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Raise your kids in the right way.


  Raise your kids in the right way when it comes to dealing with food and exercise.

If there is one question that our clients that are parents keeps asking us trainers all the time, then it is that how do i raise my kids in the right way when it comes to food and exercise?.

There is one big elephant in the room at all times when it comes to children and our youth these days and that is the computer games.

kids playing computer games.

There are currently in almost all households the same conversation going on, and that is why the kids are playing for so many hours each day these games.

So let us back up a little bit, let us say 20 years ago there was a lot of games that hit the market with the aim to make children play them for a hours on end.

They where designed like slot machines in casinos to make children hooked on them from the get go.

And that is exactly what did happen!.

Then for every year that has gone by the games gets better in pulling kids in to that other reality.

And with all the extra gear that has come along like head-phones with built in microphones so players can chat with others players and also all the comfortable chairs for 12 h sessions, it gets harder and harder for parents.

So as a parent you brought these computers into the household so you are also now responsible to make sure that your kids play responsibly.

We introduced at LWC already 5 years ago a strategy to get your kids moving around and training in-between gaming  sessions.

And that was the exercise bike that was in the living room, so the kid had to leave the their room and their gaming chair.

Exercise bike.

We introduced 15 min on the bike for every 1h the kids play without any exception.

And it has worked tremendously well on our clients children for over 5 years now.

The kids know that they get to play, but they also have to bike 15min for every hour you get on the computer.

And this is very good because you teach your children that there is a price to pay for that gaming time.

This is then never a debate with your kids, you lay down the ground rules and if they do not follow them you remove the computer for 24h.

And they will pick up pretty quick.

Kids are like dogs in many way you have to lay down the ground rules in a civilized manner and teach and educate them along the way with love.

If you do that and you follow true with all this you will have healthy and well mannered kids and dogs, and not overweight kids or overweight dogs.

Dog and a child.

Then this regime is for weekdays, on the weekends you should remove the computer all together from Friday evening to Sunday night.

Lock it up in a closet with a lock on the closet or a screen lock program with a password.

And then make sure you spend some time with your kids outside in the fresh air during the weekend.

You can walk to the park and have an ice-cream and do some ball throwing or what ever floats your boat.

It is very important that children spend some time outside each day, at least 30 min on weekdays and at least 4 h during the weekend.

So if you follow these simple steps when it comes to activating your children , then you avoid the childhood obesity and a drained young brain.

ONE more thing that is very important to remember is this, many kids play during the night when their parents are at sleep.

Kids usually also play during the night when their parents are a sleep and this is a big hurdle in many families

What we need to remember is that children needs around 8h of sleep each night and if they play true half the night and only sleep 4h then their brain health is goanna suffer a lot.

What we do know for sure is that childrens mental health and brain health is suffering from lack of sleep.

locking the computer


What you can do is that you install an autolock software with password onto the computer, so it will automatically lock it down from say 21.00 a clock to 07.00 a clock.

If your kids are playing on their phones then remove those also at 21.00 a clock.

Once again let us remind you as parents that you are the parents and your job is to raise your childrens to the best of your abilities.

If you follow these simple steps with your kids you avoid a lot of health issues and also a lot of fighting at home.

If you need a blue print book that also contains a childrens chapter, then check out our book see the link here below.

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Take care out there.

The LWC team.

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