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What differs the lose-weightcheap method from other methods like the Cambridge or Weight watchers methods for instance?.

Hi there, this is dietitian Roxanne from Los Angeles posting this update to you from the lose-weighceap team!.

So we have had some questions come in over the past couple of months time and i would like to take the time here to day, and answer some of them for you.

The book about the lose-weightcheap method from our founder Rick will be out in late June this year, and you will find it at at Kindle and other places for eBooks.

The reason why Rick decided to place it at these plattforms for a much lower cost than we could get from selling it ourselves, is very simple.

Rick is by far the most unselfish person that i have ever meet in my life.

And he wanted all people to have access to the book for a low cost.

Let me tell you a little bit about the character of Rick and who he is.

He is the guy people call on Friday afternoon when they are gonna move on Saturday morning and all of their friends have bailed on them.

He is the guy that will watch your pets free of charge.

He is the guy you can call in the middle of the night when you are in some kind of an emergency and you need help or support.

He always comes true for you.

So the reason for the book is that it will be easier for you to learn more about this well developed and well proven Scandinavian weight loss system and life changing well being program.

Than just coming on as a client for the program

A book reaches a lot of people world wide and that is the most important things for us here.

We are not gonna mock any other programs, since every program that gets you into a healthier weight class and a healthier lifestyle is great.

But the big difference with the lose-weigthcheap method is, that it is created/made also for people with very limited income/funds.

So the program got developed in Sweden by Rick in the late 90s and he then built on it based on new science over the years.

He has been in contact with many of the top scientist for supplements over the past 15 years time, globally, and he really knows his stuff, on what works and what does not work when it comes to supplements.

And in around 2013 it was a full program on how to lose weight and how to lose it in a cheap manner, without starving yourself.

The goal Rick had with the program was that the food+drinks+vitamins and the supplements was all gonna cost less than 5 USD a day for the client.

And that 5 dollars a day was gonna give the client the absolute best nutrient dense intake that you could get in the world today!.

Rick worked a lot with people with disabilities and down syndrome and many other issues, where money was very tight the clients that where either individual or smaller private facilities around Sweden.

Because Rick is also a well known mechanical engineer in his own field on a global level, the lose-weight cheap method was something he did as pro-Bono on the side for people in Scandinavia and other places around the world.

Because we traveled a lot for work as a mechanical engineer , we had the opportunity to teach other people around the world about this method we call lose-weightcheap.

We where many who tried over the years to get Rick to write a book about this topic and also to build a business around it.

And finally in 2018 he gave in and said OKAY, let us do this.

And i am very proud that he asked me to be part of this company and the great future that this company has, for many years to come.

As a dietitian myself for over 10 years, i know how many people struggle with their excess weight.

And i meet every day people who are in horrible distress, because they have such a hard time to get in shape.

The main difference with the lose-weightcheap method is that is takes care of many of the problems that clients have.

Not only the weight loss, but also the overall general well being of the person.

But it also teaches you how to cope with life in general when it comes to keeping your weight at a good level, once you have gotten rid of the excess weight in the first place.

This is a lifestyle that lose-weightcheap method offers.

And it is using very safe methods for fat/weight loss.

The supplements are safe and well tested over many years and you do not have to starve yourself and go to bed hungry with this method.

But in my mind, what really separates this method from many other methods is that it lets you lose around 40- 50 lbs a year without starving or losing any muscle mass in the process.

What real coaches, personal trainers and dietitians world wide, who are experts on weight loss knows, are that there are no safe method to lose more than 3-5 lbs a month without dangerous medications or drugs.

And this is real truth, so any method that promises more, simply is not a safe or real method.

We who work with this full time know about all the crazy and straight up BS methods that are offered world wide today.

Examples like take this pill and you lose weight or eat this food and this fixes all your problems.

So the lose-weightcheap method is the safest method out there, i can say this with a straight face to anybody.

And this is the reason why the method is and has been so successful over the past 15 years time.

Even if very few, a few hundred people has been able to use it.

Simply put because Rick did not go public with this method until last year.

So the method also help you improve sleep, and it increases your dopamine levels in many safe and very smart ways.

And it make you become the master of your own fate, all the tools are in the program to help you reach the best version of yourself that is possible.

Without giving away to much from the program that is for the clients that chooses to come on boars and for the ones that buys the book once it is out, i can still list here some of the keys from to this method.

No1: Calorie counting.

If you dont know how much you consume, how can you know how much you need and how much you need to burn each day.

No2: What is the magic calorie deficit to keep muscle mass and not starve yourself in the process.

No3: Slow burning protein powder , and how it effects your body.

No4: Sleep, how to improve your sleep and the different healthy ways to fall a sleep faster.

The sleep or should i say lack of sleep is a huge factor in people not losing weight.

No5: Cortisol control, this one is something that Rick has really spent time on and developed for clients over the past 10 years.

And this is also something that you will truly learn about in the book and as a client to lose-weight cheap.

No6: Training when you dont want to hit the gym more than once a week!.

Also something that this method has really mastered for clients over the years.

No7: How to keep your weight loss, once you are in good shape.

As you might know, over 90% of the people who lose weight , gain in back again inside 2 years time and often even a bit more than they had in the first place so this is really a good method that the lose weight cheap program has developed to avoid that happening to you.

No8: Intermediate fasting, this program offers this but it works also without the intermediate fasting option, for those who dont want to use that method.

So these are a few of the main pointers from this program.

After having a conversation with Rick about the amount of new clients we can take in during this year, we have an update on that matter here for you.

It looks like we can take in between 350-400 new clients from June(the official launch month) until the end of the this year 2019.

This on top of the 200+ off program clients that Rick has together with the team so far.

So if you are interested in getting weekly help from a team of world class personal trainers and dietitians for a very low cost, then you have to act very fast when we launch the official program in June.

So you might ask, why so few spots in the program?.

The main reason for this is that there is not that many high class trainers and dietitians that want to work for a lower cost, than they can make with their regular clients.

And we get that, and training our staff is a long-term gig, and for that reason we want to bring a personalized high quality program for a very low cost to our clients, rather than taking in to many, just to get more revenue and not gonna be able to take care of each and every client along the way.

We have internally agreed on 89 dollars a month, the client signs up for a 12 months program.

And 129 dollars on a month to month basis.

So taken into consideration that i charge 99 dollars an hour as a dietitian in Los Angeles and trainers at Ricks level charges the same or even double, this is a steel to get weekly access(although emails and online , but still) it is a bargain.

So in June you can buy Ricks book on the lose-weightcheap method and i can guarantee you that it will have solutions to problems that you have not thought about before, when trying to lose weight over the years.

So welcome to join us on your journey to a healthier life style and a better understanding on how to take care of your body and mind!.

Thanks for reading.



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