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Why you should start taking kickboxing classes!

So let me start by saying that this is one of the most underrated training form out there , when trying to lose weight properly.

And a lot of people are hesitant to give material arts a real try!.

And i really wish up on anybody really trying to lose weight , to give kickboxing at least 6 months.

And after that you can evaluate your results, which normally are amazing.

Based on what we have seen from our clients that we have gotten into kickboxing.

We train with K1 rules so we also use knees, some classes do some dont.

Since our whole program of losing weight cheap is based on finding cheap methods to implement to anybody’s daily life routine for a low cost, here you go with one great suggestion.

So i have personally trained kickboxing for over 25 years time and i try and go  twice a week, which we feel as trainers is a perfect ratio together with training once a week in the gym doing a full-body workout, that we will touch on in another post.

So if you take up kickboxing and you take classes twice a week and then you go once a week to the gym for a full-body work out, then you have three major weight loss session done just by doing these three 1h sessions.

And the only thing on top of these sessions needed is to do the daily cardio which will be a one hour walk in very moderate phase, preferably with a shelter dog or your own dog or your neighbors dog!.

The reason why i suggest kickboxing is that it is very cheap to take up as a training form.

You need one mouth piece/mouth guard ,just for safety reason will run you 5 dollars.

Then you need some gloves and Shinguard’s, CUP if you are a male(very important) and then you dont really need more than wraps if you want to wrap your hands or not.

So if you buy all of this gear new it will run you less than 85 dollars if you opt for generic versions.

You can probably buy used gloves and shinguard for 15-30 dollars and then buy wraps and mouth-guard for 10 dollars new.

So you see the gear is not expensive and then you train in normal shorts and a t-shirt.

Also try and find a cheap class, at a martial arts studio or similar(usually) cheaper than at a full service gym.

And then opt for the beginners class, and in the beginners class all participants are more than welcome and you will see everything from teenagers to elderly people in these classes.

The goal with these classes is to get you a full  1 h of workout together with other people making it more joyful and something to look forward to after work.

Usually we suggest that you schedule yourself A CLASS after  work before you go home to avoid that very usual excuse once you are home, that NO, not today i go on Thursday INSTEAD!.

I have so much to do at home and i dont feel like jumping in the car and going today.

But if you schedule it after work, then you have your training done , and then when you get home you can eat and just take a moderate walk for an hour to clear your head and get yourself into the right mood for a really good nights sleep.

Kickboxing is perfect as a training form since you will be using your whole body and you also loosen up parts of your body by stretching and stretching with an experienced trainer.

It does not matter if you never thrown a punch in your whole life, or never kicked above your waste, you will get the hang of it pretty quickly, i promise!.

The main reason why we recommend kickboxing instead of other material arts forms are that they others usually require more technique and you need to invest more time and money into them, to really get hang of it!.

I know some gyms have boxercise classes, but we still feel that you should opt for a real beginners class in kickboxing with a real kickboxing trainer, it will give you more.

So take one more step to start losing that weight you desire!.

Thanks for reading.


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