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Working from home makes you fat!

So a good 22months into this global pandemic the one thing we as personal trainers can see is that working from home will make people fat!.


Having access to food and drinks almost 24/7 is not a good situation for many people as a whole.

So this is not an understatement when we say that

Working from home makes you fat!

People who struggle with overweight will eat and drink much more when they are working alone from the comforts of their own home, compared to when they had to work form their office.

But we have also seen that people who do did not have problems with overweight in the past have joined this group during the pandemic.

A lot of this can be comfort eating, that when the outside world looks grim, sitting at home eating and drinking provided a lot of people comfort.

And we have seen that also our clients alcohol intake have exploded during the pandemic.

Drinks with friends

Many have happy hour more than once a week online with their co-workers.

And this one is tricky, because you want to feel like part of the team, but if you are over-weight or trying to lose-weight the alcohol is a big no no!.

In general we have seen clients put on 20lbs in 2 years time on an average from the clients that are working from home.

And many do not want to address this issue, that being at home all day, means that you need to be a bit smarter than if you are leaving for work.

Easy access is always a problem for people, regardless of what it is that they have easy access to.

We can see that people have a big breakfast at 7.00 a clock then they have a snack at 10.00 am.

Then comes the lunch at 13.00 pm followed by a snack at 16.00 pm.

Then comes the dinner at 19.00 pm followed by a snack at 22 pm.


Also home delivery of fast food and pizzas have exploded during the pandemic.

So even home cooked meals have been put on the back burner for many who struggle with over-weight.

Now when we have listed the issues with working from home what is then the solution to this problem?.

It is quite simple actually.

You need to really dig deep and not buy home a lot of stuff that is not good for you.

And stop ordering food online.

When you get up in the morning skip the breakfast have a large cup of coffee or a large glass or cup of green tea.

Green tea.

Then go about your day.

Then at lunch prepare a proper meal like chicken breast and potatoes with veggies or a vegetarian option.

The plate here below is what we urge our clients to eat on a regular basis.

So we have chicken filled with protein, then we have proper potatoes with the peal still on for maximum nutrient intake.

Some broccoli and carrots with some walnuts to top it all off!.

This is a solid 500 calorie meal that will keep you full for a longer period of time.

Have a large glass of water and if you want you can have a smaller diet soda with this meal.


Then you dont have to snack on anything during the day.

Have a another cup of coffee and some lemon water or green tea for the rest of the work day.

If you feel the need to snack during the day, then carrots are a good option to snack on.

Then a trick that if you want to enjoy happy hour with your co-workers is that you buy home an non alcoholic beverage and you pour it into a glass.

You can say it is a gin and tonic, and it could be just a tonic!.

Nobody will know true a teams link if you are drinking alcohol or not.


Solid meal.

If you are a person who want your first meal to feel more like breakfast at lunch time then this type of meal would then be a good choice.

Oatmeal with sugar free blueberry soap, a freshly squeezed glass of OJ and a high quality bread slice.

Incredible breakfast.
Best breakfast.


So if you focus on eating in the right way even when working from home then you will be available to lose-weight if you control your calorie intake along the way.

 A few pointers is that you could start your morning by going out walking for a solid 1h prior to you starting your work day from home.

The second pointer is that invest in a good exercise bike for home use.

This way you can take 20min breaks here and there and bike while still being on the phone or listening into a meeting online.

Try and forget the easy access your have to food and drinks when working from home!.

It will benefit you in the long-run.

We offer high quality low priced online coaching and weight-loss management to clients world-wide.

You find it here in our shop,

If you feel that you can not afford that we have our blueprint program written down in our e-book at Amazon, see the link here,

Take care out there.

The LWC team.

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Merry Christmas to our clients and readers!.

Christmas dog.


So first of all we want to wish all of our clients and our readers a happy Christmas and a happy new year.

This year 2021 has been filled with challenges for us when it comes to indoor training due to the Covid-19 issues.

