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So if the COVID-19 can bring anything good with it, then it has to be a wakening of people around the world to lose-weight and get in shape.

For instance over 40% of Americans are overweight , and that is almost 150 million people.

What we can clearly see is that people who are in better shape and not overweight are handling the COVID-19 infections much better compered to people who are overweight.

Forget the BMI since body mass index does not say a lot for people who are bigger (strong,well trained), but in general you should be able to go out and walk for 1-2 hours anytime you chose to without having to think, and without getting flustered while doing it.

So for you looking to lose weight and also maybe doing in in a cheap way then check out our book

(see the link below) and blueprint for how you can do it, without starving yourself in the process.

This is a lifestyle change that anybody can do, regardless of their age,race or gender.

So take care and be safe out there.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.
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