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There is no medication for weight-loss worth taking.

So this question we get a lot from our readers and our clients about either over the counter drugs or prescription drugs for weight loss.

Do they exist and do they work?.

Weight-loss pills.


So yes the over the counter and prescription drugs for weight-loss due exist and they do not work, this is just a cold hard fact!.

Because let me tell you that if there was a drug out there in the market that would drastically help you lose-weight, that company would be one for the biggest in the world today.

So the fact that there is no such company tells us all we really need to know, but lets explore this a bit further and i will explain the issues with these drugs for you.

So there are drugs out there that will help you with your thyroid hormone issues, but they do not necessary help you lose-weight, they will help you not to gain additional weight because of your non functional levels of the thyroid hormone.

Healthy food.


So food and exercise is goanna still in 2021 be the thing you need to focus on to lose-weight.

We have said that our program from the LWC is a lifestyle changer and this is the reason we released the book on Amazon in 2019 to give everybody out there struggling with over-weight and obesity, a complete blueprint to how you make that lifestyle change work for you!.

And also how you make it in a safe manner.

There is also a big problem with pills and prescription weight-loss drugs that they only need to show that they are slightly better than the placebo to get approved.

This is very bad, because if you show that a pill will stress your body to burn 10% more fat than you would do with out taking the pill, then you have (officially an efficient weight-loss drug on the market).


So you get much more weight-loss over time by using vitamin-D and Omega3 for weight-loss purposes, than using an expensive drug.

Have you ever read the label on any prescription drug and what side affects you might get from the drug.

This reading is just outright scary to read the labels of all the side affects.

It starts from headaches to chest cramps, nausea to even more severe side affects there all there, you name it.

After having had more than 100+ clients over the years that has been on weight-loss medication, we can for sure say that it is not worth the money or the risk of the side affects.

So the simple answer is that weight-loss medication puts your body at risk, by stressing your body out.

And making a lifestyle change from sugar and fast-carbs towards high quality protein, fat and carb sources will do the trick every time.

perfect meal
Chicken breast, walnuts, broccoli


In combination with moderate training like walking 10.000 steps a day and using an exercise bike you will see great results within months, without expensive fatbruners and drugs that will stress out your body’s own system.

So there are no short cuts, would it not be great if we all could take a magical pill that would help us lose 5lbs a months?.

But since that is science fiction we need to stick to the routine that actually works.

Never trust pharmaceutical companies when it comes to research on weight-loss medication.

Because we know first hand on how little it take to move the needle in clinical studies to show great results and that is very often not the real truth about a drug.

Cortisol level medication.

Actually spending time with a pet, (cat or a dog) for instance will lower your stress hormone Cortisol by up to 40%, and that is really a weight-loss drug we can recommend to every-body with zero side affects.

So if you suffer from over-weight or obesity avoid at all cost prescription drugs, much rather opt for a complete lifestyle change with food and exercise.


So if you are very over-weight or obese, you have to be very careful in the beginning when you start exercising to make sure that your body is not putting to much pressure on your knees and lower back.

So we recommend all of our clients to walk, use an exercise bike and if you have access to a swimming facility ,opt for these 3 training methods.



The gym training you can begin a few months in, after you started walking, biking and swimming and really moving your body in a safe way to avoid over-training symptoms and injuries.

So moving your body at all times is very important for weight-loss.

So even if you can only walk 1000 steps in the beginning at each session, start with that and increase the step amount every week.

We are here to help you on your journey, so feel free to check out our highly recommended book on Amazon see the link below

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