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Christmas weight gains!.

So now when we are in the month of December and we all know that there are a lot of meals that are being consumed during this month, and there is a lot of people that gain 4-6 lbs during the month of December.

We where invited from lWC to speak at a seminar in Helsinki last week on the 3th of December to HR personal from several large companies like TNT ,DHL and SCHENKER.

And our responsibility was to develop a nutrition program to keep the workers from adding on these 4-6 lbs during the month of December/Christmas.

So to begin with we offered our book on lose-weightcheap to all the HR personal and also some general advise on how to eat during the month of December to maintain your current weight over the holidays.

In this day and age vegan and vegetarian food has become very hot!, and also there is much more variety available than we had 5 years ago.

Also the food taste much better than it did in the past and the chefs have really learned how to use all the spices right these days.

So if you have never tried vegan or vegetarian foods, now would be a great time during the holidays to try different foods out.

As a trainer myself i have always tried to eat lean meat and also to make sure that our/my clients always ate chicken,turkey,eggs and meat(that was not read meat).

But two years ago i started to dabble a bit into vegan and vegetarian cuisine, and i was happily surprised by the level of energy i got from switching our some meat meals to vegan meals.

And now with the documentary GAME CHANGER ON NETFLIX a lot of people are getting more and more interested in vegan and vegetarian cuisine.

I dont believe that you have to give up meat completely but there is nothing wrong with eating every other meal vegan or vegetarian  cuisine.

So one thing you can do is to switch out one meat meal a day to a vegan or a vegetarian meal.

And specially during the holidays when you consume more food than you normally do.

Also one thing that i have always pressed on towards our/my clients during the holidays is that make sure that you make it a routine to walk 1 h after dinner in the fresh air.

Or go out and walk 1 h prior to dinner.

You will get your daily dose of oxygen in, and you also burn fat at the same time.

It is also easy to get your relatives out regardless of their age for the one hour walk.

It can be in very moderate pace, you still burn fat and increase your cardio in the process.

Then if you also indulge in alcohol during the holidays make sure that for every drink you have, make sure that you consume a cup of coffee or a glass of water also.

(Yes i know that coffee and alcohol makes you drop fluid and dries you out, but coffee has water in it also).

So for every drink you have, one glass of water, and for every 3 drinks you have, drinking one cup of coffee is a good way of pacing yourself.

Also make sure you dont get drunk in front of your children during the holidays, they deserve to enjoy a drama free holiday.

And also remember to keep the conversation light with your relatives.

Avoid also conversations regarding politics and other sensitive matters.

Holiday conversations should be kept light and you should just enjoy the best sides of your relative during the few days you will be together.

So this is a small tip on how you can keep your current weight over the holidays.

Thank you for reading.



The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.


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Good News!.

Dear,Online client to lose-weightcheap, we have some good news today and that is that we have been able to secure two new online trainers and dietitians to work with us full-time.

We welcome Minna and Jari who both have 5+ years of experience in the field of nutrition and training.

This means that we have now 4 full-time online advisers available for you the client.

And now we can start to take on more clients which have been an issue for us during the past 6 months time!.

So this is very good news for everybody.

Thank you for reading.




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Lose-weightcheap chapter 1 free of charge.

So we will give away the first chapter of our book on the Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works, enjoy!.

Chapter no1: What is the lose weight cheap method and how does it work in real life.

So let me just give you the 3 main reasons people do not lose the desired weights/fat.

No1: This is a very common reason, and that is that the weight loss program is too advanced and they just cannot keep up with the requirements of it over time.

And you need to look at healthy weight loss as a marathon and not a sprint.

What I mean by to advance is that there are too many special foods or supplements and the training regime is too complicated so a 9-5 person cannot follow the program long enough to reach his or her goals.

Even if the program you follow, itself might actually be legit and work.

No2: The second most common reason is the financial aspect of personal training and dieting.

In America over 47% lives from paycheck to paycheck and cannot come up with an emergency sum 500 USD in a week without putting them self’s further into debt.

So being able to pay 50 dollars for a 45min private training session twice a week, very few people can make that a priority in their daily lives.

On top of all the (expensive) diet supplements they need to take on a regular basis, to follow most advance programs.

