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Getting injured in the winter time.

So we have always said to all of our clients over the years that they need to be much more careful in the winter time.

So this only touches people who live in areas with a lot of snow and cold weather.

Very often people go out and run or walk without having warmed up their full body properly.

Shoulder and back.


What is very important to avoid issues with shoulders, lower-back or strained legs is to do a full 10 min warm up inside before you step outside into the cold.



Often you see that you have gotten snow on to your driveway or outside the house and you want to go and plow it to the side.

What very often happens is that you will create issues for your body and mainly then your shoulders and your lower back.

So the warm up and stretching should be made by starting to activate all muscle groups in your body prior to stepping outside.


If you can?, use an exercise bike for 10 min and do all kinds of body movement on top of that to open up your muscles.

Then you are ready to do some snow work outside.

If we talk about going out and running in the winter time you need to do the same warm up for that.

And also make sure that you have spike shoes on, that will you give you a safe grip on ice and snow.

Because the last thing you want to do is to injure yourself and be out of commission for a month healing up.

Gym training


When it comes to weight lifting or gym training, one mistake we have seen many of our clients do is that they skip a bit on the warm up in the gym.

And their body is still a bit cold and stiff if they come from the outside straight into our gym classes or our aerobic classes.

And then they strain a muscle or hurt themselves in the process.

So we are very big on if a client is late, we still want them to warm up properly so they do not end up hurting themselves.

One other thing is that lets say that you go out for a slow paced walk in the snow, and you think to yourself that i do not need to warm up for this,


i will walk in a very slow pace.

BUT, what you do not think about is that you can slip or your fall a bit and you might even remain in upright position but if your body parts are not warmed up you will end up hurting yourself in the process.

Also taking extra D-vitamin is super important to make sure that you get enough of this crucial vitamin in the winter time.

So in general we usually say that in the winter time you have to be extra careful with your warm up to avoid injuries that are snow or ice related.

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Take care.

The LWC team.



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