We have solved many of these difficult things by actually offering a lot of outdoor training possibilities.

During the spring and the summer it worked out very well, in the fall we had some weather issues.

But know again in the winter time we have been able to arrange the outdoor training for the once who need that.

Doing snow work is actually a really good workout form that we have our clients do.

We came up with the good idea now in December to collect some money for our local animal shelter by offering together with our clients to shuffle snow and also sanding customers drive ways and streets.

We did this for 3 weeks time, 3 days a week and we got 20+ clients to be involved with this.

Thank you all for your grit, the animal shelter really appreciated the donation.

So there are many ways you can be active outside the gym, if you put your mind to it.

We have seen all the reports from our local gyms on the Covid-19 spread and it has been low even during the delta.

The Omicron seems to be much worse.

So stay safe and train smart.

Thank you also to our online clients for this year 2021, we hope that you have been able to start making those difficult life changes towards a healthier life style.

Let us keep up the good work in 2022.

If you need online coaching you find our online trainers, by signing up true this link here.

And if you can not afford that we have our blueprint EBook for sale at Amazon true this link here below. 

Take care everybody.

The LWC team.

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Getting injured in the winter time.

So we have always said to all of our clients over the years that they need to be much more careful in the winter time.

So this only touches people who live in areas with a lot of snow and cold weather.

Very often people go out and run or walk without having warmed up their full body properly.

Shoulder and back.


What is very important to avoid issues with shoulders, lower-back or strained legs is to do a full 10 min warm up inside before you step outside into the cold.



Often you see that you have gotten snow on to your driveway or outside the house and you want to go and plow it to the side.

What very often happens is that you will create issues for your body and mainly then your shoulders and your lower back.

So the warm up and stretching should be made by starting to activate all muscle groups in your body prior to stepping outside.


If you can?, use an exercise bike for 10 min and do all kinds of body movement on top of that to open up your muscles.

Then you are ready to do some snow work outside.

If we talk about going out and running in the winter time you need to do the same warm up for that.

And also make sure that you have spike shoes on, that will you give you a safe grip on ice and snow.

Because the last thing you want to do is to injure yourself and be out of commission for a month healing up.

Gym training


When it comes to weight lifting or gym training, one mistake we have seen many of our clients do is that they skip a bit on the warm up in the gym.

And their body is still a bit cold and stiff if they come from the outside straight into our gym classes or our aerobic classes.

And then they strain a muscle or hurt themselves in the process.

So we are very big on if a client is late, we still want them to warm up properly so they do not end up hurting themselves.

One other thing is that lets say that you go out for a slow paced walk in the snow, and you think to yourself that i do not need to warm up for this,


i will walk in a very slow pace.

BUT, what you do not think about is that you can slip or your fall a bit and you might even remain in upright position but if your body parts are not warmed up you will end up hurting yourself in the process.

Also taking extra D-vitamin is super important to make sure that you get enough of this crucial vitamin in the winter time.

So in general we usually say that in the winter time you have to be extra careful with your warm up to avoid injuries that are snow or ice related.

We have added two new online trainers to our team, so if you need any online coaching training support you can sign up here true this link

If you can not afford online training we recommend that you pick up this eBook at Amazon that contains a lot of life changing weight-loss methods

Take care.

The LWC team.



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Why people do not lose enough weight?.

So a lot of client has over the past 20 years time learned the hard way that when you are trying to lose-weight, everything you consume in a day will count.

Very often the big bad Wolf that causes distress is the fluid intake with clients trying to lose-weight.


Soda is the bad one that we all know of, but there are so many other bad fluid intakes for people trying to lose-weight.

For instance OJ (Orange Juice) is a big issue for a lot of people, and they say hey this is very healthy for me.

Shot of Fresh Orange Juice in a Glass.


TWO glasses of OJ a day can be 300 calories and a whopping 30 grams of sugar.