No3: The third most common reason people give up, is because they cannot deal with the HUNGER, and usually this hits during the evenings.

Let say the day and afternoon has gone well and around 8-9 a clock the hunger sets it!.

And now 700-1000 calories are consumed at once due to the feeling of hunger.

And that is when the willpower during the day becomes a non-factor.

In this program nobody should go hungry at all, and most of all you are goanna be able to eat 2h before bedtime and then get a good night’s sleep by not having any hunger cravings at all.

This is one of the main reasons this program has worked on all clients who have tried it over the past 20 years’ time.

We do eat 2h before bedtime and that makes all the difference, when you want and you need a good night’s sleep without any hunger feelings keeping you awake.

This is a method that I the author have developed for clients over the past 20 years’ time in their hopes of losing weight/fat and adding a healthier lifestyle into their everyday life!.

And so far it has worked on every single client who has committed him or herself to this method.

This is a method that uses very basic steps that all are well proven steps to lose weight/fat and it has no hocus pocus or other crazy promises in its program that you will not be able to live up to.

The method is also well designed for people with lower fixed income or so called low income earners.

I have also helped numerous clients with disabilities such as Down syndrome and other issues, the common thing with these clients have been that they have been in need of a pro bono trainer to help them reach their goals.

And as a mechanical engineer myself during the day time, I have been able to help clients out pro-bono in the evenings and on the weekends.

And helping a person reach their weight goals is a huge win for the society in a hole.

We are bleeding financially as a society because of the overweight problem in combination with diabetes and other over-weight illnesses.

What most people don’t realize is that many of our members of society that lives on a fixed income on the lower earning spectrum is not gonna be able to pay for personal training or a private dietician helping them reach their weight goals.

Nor do they have the financial means to buy high quality foods every day.

So for that reason due to a lot my client’s lack of financial resources I wanted to develop a weight loss program that everybody can follow, regardless of what tax bracket they belong to.

So this is not a program where we base our goals on celebrity’s weight loss programs, behind the curtain they have access to the best personal trainers dietitians, and all the weight loss drugs they can ever need to get into that ripped shape.

We are doing things on a shoestring budget and we will reach our goal together by following this program.

So this program works on everybody who commits to it fully.

And no one can say that they cannot afford to follows this weight loss program at least not in the Western world.

This method is developed to help you lose the weight you desire and get that flat stomach that most people are looking for.

But please do understand that this is not a program for muscle building or getting that sizzled six pack to show off, when you go under the 10% body fat that is normally required to show off that six pack.

Most clients will stay between (men) 12-20% in body fat which is a very healthy norm.

For our ladies that can be around 18-28% in body fat.

Not to say that you cannot be healthy in having under 12% in body fat, but let us be realistic about this.

You might have a 9-5 job and then you got kids and family and other obligations to take care of on a daily basis,(life) and so on.

So not shooting towards the moon is always a better way to approach weight loss in every shape and form.

How does the program actually work?.

So this is a really good question?, that is something I will answer you very soon.

I just want to take the opportunity and talk a bit more about why most diets don’t work on regular people and why people keep adding the weight back on very soon if they manage to lose any in the first place.

Any crash course diet that promises fantastic results in 30 days are not true!, we all know that by know.

Still we continuously get bombarded with marketing that promises losses of 20 lbs./9kg in one month’s time using their method.

And we all know this is not doable without forbidden drugs and starving yourself sick!.

So this method that we use, loses weight cheap is a healthy and safe method to lose a lot of fat or the stubborn extra pounds that you carrying around if you have a clean bill of health otherwise.

I always urge everybody that is about to start on a diet that you go see your doctor for a normal health checkup and blood work so you know where you stand when you start on this program.

This is also one of the very few methods out there where you don’t have to go hungry during the day or during the night.

So how does the method work and why is this a very good method for you to use for weight/fat loss.

So we are goanna become masters in counting calories, you need to know what you are eating and how much you are eating by ball parking it very close to the actual amount that you consume on a daily basis.

And here you need to do some research on your food intake that you eat on a daily basis so you are able to make small changes along the way.

And our goal is to eat -500 calories less than we normally need on a daily basis to sustain our current weight.

So this will add up to around a weight loss for a normal person up to around 5 lbs/2.2kgs a month.

