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When should you not train?.

Often our clients asks us when do we know when we need additional rest?.

Often people train on a regular basis and they do no often listen enough to the bodies.


Listen to you body during training.

We know from experience because we have been doing this for so long with so many different types of clients, how you should listen to your body.



Often our bodies will tell us both from an internal standpoint to an external standpoint when we need that added rest.

Very often our bodies are experts in informing us what we really need, and we need to listen to those signals very carefully.

We as personal trainers have a few key rules that we follow to the letter, and those are that if our throat is sore then we do not do high pulse training or weight lifting of any type.

We just focus on getting enough sleep added C-vitamins and also getting 30min of fresh air into our bodies daily.


Also if you are on a weight cut at the time and you feel that you might have an infection of some sort, then rest.

And increase your calorie intake back to what you normally burn on a resting day.

So if you burn 2500 calories on a normal resting day and you are cutting  down to 2000 calories for weight-loss, then go back up to 2500 calories for the week just in case.

So training with high pulse will just makes things worse.

And often our clients asks why we are not as bad off as they are when they get a real cold, and the answer is quite simple actually and that is that we have learned to listen to our bodies as personal trainers early on and we make the necessary changes very early on, we do not wait for a 4-5 day period we do the necessary change the same day we feel a bit off!.

While other people who are not so Intune to their bodies train with an infection in their body and that makes just the infection worse.

So the simple rules for internal signs are soar throat or a runny or stuffy nose.

When it comes to external signs from your body like a stiff back or knees that are making noises, that could also be a sign of over training .

Then often stretching and walks and high rep training with lower weight to get the blood flowing true the muscles will be the cure for that type of external damages.

Usually it is quite hard to over train, but for certain body types the nervous system needs more time to recover after hard training sessions.

And the nervous system also affects the immune system in many different ways.

Increasing calorie intake.

Often when we see that clients are a bit off, we put them on more calorie intake and more proteins and vitamins for a 14 day period.

For some clients  7 days of rest will do the trick and for some it will be a 14 day period of rest.

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Take care out there.

The LWC team.

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