OKAY if you use freshly squeezed OJ it is a different thing, but most people do not use that.

Drinks with friends.


Alcohol is a big no no, when trying to lose-weight and ONE drink can easily contain 200+calories.

Then it gets trickier when in comes to Milk and Sour milk for instance.


Milk is not usually a problem if you have 1 glass a day.

So what should you then drink to avoid unnecessary calories while being on a diet trying to lose-weight?.

Water is the obvious one that you should consume every day at least 4 glasses.

A glass of water.


Then the really good one is black coffee, black coffee has so many positive affects on to your health.

With so many HEALTH benefits in high quality black coffee we always recommend that our clients have at least two large cups a day.

We also have one runner up to Coffee that we also heavily recommend our clients to consume on a daily basis and that is Green Tea, green tea is like coffee it has so many great health benefits for your body, so just go ahead and have at least one cup a day.

Green tea.


So we like to say that very often the person trying to lose weight is sharp on their food intake, they do not overeat they stick to the calories we have agreed on.

But then there is the big bad wolf which is the fluid intake and we can not emphases enough on how important your fluid intake is.

And also how important the right type of fluid is to lose-weight which is the whole goal with the weight loss regime you are undertaking at the moment.

If we count that you have one drink a day and that is 200 calories.

Then you have one large normal soda which is another 300 calories.

On top of this you have one glass of OJ store bought filled with sugar, so now we have another 200 calories.

So this combines an added 700 calories that you do not need.

And when our goal from LWC is to have a -500 calories deficit each day so we can lose on an average 4-5 LBS a month, you see how these calories add up from your fluid intake.

The big problem with high calorie fluid intake is that it tends to make you also crave food, so usually you eat more when you drink fluid with sugar in it.

While if you are drinking water, coffee, green tea and maybe a glass of milk you have very little next to non in you calorie intake.

So here is what we recommend in detail for our weight-loss clients when it comes to their daily fluid intake.

No1: Two cups of coffee each day, preferably black but if you want to splash some milk in it, that is totally fine.

No2: One large glass of green tea.

No3: 4 large glasses of clean water, you can have some lemon or Ice cubs in it but water is an absolute must, for your well being.

No4: If you want ONE glass of diet Soda with your main meal sugar free like Pepsi max or Coca-cola zero for instance, we are okay with that.

No5: A glass of milk as a standalone if you do not use milk with your coffee.

So just be smart with your fluid intake, then you will be fine.

But we can say why people do not lose enough weight while dieting is that their fluid intake is all wrong.

As always if you want to read our full blueprint on weight-loss that over 1000+ people have used to reach their own weight goals then see the link here below.

Or if you are in need of online coaching you will find that in the link here below.

As always take care out there.

The LWC team family.

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When you hit a brick wall in your weight loss progress during the second year?.

So very often we meet clients who are not really exercising much at all, or eating right then the first year is a great ride for the client.

They lose a lot of weight and they feel upbeat and they are flying high.


Many of our clients starts out like this picture here above, they consume alcohol and sugary drinks in combination with the food pictured here below.

Burger MEAL


Then the clients switch over to protein shakes and they start eating healthy and exercising properly with our help of course.

perfect meal
Chicken breast, walnuts,broccoli
Personal trainer

Protein powder

So the first year is crazy good for most clients, and then the second year is where things starts to get ruff again.

Not for all clients many keep going forward without looking back.

But for some they become complacent and they start to skip personal training sessions and group training sessions.

Not to mention that clients starts to cheat on their nutrient intake and alcohol starts to show up in the picture again.

We usually warn our clients that they will hit that wall many of them in that second year.

The weight loss will not be as big as in the first year, and things starts to become boring again.

And all these old nasty habits starts to take over more and more.

The most important thing to do when you hit the so called brick wall in your weight loss progress is not to give in to the old habits but actually push true even harder.