So now you might be thinking 5 lbs/2.2kgs a month does not sound very much.

But then add that 12 times to reach a full year.

This then adds up to 60lbs a year or around 27kgs, that is a lot of a healthy weight loss.

And I have had clients who have used this method for up to 3 years straight and lost up to 177lbs or 79kgs and really gotten in shape by this method.

The foods in this program can be seen as boring or on repeat as we say in the world of health.

You have probably heard of only fluid diets or bodybuilders eating chicken breast and fish 4-5 times a day with brown rice and potatoes and so on.

The major benefit with this program is that you can simplify it to fit in to your daily routine or you can play around with the different foods a bit if you feel that things are getting a bit borrowing for you.

There is just one golden rule that it not be broken, and that is that you need to consume at around –500 calories less than what you burn on a daily basis.

Now how do we reach the conclusion on 500 calories?.

And what is it with the magic number of 500 calories.

This book will not go into a lot of research, for the simple reason that many clients and readers feels that it is boring to read about, and just wants to know the punch line instead.

So here comes the punchline!, a daily diet of up to -500 calories will be enough to trigger a healthy weight loss of the around 5 lbs./2.2kgs a month, which will be more than enough to get you in better shape than you where one year ago.

And we are looking for long-term gains with this program.

And calories in and calories out is the only way to lose weight (fat).

Some of you only have 10-30lbs/4.5-13.5kgs to lose and then you can do this in less than one year, some of you have much more to lose and it will take you a bit longer to get there.

A -500 calorie daily diet restriction is also shown by researchers to protect muscle mass when using added protein and trying to restrict more than -500 calories a day has proven to have negative effects on your body’s own muscle mass.

(Meaning you lose also muscle mass in the process and not only fat) if you go higher than the recommended -500 calories.

(This is scientifically proven for normal people trying to lose weight in a healthy way).

It also has for normal people a negative effect on your immune system (meaning that you often are more keen to catch a cold) if you diet more extreme than the -500kcal.

But of course all body types are different and some can take a bigger calorie cut than others.

But this program focuses on the long-term goal and that is why we stay at the-500 calories rule.

So how do you calculate how much of your daily calorie intake you need to cut to reach the required -500 calorie deficit that we are after in this program?

So the easiest way to do this is to calculate 30 calories per 2.2lbs/ 1kilogram for men and 20 calories per 2.2 lbs./1kg for a women.

So if we do the math here it looks like this.

Jennifer weighs 175lbs/80kgs so if she moves around normally in the day her needed intake to sustain here current weight would be around 1600 calories.

Please keep in mind that every human being is different and this is something everybody needs to find out for themselves by trial and error.

So Jennifer might only need 1500 calories or she can need 2000 calories to sustain here weight month by month, depending on age and daily activity.

So you need to test yourself by doing this for a few weeks and see the results by weighing yourselves once a week.

Once you found out your own metabolism.

Please also keep in mind that once you hit 30 years of age your metabolism starts to go downhill and for every year it continues to go downhill for you from there.

So you need to find out by trial and error to become a master in knowing your own body, and how much you can consume to sustain your current weight.

But the 20 calories and 30 calories for each 1kg/2.2 lbs is a very good guideline for a person with basic daily movements.

If you have any questions on this first chapter you are welcome to send us any questions you might have in our comment section.

Where we will publish the once we feel are censer.

Thank you for reading.

The lose-weightcheap team.

The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.
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Back to life,back to reality!.

Hi, everybody, after a 2 months period of silence we are back to life and back to reality.

We needed to sit down within our management group and discuss the future in great details with also our physical trainer and how much they want to be involved in the online training/dietary programs.

And what we agreed on together with our trainers is that the old ones will continue with the physical clients and we have new ones, that will take care of you the online client.

The main reason for this outcome was that, we need a big commitment from our online trainers to be available also in the evenings and during the weekends.

And they felt that they could not commit to that full-heartedly, which we totally understand and accept from the management team.

The whole idea with this site lose-weightcheap has been from the get go to bring the online clients the same kind of help and assistance that we give to our psychical clients but for a fraction of what  the real cost actually should be.

After speaking to Milla who is one of our older trainers, she had some really good input that we need to take into consideration that the online space is overcrowded with companies trying to hustle clients on a daily basis.

