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80% of weight-loss is mental!.

So 80% of weight-loss in mental and 20% is about the work you put in exercise wise.

Many people who are obese or heavily over-weight have the same thing in common, they started on the wrong path and they can not seem to find their way back onto to the right path.

And breaking the cycle is very important but also very difficult.

Fast food meal.

Very often fast food is the weight devil in most over-weight peoples lives.

And it is very easy to get into a bad daily routine for either lunch, dinner or for some people both.

Let us say that you go out to lunch to a McDonald’s and you have the supersized meal.

Then you go back to work for another 6 hours and then you on your way back home stop at Burger kings for your dinner.

This is more common that people might think.

Because it is so easy to use a drive in for your lunch and for your dinner, when the options are so many in your community.

What is very often scary as personal trainers to see is that where their is a grocery store food desert there are many fast food options to choose from. 

So to be able to break this nasty cycle of consuming fast food on a daily basis, there is just one thing you can do.

You have to start cooking at home and bringing a healthy lunch with you to work and eating at home when you get home.

If you need to drive another route to work to avoid seeing the temptation of all the different fast-food options, then by all means do so.

perfect meal
Chicken breast, walnuts, broccoli.


Cocking a meal at home like this takes less than 30minutes for you, and you can cook so you can also bring some with you for tomorrows lunch.

Very often once a client stops eating fast food for a year and starts to cook at home, the weight-loss is tremendous to see as an outsider.

We also know that there are things in fast foods that makes you addicted to them so for some people you might have to remove yourself into a cabin for 14 days to get rid of that physical addition you have towards fast food.

One client of ours lost 43 lbs in one year, by just changing from fast food to home cocked meals that keeps you full longer and which also contains much less calories.

Let us say that you eat a fast food lunch containing 1200 calories at a fast food restaurant or you bring a home cocked lunch with you to work that contains 500 calories.

So here you saved 3 dollars on cost, and you saved 700 calories in the process and you feel much fuller for a longer period of time!.

Then for dinner instead of having a pizza, you cook some salmon or a steak for dinner, you will save another 500 calories in the process.


So it all adds up calorie wise when we talk about weight-loss.

So doing the work, walking at least 10.000 steps a day is all good, but if you are not mentally strong or mentally ready to change your calorie intake and what kind of calories you consume the weight loss project is going nowhere.

Casein protein powder.

If you suffer from low blood sugar and you are constantly hungry ,using Casein protein as a snack is a very good idea.

So when we talk about mental strength and it being 80% of your weight-loss process, then this is what we talk about with clients.

So cutting all fast food out for a 12month period is the way to go, you cook at home and you bring a lunch box with you to work.

Then as we mentioned before to you on many occasions the bigger sugar bomb and a huge stumbling block for your weight-loss is yuor the alcohol intake, that should also be zero for one year.



So these are the a few things to keep in mind when you are trying to lose-weight.

Drop the fast food and alcohol for one year and start to cook at home, a lot of things health wise and mentally will start to get better for you.

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And if you can not afford online personal training, you are welcome to check out our book at Amazon that lays out the blueprint to our online program, for less than a supersized fast food meal.

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Take care out there.

The LWC team.




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