So lets say that you have lost 80lbs , 36kg in the first year and then the second year goes slow.

Instead of gaining back 20lbs, 8 kgs rather try and lose another 20lbs, 8kgs that year.

The way you do that is to increase the amount of cardio by 45min a day.

So if you normally go out walk in the evening, then add 45min in the morning, this will make all the difference.

And if you feel that you want to let the alcohol back into your life again after the first year, then stick to ONE day a week not 2-3 days a week.

Hitting the brick wall is very common for people trying to lose-weight, when you have given it your all the first year and seen some amazing results and then the second year is much tougher both physically and also mentally on you.

But mustering true is the key, and it wont be that fun to get up 45min earlier to add that extra cardio walk each day, but keep the end result in mind.

As always if you want online coaching you can find that in the link here below.

And if you can not afford this, then you can always pick up our eBook on Amazon see the link here below.

If you ever have any questions on our blueprint program in the book please feel free to contact us and we will talk you true it all and also back it up with our long time experience.

As always stay safe and take care.

The LWC team.



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Regarding the facts in our book at Amazon kindle.

So there has been some feedback from our readers from Amazon Kindle regarding our book from LWC.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.


This book contains the full weight-loss program that we use for most of our clients.

Of course when you are either a physical or online client and we spend some time with you, we can make changes also to fit your every need!.

But for people that can not afford personal training or coaching this book will cover what they need to know, both when it comes to losing weight but also to make sure they do not put the weight it on again.

We have no problem with people having an opinion on the book, or the way it has been written.

BUT all the facts in the book have all been fact checked by medical researchers from two different top Swedish universities.

We have had a cooperation with them for over 16 years time, because we have had several thousand clients that have been actively involved in clinical studies.

The reason universities wanted to work with LWC is that we have access to clients who have issues and weight issues in a larger scale than the average population.

We also have had two dietitians with 47 years of combined experience going over our book content, and they have both approved of all the methods that we are using.

Including one from Cedars-sinai medical center in LA.



So if you have bought our book from Amazon kindle and you feel that you do not agree with something in the book, send us an email and we will send you the clinical studies on that topic to prove to you as a reader that we have done our homework.

The link to the book is here below.

Then some people might feel that some of our methods are controversial.

This might be the case, but it has worked for our clients 5000+ over the past 20 years time, so we have to stick to what we know works well on our clients.

Cheap meal.


Our program is developed for people that does not have access to a lot of money.

We can understand that if you are an experienced person in the training industry this is nothing new to you, maybe you will take away a few pointers from the book.

But think about the single mother of 3 making 15 dollars an hour, who will help here out with her and her kids weight problems.

So this is the whole reason why we launched the book in the first place to help these people in need!.

So we are kindly asking everybody who wants to leave a review on our book at Amazon, please do not say that the facts are not accurate, because they truly are and we can back this up with clinical studies among other.

We would never risk our reputation dating back 20+ years to put something into a book that we can not back up with real evidence.

You can always reach out to us true one of our contact forms and we will provide you with the information you are wondering about when you have read our book.

Thank you in advance.

Rick and the LWC team.


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How to cure a fall depression?.

So many people suffer from what is called a fall depression that starts to set in in the end of September.

Falling leaves.


There is a few factors behind this depression type, but mainly it is that the days are getting shorter and people that usually get depressed in the fall, continues to get depressed every year.

So the answer is that the decreased amount of sunlight can cause a drop in serotonin levels.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter a so called brain chemical.

1/4 of our clients gets this fall and winter depression each year.

We have tackled this in many different ways, but one way that we use is that we try and get our clients outside during the days, and we recommend them all to go outside and take a walk 45-1h on their lunch break.

The second thing we recommend is to try and use the weekends as a charging time by also spending us much time as possible outside to get that daylight in.

Animal support.


The third thing that we recommend is to spend extra time with your pets to lower your cortisol levels by hugging and cuddling with them as much as possible.