And this as a whole makes customer acquisition more expensive that it should be.

My idea as the head of the company was to give out the book on the lose-weightcheap method to make potential clients to realize that we are the real deal.

Which everybody who will read our book will very quickly understand.

But then just comes the problem to get people to realize that we have the book for sale and that they should pick it up!, and see for themselves.

And this is gonna be our next large undertaking, which will be the marketing of the book to the masses.

For us the price has always mattered when we have done pro-bono training and training at a low cost, for clients who have not been able to afford normal personal training and dietary support.

And this is why price has always mattered to me, also for online coaching.

Since i know that a lot of people that struggle with weight issues also have financial difficulties and we dont feel the need to push out a very expensive product to the market.

We rather try and make it a high quality product, but still a low cost program.

With that said, as a business owner i have a responsibility to make sure that all of our trainers and other staff can pay their bills like rent and utilizes and also buy some food in the process.

We have never been known to pay the best salaries in the Scandinavian markets, but we have always had the most dedicated trainers who really wanted to help people out, and who all also had and still have a big place for animals in their heart.

The flashy trainers lasted just a few months and then they moved on and out, so for us it has always been about the client first and foremost, and not about pushing out our own greatness out to the world.

In today’s world with filters on the insta and all kinds of photo shopping available out there it is easy to fake everything.

We understand that, but we also feel that there has to be a market for real people who wants to help other real people with something that is a matter of life and death, which the weight loss topic is for a lot of people.

When we consider all heart and cardiovascular and diabetes issues that all stem from overweight.

So we are still trying to keep the costs down as much as possible for online consulting, and i truly hope that we are able to do so.

We will start and put up some really clever articles on a weekly basis on the site here.

And hopefully we will see you as a client with us in the near future!.

Thank you.

Best regards.


The Scandinavian weight loss formula that actually works.


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The book is released on KINDLE ,Amazon.

So finally we are live with the book that is the blueprint for the lose-weightcheap ,Scandinavian weight loss formula/Program.

A lot of you have asked when you can buy the book, and finally we can say, it is now out and you can find it for now at the KINDLE/Amazon store, you can just type in

lose-weightcheap in the search at Amazon.

The Scandinavain weight loss formula that actually works.


So now it is time for you that are really looking to lose-weight to get going and buy this book, we guarantee to you that you will not be disappointed with the book.

Thank you.

Rick and the lose-weightcheap team.




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Children’s chapter!.

So we have an update for all the people waiting for the lose-weightcheap book to be released in June.

In the beginning of this year a long time client of mine Tina, in Sweden told me that she had been forced to step in and help here niece and nephew who are 12 and 14 years of age.

They where both in a bad shape weight wise and was picked on a lot from other children in their school and her sister, their mother, had no answers and had no chance to fix this issue for the kids, when it came to eating right and exercising on a daily basis.

So Tina stepped in and took care of business on behalf of her sister and got the kids going, and losing weight.

So in a time frame of 4.5 months the kids have dropped 42 lbs and 48 lbs, (please keep in mind that kids can drop more weight than an adult) because of the good hormones they still have going for them , compered to us adults.

Tina contacted me again this week, and said that Rick, you need to add a children’s chapter to the book, because this method lose-weightcheap is safe and easy to use even on kids/youths.

I have had mixed feeling about adding a chapter that is targeted towards kids and youth as a whole.

Because i really dont feel that you should put these thoughts in the head of kids/youth that you need to lose weight.

But we also have to be honest and say that we have a lot of overweight kids and youths in our society these days, and it feels that a lot of parents has given up or lost control over the child/youths weight and this is a huge issue world wide.

The basis of this chapter that i am finishing this week, and that will be the last chapter of the book!, will be to help parents understand what to look out for, and how to feed your kids (cheap) but still using high quality nutrition wise.

So it will be an interesting chapter that will open the eyes of a lot of parents , on how to keep your kids/youth in good shape and still get them to go along with the nutrition plan.

Let me just say that one of the tasts on the diet will be cookies and cream for the kids/youths, how about that!.

So i just wanted to give you an update on , the book and why i am adding a chapter this late in the process, i feel the matter is very important to take care of our kids and our youth, and get them into good shape early on in life and also get them to understand how to take care of themselves nutrition wise.

