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Covid-19 hit also our company in October!.

So we just want to give our readers a short update on to why our Youtube channel and other projects are a bit delayed as we speak.

And this is because Covid-19 the second wave in October hit 4 of our young trainers.

We have informed our online clients in the past, but we want to also inform you the site reader, that is not on our online mailing list.

Two of our staff got the Covid-19 PRETTY bad and they where hospitalized and are now in recovery,(they will most likely recover fully).

And then two staffers got much less symptoms but have been in self isolation for 14 days now.

The strange part is that we the old-timers over 40+ years, have not contracted the Covid-19, even if we have been also exposed.

We do have an idea that we use a lot of D-vitamin and C-vitamin and that might make our immune system stronger, than a normal persons.

But we probably just got lucky with using our masks and goggles when visiting the gym with clients, while the younger staff is more involved with each other on a daily basis.

So the sad truth is that we will most likely have to live with this virus for years to come, with a working vaccine or not having a working vaccine.

Fortunately non of our personal clients have attracted the Covid-19 from our trainers, so the masks and the googles have played a big part in that.

And non of our members in our gym has attracted the Covid-19 virus and this is also good news.

After a conversation with one of our clients in San Antonio TX that runs a gym , they had 2 out of 1350 clients that trained in the gym test positive for Covid-19, so gyms seems to be very safe places to be in these days.

But we promise to be more active on the site over the next 60 days.

We are preparing several articles as we speak, so keep an eye open for them.

So take care out there and stay safe.

The LWC team.



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