Another thing that can work is to try and increase your D-vitamin levels by adding some extra Vitamin-D to your daily supplement intake.

Some people suffer a lot from fall depression and in these cases another thing that can work is to try and get some light therapy from a facility that offers that.

Fall depression.


So the most important thing is to move your body as much as possible outside, so walking, running or taking a bike ride are all great things to spend time on in the fall.

Sometimes you can just take a good book with you and go to the park and spend a few hours on a bench reading for instance.

If you or a loved one is suffering from fall depression then try these things out, for our clients they have worked well.

Over time as personal trainers you know which clients enjoy the fall and the changing of seasons, and which client hate the same.

So the few keys to fighting off the fall depression are to spend time outside in the day, spend additional time with your pets and increase your vitamin-D intake.

Hopefully you learned something today from this article on how to cure a fall depression.

If you want to learn more we highly recommend that you pick up this book at Amazon, see the link here below.

And if you need personal online training take the time to check out our shop in the link below.

Take care out there.

The LWC team.

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Finding the right personal trainer for you!.

Finding the right personal trainer for you, is always a big challenge when you are looking for a personal trainer to help you reach your health goals.

Because personal training is an investment into your future, and is not free, you really need to make some time to test different trainers out.

Personal trainer.


The way i recommend you to move forward with finding the right fit for you is to sit down for a few hours and go over your own personality and put it down on a piece of paper.

Are you a client who demands a lot of pushing on the borderline of almost screaming at you to get things done, or are you a person who responds better to a calm down to earth type of personal trainer?.

Having had over 70 trainers under my belt as a (coach master trainer) i am fully aware of the different trainer types out there.

So for a younger male client who is looking to lose-weight and build muscle i will put a male trainer with the male client and vice versa when it comes to a female client.

This way they the client will feed of that young and hungry energy from the trainer.


I will not put a young trainer in with a client who has severe overweight issues or are borderline obese.

And has more likely than not also type 2 diabetes and other health issues to deal with.

In these cases i want a personal trainer over 35 years of age at least.

And in most cases i want the trainer to be specialized in high risk clients.

The older you are the wiser you are when it comes to fighting obesity and overweight as a trainer.

So as a personal training brand/company we have always been a boutique firm with an average of 7-9 personal trainers at one time.

So for this reason i have been able to work PRO-BONO myself with the most difficult cases and then i have handed off the more normal clients to our younger trainers.

One of the ways you find the right trainer for you will often be to test out a few different ones, and then do not settle for one unless you look forward to seeing that trainer once or twice a week!.

I offer almost all of our clients to train the first few sessions with different trainers to see if they like one better over the other.



Then you also have to be very honest with your personal trainer regarding your old injuries so they can make a proper plan for your training sessions going forward.

If i know that i have a client with a bad shoulder i am not goanna do a program that contains chins or shoulder presses with free weights for instance.

I will make a plan to train the shoulder if that is possible to make the shoulder improve, but injuring your client because you do not know their previous medical history is a bad idea to start with.

Then we all have bad days and everybody in the service industry knows that dealing with difficult clients is part of the job descriptions and you just have to deal with it.

When i train new recruits that comes in to work for the LWC with real life or online clients, i have a role play day where i will insult them both verbally online and in real life.

This way i teach them coping skills for difficult clients, so they are not caught off-guard when a clients goes off on them in a training  environment.

You have to remember that helping people lose-weight is not that easy, and many clients are frustrated having to work so hard to reach their end goals.

On the other hand if you feel as a personal trainer that your client does not respect you, then you should pull the plug on that relationship.

As a platinum trainer i have had a lot of high profiled customers and many of them have been some what demanding to say the least.



I had once a CEO of a 2500+ person company who had very bad mood swings, and when i was training him he could get these horrible outburst and just shout profanities at me as his trainer.