Thank you for reading.



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Why you should join us!

There are many weight loss programs out there in the world today.

So why should you join us at lose-weightcheap instead of any of the others like for instance the Cambridge or Weight-watcher instead?.

The major benefit for you as a client/customer, will be that we are much cheaper in the long-run to work with.

This is one of the reasons.

The second reason is that, we will teach you how to take control of you life when it comes to your weight issues and, other issues that are related to you not doing so well, psychically and mentally.

The lose-weightcheap program is so much more than just about losing the desired weight.

It covers also sleep and your well being in general.

But it also gives you the tools to move forward in life when it comes to self-image and how you control your own thoughts on that.

Life is very hard for most people and when you struggle with work and finances, it is not that easy to be able to also enlist the help of personal trainers and dietitians along the way to get you into shape.

And this is why we have now launched the lose-weightcheap program.

We want to help as may people as possible around the world, with their weight struggles and integrate our program into their every day life.

Our program is designed that you can for as low as 5 dollars a day eat very well and use a lot of good supplements also to help you feel better and reach your goals.

Then if you can afford 10 dollars a day on food and supplements, you will be very well off, with even additional supplements to get you into even better shape.

The coaching program we are starting now, will be an add on to the eBook that we are releasing in May/June.

And the coaching program will be more designed towards your specific needs and requests.

Every person can use our program and our manual that is laid out in the upcoming book.

But we also know that not every person can do this on their own.

And for those people who need moral support, and training and dieting accountability and support, everything that comes with that.

They should join our monthly program at lose-weightcheap to get that extra help to reach their indiviudal goals.

I wanted to make this affordable to everybody, and that is why i held my ground at the 89 dollar mark per month, for a yearly subscription.

Even if a lot of people thought that it was nuts for launching at that price point, way to cheap in other trainers mind.

This way we are not closing the door on anybody price wise to join the program, and this was very important to me.

I have over the past 5 years time made a leap over from 90% pro bono to 20% pro bono.

And it is clear to me that people today are willing to spend money on them-self to get in shape, since we get judged every day on our appearances.

No matter in what country we reside in or what line of work we are in.

And in what kind of shape we are in, is so important these days, in our every day life.

I never wanted to develop a program to get you to the six pack stomach.

Because it is not really what we are after here.

We want all of our clients to reach a healthy weight, and also make sure that the client understands what to eat and what to drink and how to train to stay in shape once they reach their own first goal.

Which for most is losing the excess weight that they are carrying around.

But for us it has always also been about staying in shape and also understanding that you dont need to starve yourself, you dont need to eat bad food, you dont have to train in the gym more than once a week!, if you dont like the gym.

So these are all important lessons for every client to learn along the way.

So once you have started on the lose-weightcheap method, you can cut all the other noise out from around you.

The noise and the headlines that are telling you , do this or do that, or eat this or take this magic pill and you will lose weight quick .

You will know that you dont need to listen anymore to the outside noise.

You will have a blueprint to a healthier life style with the lose-weightcheap program.


So i will touch on this a bit sensitive subject of online coaching compered to real life coaching in your area with a personal trainer and a dietitian.

Of course if you can afford to spend between 1000-3000 dollars a month on personal training and a personal dietitian that looks into your body and your specific needs, then that is a really good option for you.

So since a lot of you personal trainers out there globally know who i am, i am not trowing any shade on you, you who are ACE certified and have other high quality credentials, and have been doing this for a long time, i have no issues with you.

But to repeat myself, we are offering online coaching for 89 dollars a month for a weekly overlook on each client.

That is ruffly what a good trainer will charge for a 60 min training session.

And that does not include weekly follow up on the diet for each client.

So we are at lose-weightcheap targeting the clients that wants to get into a really good shape and feel better true changing to a much better diet, but who can not afford to spend more than 5-12 dollars a day for food, supplements and coaching.

So we are targeting a very different group here, compered to you live trainers and dietitians.

So i know that you Carl from NYC and Jenny from San Francisco, reached out to me last week and asked why we are offering high quality coaching online for such a low price.

And i understand that you are both trainers in big cities and your clients can pay 89-129 dollars an hour for your expertise.

