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What is lose-weight-cheap?

So welcome to this weight-loss blog that is gonna change your life.

You will be very surprised that you will not have to starve on this program and still be able to cut your weight.

This diet will be very different in the way that you dont have to cut carbs and foods out of your diet.

We will be counting calories and also using protein to get a a good daily fat-burn going, in a combination with daily training which for most people will be preformed in the woods or in the street and i am talking about walking.

Walking is such an underestimated fat burner method and it is also great if you have knee or other joint problems that makes running difficult for you.

Also you dont have to go to the gym more than once every five days.

Our method is a long lasting weight cut and depending on your start weight that you will be looking to cut we are aiming for between 3-6 lbs/ 1.3-2.8 kg each month.

So we are not after dropping fluid we are actually targeting the fat loss on its own in a combination to also build a little bit of muscle mass in the process.

So this is not a quick fix and not a muscle mass gaining program and even if you can add muscle on this program, we will go a bit of a different route than a person looking to build muscle would use.

So i will help you every step of the way and put up on this blog over time what to eat and what to drink.

And also how you should train and depending on your capacity and health what you can do to get the best results based on your needs!.

So stay tuned for updates on this great weight loss program.

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