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Kickboxing is king!.

Kickboxing is king when you are trying to lose-weight.

So when you are trying to lose-weight always make sure that you also choose one martial arts form that will give you that great cardio and coordination training.

All of our personal training clients are always choosing between Kick-boxing or Thai-boxing when they train with us at LWC.

We have seen the benefits first hand when our clients that has a low self-esteem to begin with starts to train martial arts and they get that extra pep in their step so to speak.

The main reason why we always recommend to start with kickboxing or Thai boxing is because these two art forms gives the first timers the best chance to really feel that they get from point A- to point B as fast as possible.

Many other martial arts forms require good stamina and good hand eye coordination from the start.

While Kickboxing and Thai boxing allows the newcomer to quickly start hitting mites and bags and it proves to the client that progress is happening every time they show up for training.

Also when we talk MMA that is a martial arts form that requires you to be fit from the start to avoid injuries that easily happen in the octagon or on the math’s even when there is no intention to hurt each other.

So for that reason we like to say that,

Kickboxing is king

But we respect all martial arts forms, we have just found that in our line of business Kickboxing is king.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.


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Take care guys.

Rick and the LWC team.

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Summer bodies.

We have had this conversation with all of our private personal training clients starting already in March of 2023 that if you want the summer body of your dreams you can have it!.

But that would require a lot of work from your end!.

The summer body is different for a lot of our clients, some have been afraid to use a T-shirt in the past and now they can go around with a T-shirt in the summer of 2023.

Some want to go around in a bikini for the first time in many year in the summer of 2023.


In the summer we have always advised our clients to go and swim every day for at least 1hour.

It cools your body off and it gives you a great all around body workout.

If you have been following us for a few years time you know that we have talked about swimming in the past that it does not burn the same amount of calories as biking does for instance.

But it is not a bad training method in any shape way or form!.

We want you to feel good about your progress so far even in the summertime, but we also want you to continue with your work progress towards losing that weight and focusing on your own body, and not look so much around you on how other people look like.

You do you!.

Everybody starts off in different places and for that reason it is very difficult to say what summer workouts suits your own schedule.

For our most motivated clients we have put them on a 3 session a day workout schedule for the summer.

We start off in the moring when they wake up they go to the gym, they take a BCAA drink and a cup of black coffee and they are off to a 60-75 min gym session.

Personal trainer.

Then in the afternoon they hit the beach or the swimming pool for an 1 hour of swimming.




Then in the evening they go out for a 1 hour walk with their dog or neighbours dog.

Animal support


This amount of training is good for you if you keep feeding your body enough fluids and nutrients.

We always say the same thing year after year to our clients, remember to drink enough water always, but in the summertime make sure you double the intake.

A glass of water


Then of course make sure your vitamin intake is at the right level, usually our clients use double of what the can says to use.

Because you need a higher vitamin intake than most people actually believe that you do.

This is one of those things that all really good personal trainers know about, and help their clients out with!.

If you train 3 times a day every day in the summer you can also afford to have those cheat meals every now and then.


We still advice you from not drinking alcohol because it dries your body out and it hampers your protein intake.

So if you can avoid alcohol even in the summertime it would be strongly advised from our end.

drinks with friends

If you go out with friends opt for the alcohol free cider or beer, usually most places have that these days.

So you can still hang out with your friends in bars and beach clubs but you dont have to drink alcohol.

The fall will be with us soon , at least for us who live in a 4 season state or country so enjoy the summer as long as we have it!.

Do not overthink your weight-loss in the summer, you stay the course your on.

Reduce your calorie intake by at least -500 calories less than your burn rate is.

And eat healthy and drink lots of water, this should give you a great nutrient level during the summertime.

As always we are here for you if you need our help.

Stacy and Courtney is working with you US based clients and Rick is working with you guys that are located in Scandinavia and Europe.

You can sign up true our store in the link here below.

If you can not afford our personal training, you can always pick up our blueprint book from Amazon in the link here below it gives you the information you need to start your own weight-loss journey.

Take care guys.

The LWC team.


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Childhood overweight & obesity.

