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Why we dont show six packs and big biceps on our site!.

So let us just run true this one more time, about who we are and what we actually do at

So we are a company that has worked for almost 20 years time with private clients wanting to lose-weight and that how we have developed this Scandinavian weight loss method.

And we have also developed it for all ages and all tax brackets.

So even if you work for minimum wage you can follow this diet/program.

We understand that the 6 pack and big biceps sells online.

But we also know that 99.99% of our clients are not gonna build big biceps or a six pack.

They want to lose-weight and become healthier so they can enjoy a better quality of life.

We are not gonna talk smack about others, but when we see ads from companies where people are flexing big muscles and a sizzled six pack, we know that there are in 99.99% of the cases steroid use involved.

We would like to say that we can see when somebody is juicing , the muscles looks different, more toned for most people.

And here you can see how much the winstrol does on the cut to get that ripped body.

We are not gonna judge anybody.

But this is not what we do and this is not our business model.

Our business model is for people who only wants to go to the gym once a week and maybe take a martial arts class on top of that each week.

But who are willing to do the work by sticking to our food and beverage program and also make the mandatory 1 hour daily walk!.

So this is why we dont make the lose-weightcheap program out to be a picture competition, we want every client to feel safe with us and our coaching, and that we work around your needs.

And we are not trying to give you an illusion that you can not live up to or maintain over a longer period of time!.

So when people ask us , why we dont use the normal big muscles and ripped six packs in our advertising material, is just for this reason, it is not what we do.

We want you healthy and we want you in good shape and also we want you to be able to maintain that for the rest of your life.

So we are not a quick fix, we like to say that at least 2 years of commitment is needed for this program.

Thank you for reading.

Rick and the lose-weightcheap team!.

The Scandinavain weight loss formula that actually works.



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