After a few sessions of this abuse i sat him down and i told him that this is not working out, you do not respect the work i am putting into you as a client.

And i advised him to find a new trainer, he was shocked he was not used to be told off in way like this!.

The funny thing was that 48 hours later i received the biggest and most expensive gift basket that i have ever received in my life.

The value was over 4000 dollars, and an apology note saying sorry for losing my temper are we okay?.

And we had a good relationship after this incident for another 3 years until he was re-located to Singapore from Europe.

So this goes to show that putting your foot down, even with high profile clients can be a good idea.

The outcome is not always this good, but as a personal trainer you have to learn on how to communicate well with your clients.

The most important thing to reach the your personal health goals is to find the right type of personal trainer for you!.

So make sure to shop around until you are fully satiesfied, it will serve you well in the long-run.

And as always if you can not afford personal training in person you are welcome to join as an online client true this link here below and we will take good care of you.

And if you can not afford personal training, you can always opt for our blueprint book from Amazon and this will help you a lot along your way towards a healthier lifestyle.

Take care out there.

Rick and the LWC team.



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There is no medication for weight-loss worth taking.

So this question we get a lot from our readers and our clients about either over the counter drugs or prescription drugs for weight loss.

Do they exist and do they work?.

Weight-loss pills.


So yes the over the counter and prescription drugs for weight-loss due exist and they do not work, this is just a cold hard fact!.

Because let me tell you that if there was a drug out there in the market that would drastically help you lose-weight, that company would be one for the biggest in the world today.

So the fact that there is no such company tells us all we really need to know, but lets explore this a bit further and i will explain the issues with these drugs for you.

So there are drugs out there that will help you with your thyroid hormone issues, but they do not necessary help you lose-weight, they will help you not to gain additional weight because of your non functional levels of the thyroid hormone.

Healthy food.


So food and exercise is goanna still in 2021 be the thing you need to focus on to lose-weight.

We have said that our program from the LWC is a lifestyle changer and this is the reason we released the book on Amazon in 2019 to give everybody out there struggling with over-weight and obesity, a complete blueprint to how you make that lifestyle change work for you!.

And also how you make it in a safe manner.

There is also a big problem with pills and prescription weight-loss drugs that they only need to show that they are slightly better than the placebo to get approved.

This is very bad, because if you show that a pill will stress your body to burn 10% more fat than you would do with out taking the pill, then you have (officially an efficient weight-loss drug on the market).


So you get much more weight-loss over time by using vitamin-D and Omega3 for weight-loss purposes, than using an expensive drug.

Have you ever read the label on any prescription drug and what side affects you might get from the drug.

This reading is just outright scary to read the labels of all the side affects.

It starts from headaches to chest cramps, nausea to even more severe side affects there all there, you name it.

After having had more than 100+ clients over the years that has been on weight-loss medication, we can for sure say that it is not worth the money or the risk of the side affects.

So the simple answer is that weight-loss medication puts your body at risk, by stressing your body out.

And making a lifestyle change from sugar and fast-carbs towards high quality protein, fat and carb sources will do the trick every time.

perfect meal
Chicken breast, walnuts, broccoli


In combination with moderate training like walking 10.000 steps a day and using an exercise bike you will see great results within months, without expensive fatbruners and drugs that will stress out your body’s own system.

So there are no short cuts, would it not be great if we all could take a magical pill that would help us lose 5lbs a months?.

But since that is science fiction we need to stick to the routine that actually works.

Never trust pharmaceutical companies when it comes to research on weight-loss medication.

Because we know first hand on how little it take to move the needle in clinical studies to show great results and that is very often not the real truth about a drug.

Cortisol level medication.

Actually spending time with a pet, (cat or a dog) for instance will lower your stress hormone Cortisol by up to 40%, and that is really a weight-loss drug we can recommend to every-body with zero side affects.

So if you suffer from over-weight or obesity avoid at all cost prescription drugs, much rather opt for a complete lifestyle change with food and exercise.