In 2023 you would hope that we would have started to solve this issue that i see as a personal trainer and nutrient specialist every year, since i started in 1997.

kids playing computer games

Now when i started out in the late 90s the video games and computers started to come around much more and the games got much more developed during that time period from the late 90s to 2010.

And it became much more difficult for parent when the internet came to get the kids out from their rooms to go play sports in the backyard but also in the most organized forms.

There are a few factors in why the childhoods obesity and overweight have 20X itself since the late 70s.

burger MEAL

The fast-food joints where around back then also, but fast-food was a pure luxury only eaten 1-2 a month at the most.

And it was not normal that the parents did not cook normal high quality food at home in the evening.

So we did not have the fast-food frenzy that we have in todays world and that really took of in the 90s.

The second big issue is all the soda that kids drink these days, if you have ever watched a 10-15 year old kid play call of duty for 6-10h straight and the amount of carbs, sugar and fat they are consuming during that time frame sitting on a chair playing the game.

It is scary to see, but many parents have given up over the years and they let the kids run their own lives.

We can see early on already at 4-5 years of age with kids who do not get the proper nutrition at home and not enough exercise either.

Then when they start school they get picked on for being fat!, and then they eat even more because they get depressed in the process!.

We usually at the LWC get contacted by a friend of the family or a relative of the family who are worried for the kid/kids well being.

And then the first few conversations with the parent/parents are a bit difficult when we are talking about a fat child!.

We usually show them this picture here below to the parents.


This is what their kid have to look forward too if they stay the course.

The first things we do is to bring the parents to the store and we show them what foods to buy and what food types not to buy.

Then we make an exercise plan for the whole family but we make sure that the child gets enrolled in to at least two organized sports.

The first is kickboxing and that gives the child an opportunity to learn how to defend themselves and it builds confidence in the child going forward.

The second sport is either soccer or Ice-hockey, depending on the parents bankroll.

So the child gets to feel as part of a team.

At home there will only be high quality foods and no candy ,soda or chips any-longer.

Cheap perfect meal.

The meals will be high in fat and protein and a bit lower in carbs.

Prices of these meals are usually cheaper than eating out like with fast-food or buying pizzas.


Pizza and burgers are now a pure luxury that the child/youth needs to work for.

Screen time is another thing that the child need to earn, every day.

Usually there is a brutal period of a 6-8 weeks when the child is acting out and the parents are really having to stand firm, for the best result going forward.

Once we pass the 8 week mark, usually the family has gotten used to the new routines.

Homework is done when the child gets home from school, and then the organized sport comes after that.

Monday to Friday is a good schedule, 3 times a week kickboxing and soccer or ice-hockey 2-3 times a week.



If the family has a dog, the child should walk it 3 times a day at least 30 minutes each time.

If the child follows these rules they will be allowed 2 h of screen time in the evening at that is it!.

On the weekends there can be games in the organized sport or not?, then screen time can be as much as 4 h divided up to two 2 h sessions.

But the child needs to be active also on the weekends.

The first thing you do as a parent is that you go over the amount of calories the child consumes and then you count what they need on a daily basis.

Then we do a reduction of -500 calories per day for as long as the child/youth is over-weight.

Could in some cases be as much as 1-2 years time.

Usually we can fix kids weight in around 8-10 months time.

These few things are so important to remember, and that is that screen time is bad for children when it is more than 4h a day and we would strongly suggest that you cap it at 2h a day.

Exercise is a must and preferably one martial arts and one group sport.

And you are the parent in the household and they are the children/youth.

So what you say goes”, as simple as that!.

If you want to allow some more screen time, you could agree that the child needs to read 50 pages a day of a physical book to get another 30-45 min.

So use the screen time as your leverage with your child/youth.

Then make sure you have a password on the computer that you lock up for the child or a timer when the computer is open.

Because otherwise there is a risk that the child will play in their room during night time.

So if you have the possibility, put the computer into the living room so you have some oversight into what your kid is doing and how much.

Most of the things in our program you can find in our blueprint book at Amazon, see the link here below.

And we also have in our shop a consulting service for you if you need more hands on support.

You find it in the link here below.

Take care guys,

Rick and the LWC family.