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Why you should join us!

There are many weight loss programs out there in the world today.

So why should you join us at lose-weightcheap instead of any of the others like for instance the Cambridge or Weight-watcher instead?.

The major benefit for you as a client/customer, will be that we are much cheaper in the long-run to work with.

This is one of the reasons.

The second reason is that, we will teach you how to take control of you life when it comes to your weight issues and, other issues that are related to you not doing so well, psychically and mentally.

The lose-weightcheap program is so much more than just about losing the desired weight.

It covers also sleep and your well being in general.

But it also gives you the tools to move forward in life when it comes to self-image and how you control your own thoughts on that.

Life is very hard for most people and when you struggle with work and finances, it is not that easy to be able to also enlist the help of personal trainers and dietitians along the way to get you into shape.

And this is why we have now launched the lose-weightcheap program.

We want to help as may people as possible around the world, with their weight struggles and integrate our program into their every day life.

Our program is designed that you can for as low as 5 dollars a day eat very well and use a lot of good supplements also to help you feel better and reach your goals.

Then if you can afford 10 dollars a day on food and supplements, you will be very well off, with even additional supplements to get you into even better shape.

The coaching program we are starting now, will be an add on to the eBook that we are releasing in May/June.

And the coaching program will be more designed towards your specific needs and requests.

Every person can use our program and our manual that is laid out in the upcoming book.

But we also know that not every person can do this on their own.

And for those people who need moral support, and training and dieting accountability and support, everything that comes with that.

They should join our monthly program at lose-weightcheap to get that extra help to reach their indiviudal goals.

I wanted to make this affordable to everybody, and that is why i held my ground at the 89 dollar mark per month, for a yearly subscription.

Even if a lot of people thought that it was nuts for launching at that price point, way to cheap in other trainers mind.

This way we are not closing the door on anybody price wise to join the program, and this was very important to me.

I have over the past 5 years time made a leap over from 90% pro bono to 20% pro bono.

And it is clear to me that people today are willing to spend money on them-self to get in shape, since we get judged every day on our appearances.

No matter in what country we reside in or what line of work we are in.

And in what kind of shape we are in, is so important these days, in our every day life.

I never wanted to develop a program to get you to the six pack stomach.

Because it is not really what we are after here.

We want all of our clients to reach a healthy weight, and also make sure that the client understands what to eat and what to drink and how to train to stay in shape once they reach their own first goal.

Which for most is losing the excess weight that they are carrying around.

But for us it has always also been about staying in shape and also understanding that you dont need to starve yourself, you dont need to eat bad food, you dont have to train in the gym more than once a week!, if you dont like the gym.

So these are all important lessons for every client to learn along the way.

So once you have started on the lose-weightcheap method, you can cut all the other noise out from around you.

The noise and the headlines that are telling you , do this or do that, or eat this or take this magic pill and you will lose weight quick .

You will know that you dont need to listen anymore to the outside noise.

You will have a blueprint to a healthier life style with the lose-weightcheap program.


So i will touch on this a bit sensitive subject of online coaching compered to real life coaching in your area with a personal trainer and a dietitian.

Of course if you can afford to spend between 1000-3000 dollars a month on personal training and a personal dietitian that looks into your body and your specific needs, then that is a really good option for you.

So since a lot of you personal trainers out there globally know who i am, i am not trowing any shade on you, you who are ACE certified and have other high quality credentials, and have been doing this for a long time, i have no issues with you.

But to repeat myself, we are offering online coaching for 89 dollars a month for a weekly overlook on each client.

That is ruffly what a good trainer will charge for a 60 min training session.

And that does not include weekly follow up on the diet for each client.

So we are at lose-weightcheap targeting the clients that wants to get into a really good shape and feel better true changing to a much better diet, but who can not afford to spend more than 5-12 dollars a day for food, supplements and coaching.

So we are targeting a very different group here, compered to you live trainers and dietitians.

So i know that you Carl from NYC and Jenny from San Francisco, reached out to me last week and asked why we are offering high quality coaching online for such a low price.

And i understand that you are both trainers in big cities and your clients can pay 89-129 dollars an hour for your expertise.

But please understand that a single mother or father who hold down maybe two or even three jobs, will not be able to pay for your services.

So why should they get punished for not being able to afford your services.

So my question to you Carl and to you Jenny is this?, are these people not allowed to get in shape and to make sure that their kids are in shape and that their kids have the right nutrition and high quality food sources available for a lower price point.

Because we know as experienced trainers and dietitians that high quality foods and drinks dont have to cost a fortune, but most people on a fixed or a smaller income usually dont know what these foods are and what these supplements are that they should spend their hard earn money on.

And this is why they buy a lot of bad carbs and processed food in the process to try and save on food costs.

It almost sometimes feels to me as a an experienced trainer, that we should judge people based on their annual income rather than who they are and what kind of life story they have to offer the world.

It is not with all, but many trainers the feeling i get that, okay if you can not afford my program or hours, then walk around being in a bad shape and continue eating poor nutrition.

I dont care about you, if you can not pay me!.

When we should look at the matter in terms like this,the more people we can get into shape , the better off we are as a society and our health care spending goes down.

This will mean a better life for all people, in our society.

I do understand where you are coming from, you also need to make a living, and if you are a good trainer you will always find clients along the way.

But Lose-weightcheap is trying to help out the masses not just individual clients.

Then Courtney from Dallas had a question why we dont post on Instagram or do a lot of you-tube videos for training.

And we told her that the time will come for us also in the future do do some of that.

But for now we want to focus on getting this program out there and taking care of our clients.

Instead of me /us doing big lifts on dead lifts and squatting and so on.

There is enough of really good people out there on you-tube who lift heavy and train well, but we are not a bodybuilding company/program

We are trying not to make this program about us, instead of making this program about the program itself.

So not to distract anybody, we focus on the task in hand at the moment.

Thank you for reading.



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