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Children’s chapter!.

So we have an update for all the people waiting for the lose-weightcheap book to be released in June.

In the beginning of this year a long time client of mine Tina, in Sweden told me that she had been forced to step in and help here niece and nephew who are 12 and 14 years of age.

They where both in a bad shape weight wise and was picked on a lot from other children in their school and her sister, their mother, had no answers and had no chance to fix this issue for the kids, when it came to eating right and exercising on a daily basis.

So Tina stepped in and took care of business on behalf of her sister and got the kids going, and losing weight.

So in a time frame of 4.5 months the kids have dropped 42 lbs and 48 lbs, (please keep in mind that kids can drop more weight than an adult) because of the good hormones they still have going for them , compered to us adults.

Tina contacted me again this week, and said that Rick, you need to add a children’s chapter to the book, because this method lose-weightcheap is safe and easy to use even on kids/youths.

I have had mixed feeling about adding a chapter that is targeted towards kids and youth as a whole.

Because i really dont feel that you should put these thoughts in the head of kids/youth that you need to lose weight.

But we also have to be honest and say that we have a lot of overweight kids and youths in our society these days, and it feels that a lot of parents has given up or lost control over the child/youths weight and this is a huge issue world wide.

The basis of this chapter that i am finishing this week, and that will be the last chapter of the book!, will be to help parents understand what to look out for, and how to feed your kids (cheap) but still using high quality nutrition wise.

So it will be an interesting chapter that will open the eyes of a lot of parents , on how to keep your kids/youth in good shape and still get them to go along with the nutrition plan.

Let me just say that one of the tasts on the diet will be cookies and cream for the kids/youths, how about that!.

So i just wanted to give you an update on , the book and why i am adding a chapter this late in the process, i feel the matter is very important to take care of our kids and our youth, and get them into good shape early on in life and also get them to understand how to take care of themselves nutrition wise.

Thank you for reading.


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