But please understand that a single mother or father who hold down maybe two or even three jobs, will not be able to pay for your services.

So why should they get punished for not being able to afford your services.

So my question to you Carl and to you Jenny is this?, are these people not allowed to get in shape and to make sure that their kids are in shape and that their kids have the right nutrition and high quality food sources available for a lower price point.

Because we know as experienced trainers and dietitians that high quality foods and drinks dont have to cost a fortune, but most people on a fixed or a smaller income usually dont know what these foods are and what these supplements are that they should spend their hard earn money on.

And this is why they buy a lot of bad carbs and processed food in the process to try and save on food costs.

It almost sometimes feels to me as a an experienced trainer, that we should judge people based on their annual income rather than who they are and what kind of life story they have to offer the world.

It is not with all, but many trainers the feeling i get that, okay if you can not afford my program or hours, then walk around being in a bad shape and continue eating poor nutrition.

I dont care about you, if you can not pay me!.

When we should look at the matter in terms like this,the more people we can get into shape , the better off we are as a society and our health care spending goes down.

This will mean a better life for all people, in our society.

I do understand where you are coming from, you also need to make a living, and if you are a good trainer you will always find clients along the way.

But Lose-weightcheap is trying to help out the masses not just individual clients.

Then Courtney from Dallas had a question why we dont post on Instagram or do a lot of you-tube videos for training.

And we told her that the time will come for us also in the future do do some of that.

But for now we want to focus on getting this program out there and taking care of our clients.

Instead of me /us doing big lifts on dead lifts and squatting and so on.

There is enough of really good people out there on you-tube who lift heavy and train well, but we are not a bodybuilding company/program

We are trying not to make this program about us, instead of making this program about the program itself.

So not to distract anybody, we focus on the task in hand at the moment.

Thank you for reading.



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What differs the lose-weightcheap method from other methods like the Cambridge or Weight watchers methods for instance?.

Hi there, this is dietitian Roxanne from Los Angeles posting this update to you from the lose-weighceap team!.

So we have had some questions come in over the past couple of months time and i would like to take the time here to day, and answer some of them for you.

The book about the lose-weightcheap method from our founder Rick will be out in late June this year, and you will find it at at Kindle and other places for eBooks.

The reason why Rick decided to place it at these plattforms for a much lower cost than we could get from selling it ourselves, is very simple.

Rick is by far the most unselfish person that i have ever meet in my life.

And he wanted all people to have access to the book for a low cost.

Let me tell you a little bit about the character of Rick and who he is.

He is the guy people call on Friday afternoon when they are gonna move on Saturday morning and all of their friends have bailed on them.

He is the guy that will watch your pets free of charge.

He is the guy you can call in the middle of the night when you are in some kind of an emergency and you need help or support.

He always comes true for you.

So the reason for the book is that it will be easier for you to learn more about this well developed and well proven Scandinavian weight loss system and life changing well being program.

Than just coming on as a client for the program

A book reaches a lot of people world wide and that is the most important things for us here.

We are not gonna mock any other programs, since every program that gets you into a healthier weight class and a healthier lifestyle is great.

But the big difference with the lose-weigthcheap method is, that it is created/made also for people with very limited income/funds.

So the program got developed in Sweden by Rick in the late 90s and he then built on it based on new science over the years.

He has been in contact with many of the top scientist for supplements over the past 15 years time, globally, and he really knows his stuff, on what works and what does not work when it comes to supplements.

And in around 2013 it was a full program on how to lose weight and how to lose it in a cheap manner, without starving yourself.

The goal Rick had with the program was that the food+drinks+vitamins and the supplements was all gonna cost less than 5 USD a day for the client.

And that 5 dollars a day was gonna give the client the absolute best nutrient dense intake that you could get in the world today!.

Rick worked a lot with people with disabilities and down syndrome and many other issues, where money was very tight the clients that where either individual or smaller private facilities around Sweden.

Because Rick is also a well known mechanical engineer in his own field on a global level, the lose-weight cheap method was something he did as pro-Bono on the side for people in Scandinavia and other places around the world.

Because we traveled a lot for work as a mechanical engineer , we had the opportunity to teach other people around the world about this method we call lose-weightcheap.

We where many who tried over the years to get Rick to write a book about this topic and also to build a business around it.

