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Mental illness and training.

Mental illness and training is a topic that a lot of people avoid talking about, due to its very sensitive nature.

We have had and we have clients that are suffering from either mental illnesses or depression symtoms.

Mental illness.

When we take on a client either online or in real life, we go over their overall health situation including mental health.

Often people who are suffering from mental health issues and depression type of issues have a tendency to overeat and usually they overeat on fast food.


So what we keep an eye out for is when a client misses more than one training session in a short time frame, and we know that there are some mental health issues in the past that they have been dealing with.

What we do then is that the trainer goes and rings the doorbell and asks the client the simple question of, how are you doing?.

And then the second thing that the trainer says, is that come on, get dressed we are going out for a walk(usually 1h-1.5h) and then if we feel that the client is up for it we do some burpees and some push ups on top of the walking.

So the one thing we are afraid of in our society these days is to get involved in other peoples life, unless it is online and we can hide behid a screen.

Anybody can go and ring the doorbell of a friend who they know have mental issues or depression problems and take them out on a walk.

It is so important to break the cycle of the person feeling bad, just sitting at home self medicating with food.

So get involved, care, reach out, it is better to care to much than not care at all.

We know that many personal trainers tries to avoid getting to personal with a client, and dating a client is a given no no, but going home to a client suffering from mental illness and depression is another thing many trainers do not feel comfortable in doing.

Maybe you need a bit of life experience if you are goanna do this, but you should care about the overall health of your client as a personal trainer.


When you have some experience form training people who suffer from mental illness and depression you pick up on the signs when they start to get some issues, and we are very quick to act on that.

There is no doubt that training shortens the episodes and can also stop people from falling into a deeper depression.

And training has tremendous benefits compared to being on medication.

Then a lot of the issues with medication is that some of them have bad side affects like slowing down your normal metabolism, and then you need to re-do your calorie intake when you are on medication to add more fat and protein based nutrient sources, and cut down a lot on the carbs.

We are not telling people not to consume medication, but many times in our society we try and medicate everything with big pharma, rather than doing more of mindfulness exercises and training to lift up the own well being hormone endorphins.

So try and keep people who are suffering mentally from closing themselves in to their homes, and get them out on walks so they get some fresh air and leave the home.

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Take care out there.

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