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Back to life,back to reality!.

Hi, everybody, after a 2 months period of silence we are back to life and back to reality.

We needed to sit down within our management group and discuss the future in great details with also our physical trainer and how much they want to be involved in the online training/dietary programs.

And what we agreed on together with our trainers is that the old ones will continue with the physical clients and we have new ones, that will take care of you the online client.

The main reason for this outcome was that, we need a big commitment from our online trainers to be available also in the evenings and during the weekends.

And they felt that they could not commit to that full-heartedly, which we totally understand and accept from the management team.

The whole idea with this site lose-weightcheap has been from the get go to bring the online clients the same kind of help and assistance that we give to our psychical clients but for a fraction of what  the real cost actually should be.

After speaking to Milla who is one of our older trainers, she had some really good input that we need to take into consideration that the online space is overcrowded with companies trying to hustle clients on a daily basis.

And this as a whole makes customer acquisition more expensive that it should be.

My idea as the head of the company was to give out the book on the lose-weightcheap method to make potential clients to realize that we are the real deal.

Which everybody who will read our book will very quickly understand.

But then just comes the problem to get people to realize that we have the book for sale and that they should pick it up!, and see for themselves.

And this is gonna be our next large undertaking, which will be the marketing of the book to the masses.

For us the price has always mattered when we have done pro-bono training and training at a low cost, for clients who have not been able to afford normal personal training and dietary support.

And this is why price has always mattered to me, also for online coaching.

Since i know that a lot of people that struggle with weight issues also have financial difficulties and we dont feel the need to push out a very expensive product to the market.

We rather try and make it a high quality product, but still a low cost program.

With that said, as a business owner i have a responsibility to make sure that all of our trainers and other staff can pay their bills like rent and utilizes and also buy some food in the process.

We have never been known to pay the best salaries in the Scandinavian markets, but we have always had the most dedicated trainers who really wanted to help people out, and who all also had and still have a big place for animals in their heart.

The flashy trainers lasted just a few months and then they moved on and out, so for us it has always been about the client first and foremost, and not about pushing out our own greatness out to the world.

In today’s world with filters on the insta and all kinds of photo shopping available out there it is easy to fake everything.

We understand that, but we also feel that there has to be a market for real people who wants to help other real people with something that is a matter of life and death, which the weight loss topic is for a lot of people.

When we consider all heart and cardiovascular and diabetes issues that all stem from overweight.

So we are still trying to keep the costs down as much as possible for online consulting, and i truly hope that we are able to do so.

We will start and put up some really clever articles on a weekly basis on the site here.

And hopefully we will see you as a client with us in the near future!.

Thank you.

Best regards.


The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.


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