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The book will be ready in May and we will start marketing and taking in new clients in June!.

So to our clients and potential new clients, here comes an update for you regarding the very along waited book on how to lose weight and how to lose it a cheap way so you dont have to break your bank in the process!.

We have binged true a lot of new research to make sure that this book is 100% up to date and our goal is that this book will be a book that you can use for the rest of your life.

With tips and tricks for clients from all walks of life on how to not only lose the weight but also to keep it of from ever coming back again!.

Why we where asked to write this book?,it was because we have used this method in Scandinavia for over 12 years time ,very successfully for clients on a fixed income.

And what that means is that clients who where having psychological issues with depression or mental illness,downs syndrome or where otherwise on a lower fixed income.

And many of them had serious health issues with weight and nutrition intake.

And we where asked by the city to come up with a solution for those folks who could not afford a live personal trainer or nutrition dietitian.

And nobody had absolutely any chance to buy from so called healthy whole food stores , their food intake.

So the whole idea with this website and the book is to spread the knowledge and also help people with personal training online and access to a nutrition dietitian for a small fraction of the real market price for this type of assistance on a monthly basis.

So the book will give you the know how and how on how to go about losing the fat weight that you want to get rid of.

But it also teaches you a healthy lifestyle and a way to lose the weight without going hungry.

The online personal training program with a nutrition dietitian is for you that know that you need somebody to talk to and go over things on a monthly basis,(basically you need an accountability coach tide to your weight loss regime)

And as we have mention in the past, the people behind this program are all huge animal lovers and we are helping out a non profit non government/state funded animal shelter so raising money for the PAWS are always on our mind.

So let us just finalize the book in May and then we will be taking in new clients with in reason also during June, and from there this snowball will start rolling down hill!.

So well meet and we will be back soon!

Thank you.

The lose-weightcheap team with the lead of head trainer and head nutrition dietitian Rick.

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