.



Often our bodies will tell us both from an internal standpoint to an external standpoint when we need that added rest.

Very often our bodies are experts in informing us what we really need, and we need to listen to those signals very carefully.

We as personal trainers have a few key rules that we follow to the letter, and those are that if our throat is sore then we do not do high pulse training or weight lifting of any type.

We just focus on getting enough sleep added C-vitamins and also getting 30min of fresh air into our bodies daily.


Also if you are on a weight cut at the time and you feel that you might have an infection of some sort, then rest.

And increase your calorie intake back to what you normally burn on a resting day.

So if you burn 2500 calories on a normal resting day and you are cutting  down to 2000 calories for weight-loss, then go back up to 2500 calories for the week just in case.

So training with high pulse will just makes things worse.

And often our clients asks why we are not as bad off as they are when they get a real cold, and the answer is quite simple actually and that is that we have learned to listen to our bodies as personal trainers early on and we make the necessary changes very early on, we do not wait for a 4-5 day period we do the necessary change the same day we feel a bit off!.

While other people who are not so Intune to their bodies train with an infection in their body and that makes just the infection worse.

So the simple rules for internal signs are soar throat or a runny or stuffy nose.

When it comes to external signs from your body like a stiff back or knees that are making noises, that could also be a sign of over training .

Then often stretching and walks and high rep training with lower weight to get the blood flowing true the muscles will be the cure for that type of external damages.

Usually it is quite hard to over train, but for certain body types the nervous system needs more time to recover after hard training sessions.

And the nervous system also affects the immune system in many different ways.

Increasing calorie intake.

Often when we see that clients are a bit off, we put them on more calorie intake and more proteins and vitamins for a 14 day period.

For some clients  7 days of rest will do the trick and for some it will be a 14 day period of rest.

Always feel welcome to visit our

Or check out our book at Amzon kindle if you do not have the resources to join us as a personal client.

Take care out there.

The LWC team.