And finally in 2018 he gave in and said OKAY, let us do this.

And i am very proud that he asked me to be part of this company and the great future that this company has, for many years to come.

As a dietitian myself for over 10 years, i know how many people struggle with their excess weight.

And i meet every day people who are in horrible distress, because they have such a hard time to get in shape.

The main difference with the lose-weightcheap method is that is takes care of many of the problems that clients have.

Not only the weight loss, but also the overall general well being of the person.

But it also teaches you how to cope with life in general when it comes to keeping your weight at a good level, once you have gotten rid of the excess weight in the first place.

This is a lifestyle that lose-weightcheap method offers.

And it is using very safe methods for fat/weight loss.

The supplements are safe and well tested over many years and you do not have to starve yourself and go to bed hungry with this method.

But in my mind, what really separates this method from many other methods is that it lets you lose around 40- 50 lbs a year without starving or losing any muscle mass in the process.

What real coaches, personal trainers and dietitians world wide, who are experts on weight loss knows, are that there are no safe method to lose more than 3-5 lbs a month without dangerous medications or drugs.

And this is real truth, so any method that promises more, simply is not a safe or real method.

We who work with this full time know about all the crazy and straight up BS methods that are offered world wide today.

Examples like take this pill and you lose weight or eat this food and this fixes all your problems.

So the lose-weightcheap method is the safest method out there, i can say this with a straight face to anybody.

And this is the reason why the method is and has been so successful over the past 15 years time.

Even if very few, a few hundred people has been able to use it.

Simply put because Rick did not go public with this method until last year.

So the method also help you improve sleep, and it increases your dopamine levels in many safe and very smart ways.

And it make you become the master of your own fate, all the tools are in the program to help you reach the best version of yourself that is possible.

Without giving away to much from the program that is for the clients that chooses to come on boars and for the ones that buys the book once it is out, i can still list here some of the keys from to this method.

No1: Calorie counting.

If you dont know how much you consume, how can you know how much you need and how much you need to burn each day.

No2: What is the magic calorie deficit to keep muscle mass and not starve yourself in the process.

No3: Slow burning protein powder , and how it effects your body.

No4: Sleep, how to improve your sleep and the different healthy ways to fall a sleep faster.

The sleep or should i say lack of sleep is a huge factor in people not losing weight.

No5: Cortisol control, this one is something that Rick has really spent time on and developed for clients over the past 10 years.

And this is also something that you will truly learn about in the book and as a client to lose-weight cheap.

No6: Training when you dont want to hit the gym more than once a week!.

Also something that this method has really mastered for clients over the years.

No7: How to keep your weight loss, once you are in good shape.

As you might know, over 90% of the people who lose weight , gain in back again inside 2 years time and often even a bit more than they had in the first place so this is really a good method that the lose weight cheap program has developed to avoid that happening to you.

No8: Intermediate fasting, this program offers this but it works also without the intermediate fasting option, for those who dont want to use that method.

So these are a few of the main pointers from this program.

After having a conversation with Rick about the amount of new clients we can take in during this year, we have an update on that matter here for you.

It looks like we can take in between 350-400 new clients from June(the official launch month) until the end of the this year 2019.

This on top of the 200+ off program clients that Rick has together with the team so far.

So if you are interested in getting weekly help from a team of world class personal trainers and dietitians for a very low cost, then you have to act very fast when we launch the official program in June.

So you might ask, why so few spots in the program?.

The main reason for this is that there is not that many high class trainers and dietitians that want to work for a lower cost, than they can make with their regular clients.

And we get that, and training our staff is a long-term gig, and for that reason we want to bring a personalized high quality program for a very low cost to our clients, rather than taking in to many, just to get more revenue and not gonna be able to take care of each and every client along the way.

We have internally agreed on 89 dollars a month, the client signs up for a 12 months program.

And 129 dollars on a month to month basis.

So taken into consideration that i charge 99 dollars an hour as a dietitian in Los Angeles and trainers at Ricks level charges the same or even double, this is a steel to get weekly access(although emails and online , but still) it is a bargain.

So in June you can buy Ricks book on the lose-weightcheap method and i can guarantee you that it will have solutions to problems that you have not thought about before, when trying to lose weight over the years.