So if you are very over-weight or obese, you have to be very careful in the beginning when you start exercising to make sure that your body is not putting to much pressure on your knees and lower back.

So we recommend all of our clients to walk, use an exercise bike and if you have access to a swimming facility ,opt for these 3 training methods.



The gym training you can begin a few months in, after you started walking, biking and swimming and really moving your body in a safe way to avoid over-training symptoms and injuries.

So moving your body at all times is very important for weight-loss.

So even if you can only walk 1000 steps in the beginning at each session, start with that and increase the step amount every week.

We are here to help you on your journey, so feel free to check out our highly recommended book on Amazon see the link below

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Raise your kids in the right way.


  Raise your kids in the right way when it comes to dealing with food and exercise.

If there is one question that our clients that are parents keeps asking us trainers all the time, then it is that how do i raise my kids in the right way when it comes to food and exercise?.

There is one big elephant in the room at all times when it comes to children and our youth these days and that is the computer games.

kids playing computer games.

There are currently in almost all households the same conversation going on, and that is why the kids are playing for so many hours each day these games.

So let us back up a little bit, let us say 20 years ago there was a lot of games that hit the market with the aim to make children play them for a hours on end.

They where designed like slot machines in casinos to make children hooked on them from the get go.

And that is exactly what did happen!.

Then for every year that has gone by the games gets better in pulling kids in to that other reality.

And with all the extra gear that has come along like head-phones with built in microphones so players can chat with others players and also all the comfortable chairs for 12 h sessions, it gets harder and harder for parents.

So as a parent you brought these computers into the household so you are also now responsible to make sure that your kids play responsibly.

We introduced at LWC already 5 years ago a strategy to get your kids moving around and training in-between gaming  sessions.

And that was the exercise bike that was in the living room, so the kid had to leave the their room and their gaming chair.

Exercise bike.

We introduced 15 min on the bike for every 1h the kids play without any exception.

And it has worked tremendously well on our clients children for over 5 years now.

The kids know that they get to play, but they also have to bike 15min for every hour you get on the computer.

And this is very good because you teach your children that there is a price to pay for that gaming time.

This is then never a debate with your kids, you lay down the ground rules and if they do not follow them you remove the computer for 24h.

And they will pick up pretty quick.

Kids are like dogs in many way you have to lay down the ground rules in a civilized manner and teach and educate them along the way with love.

If you do that and you follow true with all this you will have healthy and well mannered kids and dogs, and not overweight kids or overweight dogs.

Dog and a child.

Then this regime is for weekdays, on the weekends you should remove the computer all together from Friday evening to Sunday night.

Lock it up in a closet with a lock on the closet or a screen lock program with a password.

And then make sure you spend some time with your kids outside in the fresh air during the weekend.

You can walk to the park and have an ice-cream and do some ball throwing or what ever floats your boat.

It is very important that children spend some time outside each day, at least 30 min on weekdays and at least 4 h during the weekend.

So if you follow these simple steps when it comes to activating your children , then you avoid the childhood obesity and a drained young brain.

ONE more thing that is very important to remember is this, many kids play during the night when their parents are at sleep.

Kids usually also play during the night when their parents are a sleep and this is a big hurdle in many families

What we need to remember is that children needs around 8h of sleep each night and if they play true half the night and only sleep 4h then their brain health is goanna suffer a lot.

What we do know for sure is that childrens mental health and brain health is suffering from lack of sleep.

locking the computer


What you can do is that you install an autolock software with password onto the computer, so it will automatically lock it down from say 21.00 a clock to 07.00 a clock.

If your kids are playing on their phones then remove those also at 21.00 a clock.

Once again let us remind you as parents that you are the parents and your job is to raise your childrens to the best of your abilities.

If you follow these simple steps with your kids you avoid a lot of health issues and also a lot of fighting at home.

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Take care out there.

The LWC team.