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Merry Christmas and a happy new year from the lose-weight cheap team.

Dear, Clients and readers, the whole team from loseweightcheap wants to wish you are merry Christmas and a happy new year.

And mainly the advanced team here with, (Rick,Roxanne and Michael,) who handles most of the clients and dietary requests globally, wants to thank all the new clients and readers that has trusted us enough to come on board for a life changing weight loss program/fat loss program.

We know that for some of you we are a new experience on the online personal trainer scene.

But for industry folks you know that we have been around globally for over 20 years time.

So we have launched the lose-weightcheap website and program for only a few reasons and that is to reach out and help as many customers/clients as possible world wide who normally would not be able to afford any kind of personal dietary or training plan or a team that is willing to help you reach your goals for a healthy life style and to keep you alive for as long as possible.

But also by doing this helping out homeless animals in the process, that is all close to our hearts.

We will officially launch the online personal training program for clients globally from mid January 2019.

We just got swamped with requests from word to mouth marketing in October and due to our substantially lower cost than regular programs would costs at this level,and 132 clients came in out of the blue from November the first and we still will have room for another 268 new clients in from mid January 2019.

But we have to cap it at 400 clients until June 2019, when we will have another dietitian and one more personal trainer available at loseweight cheap.

So we will use the waiting list system when we are at full capacity client wise.

We will make a pledge to our clients and customers and readers to always keep down the costs of getting high class help from loseweightcheap.

This is the whole idea with the company that we have established this year.

The highly anticipated E-book will come out from us in January.

It will be a shorter E- book between 40-50 pages, we are still revising it to make it very manageable to read several times and really learn all the secrets and trades that we have picked up from helping clients for over 20 years time globally.

And it will be a program that people from all ages and walks of life, with a lot or little fat to lose can incorporate into their weight loss regime FOR A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE.

And it should be a E-book that you can use for the rest of your life, and the science should not be able to change to much from today’s standard 2018, that we feel compered to 20 years ago 1998, when we only new and understood a fraction of what we do know and understand today.

Today the feeling is that we the professionals have a really clear understanding on how to make people lose weight and also how to help people with serious hormonal problems like Insulin and cortisol issues that usually stops weight loss/fat loss in clients that actually do a lot of things right, but is still failing with their weight loss.

We have been able to come up with solutions to keep the insulin and cortisol levels in check, it is not easy, but it is doable with the tools that we use today at loseweight cheap.

So you can look forward to us being very active starting next year 2019, with the amount of content that we will be putting out for you our clients and readers.

So please take care of yourselves during the holidays and to our clients you know that the program allows you to enjoy the holidays with all the food intake that you want.

But please remember the protocol of eating daily to still keep your weight loss going in the right direction which in down,down and down on the scale.

And as always when we speak about weight loss we actually mean fat loss, but the word weight loss resonates better than the word fat loss with people in general.

So that is why we are using the word weight loss.

And the reason we mention this is that some clients have pointed out rightfully so that the weight is not what matter, but the fat % in your body and you fat cells shrinking.

Thank you very much.

Best regards.

Rick,Roxanne and Michael.

Loseweight cheap management.

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