So welcome to join us on your journey to a healthier life style and a better understanding on how to take care of your body and mind!.

Thanks for reading.



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We are rolling down the hill as we speak!.

So a lot of you have been waiting for this site to take off from September 2018 when we launched our personal training and dietitian program.

We where just taken by surprise on how many of you wanted your own online trainer, dietitian coach and accountability coach all built in to one very affordable plan.

So we started at 89 USD a months if you signed up for a full year, and 129 USD on a month to month plan.

And we are hoping to continue at this price point for at least one year down the line!

So what we agreed on with our early clients was that you send us if you want, one email a week and it is allowed to be a A4 page in size on what is on your mind and we look at it down to the core.

And we respond with a custom answer for you, so no robot answers here.

We look at it from a diet,training and mental perspective for your needs.

Since we all at lose-weightcheap are Scandinavian and from the Nordic countries we put a big emphasis on also keeping you mentally in balance during your weight loss/fat loss period, this is very important to all of us.

This is your time!

So since our book from JRN/Rick our head of lose-weightcheap has not been released yet on Amazon and other platforms, our first clients has gotten more personal assistance from us than normal, which has been fine.

When the book is released you can use that as a manual, and from there you can put down your questions to us on your specific needs.

For legal reasons Rich has written the book on his own and for that reason it has taken some additional time to get it released on to the market.

So in THE END OF MAY it will be out for sure.

The concept that we are pushing for is for you who are living on a fixed income and who can not afford a personal trainer or a dietitian in real-life to get one ONLINE that will help you at a fraction of the real life cost.

As many of you who know us, we speak highly of the option of a real life personal trainer, but we also need to be honest and say that not all people can afford 400-2000 Dollars each month which is average the cost for these services .

And this is then a very strong option to get proper training and dieting advise and also get aces to it for a fraction of the real life price.

The whole idea here for lose-weightcheap was to create an global outreach

program, where people can change their minds that you have to consume bad nutrients/food/beverages if you are cash strapped or living on a fixed income.

This is not true in any shape or form.

It is just something we have been thought true television for years that you need to eat high fat,high sugar,high in quick carbs if you have a smaller food budget for yourselves or your family.

As many of you know you can buy Potatoes and oat for a very low price and add some cheap but still good protein powder to it and there you have a good daily routine to keep your body working.

Well meet!.

The lose-weightcheap team.

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The book will be ready in May and we will start marketing and taking in new clients in June!.

So to our clients and potential new clients, here comes an update for you regarding the very along waited book on how to lose weight and how to lose it a cheap way so you dont have to break your bank in the process!.

We have binged true a lot of new research to make sure that this book is 100% up to date and our goal is that this book will be a book that you can use for the rest of your life.

With tips and tricks for clients from all walks of life on how to not only lose the weight but also to keep it of from ever coming back again!.

Why we where asked to write this book?,it was because we have used this method in Scandinavia for over 12 years time ,very successfully for clients on a fixed income.

And what that means is that clients who where having psychological issues with depression or mental illness,downs syndrome or where otherwise on a lower fixed income.

And many of them had serious health issues with weight and nutrition intake.

And we where asked by the city to come up with a solution for those folks who could not afford a live personal trainer or nutrition dietitian.

And nobody had absolutely any chance to buy from so called healthy whole food stores , their food intake.

So the whole idea with this website and the book is to spread the knowledge and also help people with personal training online and access to a nutrition dietitian for a small fraction of the real market price for this type of assistance on a monthly basis.

So the book will give you the know how and how on how to go about losing the fat weight that you want to get rid of.

But it also teaches you a healthy lifestyle and a way to lose the weight without going hungry.

The online personal training program with a nutrition dietitian is for you that know that you need somebody to talk to and go over things on a monthly basis,(basically you need an accountability coach tide to your weight loss regime)

And as we have mention in the past, the people behind this program are all huge animal lovers and we are helping out a non profit non government/state funded animal shelter so raising money for the PAWS are always on our mind.

So let us just finalize the book in May and then we will be taking in new clients with in reason also during June, and from there this snowball will start rolling down hill!.

So well meet and we will be back soon!

Thank you.

The lose-weightcheap team with the lead of head trainer and head nutrition dietitian Rick.