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How to train when you have injury problems?.

So first of all guy sorry for us being slow with updating the site during the last 30 days time.

So the world is a bit in A turmoil right now and America to say the least.

Our clients keep emailing us with strange things happening in the US in many cities, and for me who loves America as my former second home, is is a bit scary to see the images coming out of there right now.

Also me Rick have been involved in a mechanical engineering project in Mongolia for the past 3 weeks time and that has taken up most of my time, besides the time i spend on our clients at LWC.

But we promise to post more regularly now going forward, and the Youtube channel will kick off next month, with some training videos for you guys who can not go to the gym or you can no longer afford your membership due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But we will keep you updated on the Youtube channel once it is operational.

So today’s topic is on how to train when you have injury problems?.

So the golden rule is that usually when you have injury problems that are not (new) you will benefit from different type of exercises.

So when you have a fresh injury problem you need to see a doctor get an MRI and find out what the issue is.

Then when that is done, you can start the rehab and sometimes you will have to live with that injury for the rest of your life.

So usually people have back issues/problems and this can stem from many different things, it can be bad posture, you sitting to much at your office desk, you have moving discs , you name it.

So usually gym type of training like dead-lifts with low weights will activate the muscle groups in the lower back and this is usually very beneficial to your body.

Dead lift.


Then for your upper back we usually recommend rowing movements with both barbells and dumbbells.

Then when you have neck problems it is really important to strengthen the muscles around your neck like your (trapezoid muscles), shrugs with both dumbbell and barbell is to recommend.



So by buying cheap used equipment from Craigslist’s or a similar place you can for under 100 dollars have a barbell and some dumbbells and weight at your disposal at home for 2-3 times a week 30 min of training.

The more your muscles surrounding your injured muscle are strengthen the better off your body will feel.

We have seen over the years that clients with injury problems that have strengthen there body over time have felt much better and either the injury has been rehabbed or they have learned to live with that injury over time.

Neck and shoulder injuries are tough to deal with since they affect a lot of your movements.

So try and do a twice a week 30 min sessions at home with these movements, and your body will feel much better.

Also it is very important that you control the weight, and the weight does not control you.

So what we mean by this is that always start all sessions with very low weight and work yourself up words weight wise, this way you keep new injuries at bay, by slowly adding weight to your training session.

So like 5 sets of 10 reps warm up and then 5 sets of work out with medium weights also at 10 reps.



So as long as you do not have a new injury, then you are usually gonna benefit from weight training.

Take care out there guys.


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