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Hi, Guys, here comes a testimonial from a couple in San Francisco that have been clients for over 9 months time.

Hi am a Jeff and my wife is Sue, and we have been living in San Francisco for a good 10 years now.

I work as a software engineer and my wife works as an office assistant.

We all originally from St.Paul Minnesota and we are in our late 30s .

We have long working days and in the past we have basically gone from work to eat a heavy meal of salt,sugar and carbs and then we just crashed at home, during the evening and then the week days has been on repet from there.

Neither me or Sue have ever really liked going to the gym and that has been a life long problem for us that we have both been on the heavier side, not obese but absolutely overweight.

We have tried different personal trainers in the San Fran area, and even if they have been good, we just lacked the emotional ability to commit to 3-4 gym sessions each week.

Also we both have some back and knee issues that are absolutely work related (sitting to much during the day) and not exercising enough related.

By chance in March 2019 i saw an add on a forum, saying why dont you try this Scandinavian weight loss formula, and it peeked my interest.

Since the subscription pay was a very low introduction offer for the first year, i said to myself why not give it a go!.

Both me and Sue can honestly say that our lives have been completely transformed by Rick and the lose-weightcheap team.

We started the first month on the intermittent fasting program that is recommended in the book lose-weightcheap at sale at Amazon today.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.

So you dont have to use the intermittent fasting program, but we chose to start on that and we eat all of our meals under an 8 h window and then we fast for 16h.

Also since we changed out store bought fancy coffee into our own high quality home brewed Swedish coffee(very high quality) less than 8 dollars a pound, we have lowered our sugar intake by a lot.

In the past we had 2-3 store bought fancy coffees filled with cream and sugar on a daily basis.

The second thing is that we now cook at home instead of eating out on week days.

So we cook chicken breast and potatoes and we season them with some good herbs and we make green salads and also eat the recommended fruits and veggies from the program.

Another big thing is that we have started on is that we drink Casein protein shakes twice a day with meals so we make sure that we keep our protein levels very high during our feeding window.

We have also taken up walking, the 1 hour a day which is the core training in this program , we have opted to do so, and also add a bit by 45 min in the morning and then 45 min in the evening.

We also got a dog from the pound here a smaller type of terrier but who loves to go on the walks.

And then we have no excuses when we need to take Brian out for the walks in the morning and in the evening, regardless of the weather.

Also we only have to visit the gym once a week and we have opted as in the program to go on Saturday mornings when we are off from work.

We do the 75 min full-body program and we have started to accept it, as a Saturday routine.

We still dont enjoy the gym training and we never will, but we can accept it for one session a week.

We are also now in January 2020 thinking of starting taking some Kick-boxing classes for one or two sessions a week.

Both me and Sue has lost around 20 lbs and we still have more to go, but it is great to see the progress that we have made in our 9 months time as clients to lose-weightcheap.

The main thingĀ  that we feel has been a great reward for us has been that we can lose this weight on our own terms, we know that it can take up to 24 months time, and it is not a quick fix.

But it actually is a turnaround from a bad life style into a healthier lifestyle.

We have really been enjoying more energy every day and we just dont crash on the couch when we return home from work.

Getting a dog was also a dream come true for us, and in the past due to our long working hours, we have not been able to adopt one, but actually Rick found us a dog sitter/walker that comes by once a day for 1.5 h and takes Brian out and also plays with him for awhile.

And then we feel safe that we dont leave him home alone more than the recommended 6 hours.

Both me and Sue have around 10-12 h work days from when we leave home and come back.

So it varies from day to day, that is why the dog walker/sitter is a really good idea.

We have been able to use the tools from the book, but we also get weekly support online from the lose-weightcheap team, and it is so important for us that have always had some issues with sticking to a weight loss program, that somebody checks in with us weekly.

But for the first time me and Sue really feel that we can stick to a program on our own terms, and we dont foresee as giving up on this lifestyle change ever period!.

Because we feel so much stronger and so much healthier even if we have only done this for 9 months time.

We really wonder how we will feel after another 9 months, on this program.

So we can both say that this program has been a life changer for us, since we started on it.

And most of this program is just plain and simple common sense, but they are intertwined together in a way that makes it easy to commit to them and also follow the instruction over a longer periods of time.

There are some really smart solutions in this weight loss program that once you get that AHA feeling, this is how i should do this, why did i not think about this sooner.

So our recommendation is that if you can not afford the online training program, at least you should pick up the book at Amzon, and start with that.

We can guarantee you that this program will change your life.


Jeff and Sue from Nob hill.

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