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Home training still in May?.

So guys it looks like there will be a need for home training still in May.

We will get the video up on Youtube for home training with lumber and rocks in May.

But what movements can you do at home.

So go for the basics, they are still the best ones to do with your own body-weight.

So push ups is king, do 200 push-ups twice a week, that will be enough for push ups.

Do 300 sit ups twice a week , fully controlled movement, do not put your hands behind you neck, place them at your chest instead.

Do 100 chins and 100 dips a week.

And then do back training with lifting something heavy with 30 reps twice a week.

For the legs do lunges 100 reps once a week.

If you want you can add 100 reps of bur-pees once a week.

Then get some fresh air and if possible walk one hour each day.

If you stick to this training regime you will be very well off, until our training centers will all open again in June?, hopefully.

Stay safe and take care.

The lose-weightcheap team.


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